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뉴욕 근처에 있는 음식≠ar=Key West 키웨스트, FL에 대한 추천

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      사이클 스튜디오$$$$
      126 Leroy St (at Greenwich St), 뉴욕
      • Nikhita M.

        Nikhita M. • 5월 31, 2016Great studio but tiny locker rooms. Has two studios - studio b is way smaller, but wonderful front desk staff and amazing instructors - faves are Rique, Parker and Matt Miller.

    • 8.9
      스파제품 보기
      451 West 46th St, 뉴욕
      • Trent O.

        Trent O. • 11월 8, 2011You can't go wrong with Carlos or Dennis. Both do a great job and have good style

    • 8.8
      푸드 코트메뉴 보기
      600 11th Ave (btwn W 44th & W 45th St), 뉴욕
      • julie a.

        julie a. • 10월 29, 2014I love this place - esp in the summer. Fresh oysters and good wine.

    • 8.7
      West 30th St (at 12th Ave), 뉴욕
      • Sam B.

        Sam B. • 10월 20, 2012Cycling or running by here on a hot day? Stop in for a cool misty breeze.

    • 8.7
      이탈리아 음식$$$$메뉴 보기
      259 W 4th St (Perry St.), 뉴욕
      • Josiah David C.

        Josiah David C. • 6월 26, 2015Dino was an amazing host! The vino was supherb, the cappuccinos were on point, the seabass was unreal (and served whole and portioned table side), and the caprese was fresh and perfectly seasoned.

    • 8.6
      육상 트랙
      West Side Highway (12th Ave), 뉴욕
      • Peggy L.

        Peggy L. • 12월 1, 2018Take a break from the rolling hills of Central Park and run along this mostly scenic path along the river. Super flat – my Garmin usually picks to single-digit elevation. Beware of the wind sometimes.

    • 8.5
      W 3rd St & 6th Ave (6 Av), 뉴욕
      • Bing

        Bing • 8월 8, 2012A top spot to play amateur basketball in NYC. It’s also a popular scouting spot, so make sure to bring your A-Game.

    • 8.4
      401 W 14th St (at 9th Ave), 뉴욕
      • Stephanie

        Stephanie • 2월 3, 2018Great, spacious location with plenty of staff to help service you. And with Chelsea Market nearby it's a good area to wait during one's Genius Bar appointment.

    • 8.1
      74 Christopher St New York, NY 10014 United States (7th Ave), 뉴욕
      • K M.

        K M. • 4월 11Cereal ice cream forever! Make sure you get the corn flakes crunch on it. Also: the corn cookies are amazing.

    • 8.0
      우동$$$$메뉴 보기
      11 Saint Marks Pl (at 3rd Ave), 뉴욕
      • Andrea W.

        Andrea W. • 10월 20, 2012Delicious udon - I get the nabeyaki, but anything's good. And get the cold tofu and tuna appetizer.

    • 8.0
      128 8th Ave (Between 16th & 17th Streets), 뉴욕
      • Mike D.

        Mike D. • 10월 10, 2011Veronica does a great job! Quick, solid, reasonably priced men's cut

    • 8.0
      아메리칸$$$$메뉴 보기
      407 W 42nd St (at 9th Ave.), 뉴욕
      • Anne S.

        Anne S. • 8월 19, 2012Must try the Truffle Mac & Cheese - made with orzo and so good. Was a great starter to split.

    • 7.9
      112 W 18th St (at 6th Ave), 뉴욕
      • qwertney

        qwertney • 6월 24, 2013West Elm is my go-to store for terrarium and plant containers (and inspiration). Although their succulent selection is robust, it's often poor quality. They sell nice air plants and pots.

    • 7.8
      63 W 35th St (at 6th Ave.), 뉴욕
      • melissa w.

        melissa w. • 6월 14, 2010Stayed here during my stay in New York. Great location, rooms are a little small but very clean as the hotel is fairly new. Free wifi in all rooms. Love it!

    • 7.7
      우동$$$$메뉴 보기
      150 E 46th St (btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave), 뉴욕
      • Marco M.

        Marco M. • 5월 2, 2018The udon soup is the best i’ve ever tried! (Among many from several countries). Orden it with 2 toppings: chicken teriyaki and marinated beef (nice contributions)

    • 7.7
      307 West 37th Street (at 8th Ave), 뉴욕
      • Aysegul O.

        Aysegul O. • 10월 19, 2013Great hotel with great location. Everthing is brand new. Rooms are great. People are smiling. Excellent choice for New York City!

    • 7.4
      동네 주점$$$$
      332 9th Ave (at W 29th St), 뉴욕
      • Darren J. M.

        Darren J. M. • 7월 10, 2010Great Bar in the truest sense of a BAR!!! Cheap drinks, jukebox filled with good music and chilled crowd. Great find.

    • 7.4
      4 W 43rd St, 뉴욕
    • 7.2
      70 Greenwich Ave (at W 11th St), 뉴욕
      • Grace M.

        Grace M. • 1월 21, 2018Pretty and friendly!

    • 7.1
      와인 판매점
      35 Greenwich Ave, 뉴욕
      • tara s.

        tara s. • 2월 28, 2010Great Italian wine store. Owner Carlo will pick out an interesting wine...everything from the delicious to the obscure.

    • 7.1
      20 W 20th St Lowr Level (5th Avenue), 뉴욕
      • Clarissa C.

        Clarissa C. • 7월 11, 2013Satisfying experience for first time! Of course it's pricey, but is recommend it. After 1st class you get a discount for the next 3 months.

    • 5.9
      52 Avenue A (at E 4th St), 뉴욕
      • André S.

        André S. • 4월 2, 2011Has got to be the supermarket with the best background music in the western hemisphere.

    • Category icon
      12 W 21st St (5th Ave.), 뉴욕
      • Sarah W.

        Sarah W. • 10월 13, 2010Check out fear on 21st street - one of NYC's best haunted houses.

    • ?
      333 W 39th St (9th Ave), 뉴욕
      • Zachary M.

        Zachary M. • 1월 22, 2013Next to a hotel whose patrons often espouse a clothes-free philosophy

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