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Foursquare가 터스틴에서 친구들과 함께 갈 수 있는 최고의 장소를 찾도록 도와드립니다:

  • 8.7

    Central Bar

    2493 Park Ave Ste 46 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 1개)를 말합니다:

    • Julia N.
      Julia N: "Happy hour 4-7 M-F, select cocktails and wine $7, $5 beer"
  • 9.1

    Pieology Pizzeria

    피자 전문점 13786 Jamboree Rd 어바인, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 9개)를 말합니다:

    • David H.
      David Hall: "The "after bake" sauce is great. They add a sauce of your choosing to your pizza (I like buffalo) after it's baked."
  • 8.7

    Kéan Coffee

    커피숍 13681 Newport Ave Ste 14 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 108개)를 말합니다:

    • Martin D. C.
      Martin D. Ciao: "Interesting note: it is well known that Kéan Coffee and Diedrich are one and the same, and that Diedrich B&M stores closed, but did you know Diedrich coffee is actually still available in Korea??"
  • 8.9

    Portola Coffee Roasters

    커피숍 2493 Park Ave 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 29개)를 말합니다:

    • Kaz K.
      Kaz K.: "A taste of LA/Silverlake in an OC setting: inside a mall in the middle of a sea of parking lots. A nice oasis. Great Americano."
  • 9.2

    Cream Pan Bakery & Cafe

    빵집 602 El Camino Real 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 83개)를 말합니다:

    • Ailie C.
      Ailie Chang: "This place is no joke, it sells out everyday! Strawberry croissants live up to the hype. Curry katsu was delish! Love that you can stop here and get both."
  • 8.9

    Comics, Toons & Toys

    만화 가게 13542 Newport Ave 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 12개)를 말합니다:

    • M W.
      M W: "Drove by this place so many times without stopping. Recent convert to graphic novels and finally went in - it's a wonderland! They have EVERYTHING inside! Friendly service, huge inventory. A rare gem!"

사람들이 터스틴에 있는 다음 장소에 대해 이야기하고 있습니다.

  • 8.9

    CorePower Yoga

    요가 교습소 2872 El Camino Real 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 5개)를 말합니다:

    • Jaffline L.
      Jaffline Liau: "Free Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training Classes available - share your interest in yoga . Stretch your body, mind & spirit."
    • Michelle S.
      Michelle Sandoval: "Yoga sculpt with Dulce is super! Great instructor:)"
  • 9.3


    스포츠 용품점 2962 El Camino Real 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 20개)를 말합니다:

    • Sean D.
      Sean Deyo: "Great customer service. Everyone here really knows their stuff. Have never encountered an employee that was trying to B.S. a customer about anything."
    • Jackson T.
      Jackson Tsai: "Become a member and you get your initial fee back plus you save a bunch down the road! Not to mention all the staffs are well experience on the products they sell!"
  • 9.1

    In-N-Out Burger

    버거 전문점 2895 Park Ave 터스틴, CA

    또한 사람들은 (팁 54개)를 말합니다:

    • Rachel S.
      Rachel Stine: "Animal Fries (not on the menu but they ALWAYS make them for you) are marvelous, but they must be eaten at I&O. If you order them for takeaway, it congeals on the drive home"
    • THE Z WORLD Z.
      THE Z WORLD ZAHRAN: "It's a cross between McD and Burger King. Tastes good and fresh. The interesting thing is it's near the airport and watching planes while having your burger."

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