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Brian Honigman

Brian Honigman


I'm a marketing consultant, professional speaker and a freelance writer. Say hi!

New York City
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  • San Francisco
  • Pittsburgh
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Brooklyn
  • New York
  • Beijing
  • Las Vegas
  • Sydney
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San Francisco
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Rio de Janeiro
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New York
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Las Vegas
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Brian 님의 최근 목록
Brian Honigman
5 장소 업데이트됨 7월 4, 2012
A combination of all the places I want to go before I kick the bucket.
Brian Honigman
9 장소 업데이트됨 8월 8, 2013
If you love good, one of a kind craft beer then visit any of the following locations. Besides, the other food and drinks rule as well.
Brian Honigman
7 장소 업데이트됨 10월 3, 2012
Everything you should be consuming when living in or around Brooklyn. Just saying.
Brian Honigman
17 장소 업데이트됨
17곳의 장소 Christopher's Palace, Shareen Vintage, Manuel's Original El Tepeyac Cafe, T-Bar Steak & Lounge 포함
Brian Honigman
5 장소 업데이트됨
5곳의 장소 Ample Hills Creamery, Boxers HK Sportsbar, Applebee's Grill + Bar, Chavela's 포함
    "It's crazy that the line to check into your room is literally a mile long and takes over an hour. Never seen something like this at a hotel before, it's crazy."
    Brian HonigmanBrian Honigman · 8월 29, 2012
    · 라스베이거스, 미국
    "Really lovely, minus the vicious pigeons everywhere."
    Brian HonigmanBrian Honigman · 2월 9, 2012
    보행자 전용 거리/광장
    · 샌프란시스코, 미국
    "Try and steal the title of mayor from me, just try! ;)"
    Brian HonigmanBrian Honigman · 8월 4, 2011
    벤처 기업
    · 피츠버그, 미국