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  • 9.5

    Витоша (Vitosha)

    Vitosha Mountain 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 37개)를 말합니다:

    • Dan M.
      Dan Millard: "It's amazing: just 20 mins from the city centre. Loads of things to do in the summer (monasteries, walks, biking, the rock waterfall...). Some limited winter sports also"
  • 9.6

    Народен театър "Иван Вазов" (I

    극장 ул. Дякон Игнатий 5 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 71개)를 말합니다:

    • Juanxito G.
      Juanxito Gómez: "This theater is so beautiful with red, white and gold colours. Also there is a park in front, with a beautiful fountain where you can relax and take a walk."
  • 9.4

    Franco's Pizza

    피자 전문점 бул. Витоша 65 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 75개)를 말합니다:

    • Tsyki
      Tsyki: "It feels here as if you're not in Bulgaria. Pizza Franco's is such a great combination of prosciutto and figs. The desert you can see on the picture is a must - pizza with Nutella and ricotta."
  • 9.3


    커피숍 Hristo Belchev 29 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 81개)를 말합니다:

    • Hristo H.
      Hristo Hristov: "This is definitely the best specialty coffee house in Sofia and the region. Equal or better both in quality and service to the best places around Europe. If you come to Sofia, check it out!"
  • 9.3

    Чай във фабриката (Tea House)

    찻집 ул. Георги Бенковски 11 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 61개)를 말합니다:

  • 9.3

    Млекарницата на Добрев

    빵집 Бул. Фритьоф Нансен 31 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 63개)를 말합니다:

    • Alexandra-Emily K.
      Alexandra-Emily Kokova: "Try the Nutella croissant and the yogurt dessert with forrest fruits and whole grain granola. Goodness gracious!"

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  • 9.5

    Докторска градина

    공원 Krakra St. 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 39개)를 말합니다:

    • Vladi P.
      Vladi Popov: "One of the best gardens in Sofia after the renovations"
    • Dan M.
      Dan Millard: "Lovely renovated gardens, great for with kids and lovely, lively atmosphere in the summer!"
  • 9.4

    Борисова градина

    공원 бул. Цариградско шосе 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 109개)를 말합니다:

    • Vanina I.
      Vanina Ivanova: "This is one of the better parks in Sofia - great for a picnic, a walk with your dog or a run. Lovely landscape architecture and adequate maintenance."
    • Bjunik S.
      Bjunik Star: "Go and explore the park, there's much too discover. Also look out for public events here in the summer."
  • 9.5

    Градинката пред Народен театър

    공원 ул. Дякон Игнатий 5 소피아, София-град

    또한 사람들은 (팁 134개)를 말합니다:

    • Borislav S.
      Borislav Strundzhev: "Awesome for spring-2-autumn meet up place. Cool to have a beer with friends or play chess during the day. And in addition with the beautiful theater building nearby and the fountain ⛲."
    • Martin K.
      Martin Koleff: "Somehow this is the place to be with friends and meet more friends who already met their friends. :) Gellateria Confetti is nearby so you can take your ice-cream and sit by the fountain to chill."

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