Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소
Poet Chocolate is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

1. Poet Chocolate

เมืองเชียงราย, เชียงราย
커피숍 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Top notch chocolate and coffee shop - mouthwatering cakes, pastry, great coffee, friendly service, amazing owners with passion for their business, attention to details and design

Duomo di Como is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

2. Duomo di Como

Piazza del Duomo, Como, 롬바르디아 주
교회 · 26개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Amazing place, so posh and classy, magnificent, gigantic, extremely beautiful and full of fine arts.

Dostlar Çorbacısı is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

3. Dostlar Çorbacısı

Barbaros Hayrettin Sokak No: 4 Küçükyalı (Şair Sokak), Maltepe, İstanbul
수프 전문점 · 8개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Great chicken kebab, hearty lentil soup, comfy veranda in greens, friendly staff, clean toilet, can pay by credit card.

Tribu Caffe Artigiano is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

4. Tribu Caffe Artigiano

Caferağa Mah. Ağabey Sok. No:6/A Moda (Moda), 비잔티온, İstanbul
커피숍 · Caferağa · 107개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: It's hard to find a good coffee shop in Istanbul. Lot's of places look like one, but they are not. This place looks modest, but coffee does the trick. Great flat white, satisfying latte. Friendly.

Another Coffee is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

5. Another Coffee

커피숍 · Şahkulu · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Stylish, great and friendly service, high quality of drinks (had Latte and Sahlep, the latter was amazing, sweet and extra hot). Coffee is rarely good and mild. Highly recommend.

Bilice Kebap is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

6. Bilice Kebap

Asmalımescit Mah. Asmalımescit Cad. No: 8, Beyoğlu, İstanbul
케밥 음식점 · 73개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: 10 chicken skewers enough for two, with lots of greens, flat bread and sauce. Amazing, addictive, fresh. Feels just right after you finished (overeating is an issue in Turkey). The price is just 35L

Kronotrop is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

7. Kronotrop

Kuloğlu Mah. Firuzağa Cami Sok. No:2/B Cihangir (Sıraselviler Cad.), Beyoğlu, İstanbul
커피숍 · 307개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Wonderful A-grade coffee (we had one shot in our latte, asked to make it extra hot), brownie with pecan was great, carrot cake a bit dry. One of the favorite spots.

Skuratov is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

8. Skuratov

Калашный пер., 5, 모스크바, Москва
커피숍 · Арбат · 126개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Great teas and pastry, coffee depends a lot on the type of beans you choose, but it's notable you can choose. Nice music in the background. There is a toilet. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

Bolshecoffee Roasters is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

9. Bolshecoffee Roasters

ул. Марата, 22-24, 상트페테르부르크, Санкт-Петербург
커피숍 · Владимирский округ · 30개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Great place - cozy and stylish, professional staff, machines, delicious coffee (offer to choose out of three kinds).

Zoom is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

10. Zoom

Гороховая ул., 22, 상트페테르부르크, Санкт-Петербург
카페 · Округ № 78 · 1097개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Amazing place - books all around, paper and pencils for drawing, good food, great music. eef stroganoff and soup. Teas are great as well. Stroganoff comes with amazing meat. May be a bit crowded.

Bake FREE is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

11. Bake FREE

ภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต
커피숍 · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Everything around you is squeaky clean, ideally prepared and packaged into adorable boxes with little spoons. Gluten-free cousine, but you will never tell. We had a latte and a chocolate pecan cake.

Burger House is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

12. Burger House

Kata plaza, kata beach (koktanod), กะตะ, ภูเก็ต
버거 전문점 · 20개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: We ordered BBQ mushroom burger. Bread is crispy and soft at the same time, juicy cutlet, fresh, sauces, big portions of fries. Don't be afraid of the cafe's small size and unrepresentative design.

Karon View Point is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

13. Karon View Point

Kata-Sai Yuan Rd., เมืองภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต
전망대 · 103개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Scenic, worth the ride, can see Kata Noi, Kata and Karon Beaches

+39 ITALIAN street food is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

14. +39 ITALIAN street food

Kata road 48/25 (Top charoen Optical), ภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต
피자 가게 · 9개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Lovely deco

Efes Restaurant / Turkish Russian Mediterranean Thai Restaurant. Mangal, Izgara, Kebap, Kebab, Türk Restauranti, Barbeque, Bbq, Российский Ресторан, Русская Кухня, Helal Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop, Мороженое, Dondurma.
Efes Restaurant / Turkish Russian Me is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Lunch sets are fresh and tasty, fries not overfried, lentil soup to kill for. Friendly owner and staff. Air conditioner, clean toilet. Great value for money, too. Recommend for lunch and breakfast.

Чайхана "Гости" is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

16. Чайхана "Гости"

Pakbang Road 99 (SC Plaza), ภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต
러시아 음식점 · Kata Karon · 79개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Portions are huge. Tasty tea and flat bread. Lamb in lagman soup needs improvement (old and hard). So do tomatoes in the salad (tastless) and Tom yam. Sauce with walnuts for the skewers is amazing.

Absolute Mango Cafe' is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

17. Absolute Mango Cafe'

Mueang Phuket (Phuket), ภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต
스무디 가게 · 5개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Heavenly fresh mango smoothies (we tried with coconut, asked to make without sugar and ice). Very friendly and accommodating staff.

Louise's kitchen is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

18. Louise's kitchen

643 Patak Road
현대 유럽 음식점 · 7개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: Ate chicken breast with potatoes and mushroom sauce, mushroom soup, pineapple fresh juice. All quite good. Recommend for dinner. Prices and quality are agreeable. Toilets are clean. Staff is nice.

MR.COFFEE (Italian bakery & coffee) is one of Fenix 님이 좋아한 장소.

19. MR.COFFEE (Italian bakery & coffee)

아침식사 식당 · 16개의 팁과 리뷰

Fenix F.Fenix Fenixcry: But! Pastry that goes with the breakfast needs improvement: cinnamon roll and plum cake were disappointing. Will try other things there soon.