Geeky Ghent
Game Mania is one of Geeky Ghent.

1. Game Mania

Dampoortstraat 30, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
비디오 게임 판매점 · 4개의 팁과 리뷰

Fay D.Fay Debaillie: If gaming is your passion like it is mine, you just found the perfect store!

2. 't Speelmarantje

Waterstraat 106, Sint-Amandsberg, Oost-Vlaanderen
장난감 / 게임 판매점 · 1개의 팁

Pieter-Jan P.Pieter-Jan Pauwels: Lots of second hand videogames and collectables. Small shop but hard to stop looking for stuff.

Gotron is one of Geeky Ghent.

3. Gotron

Lange Violettestraat 8, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
전자제품점 · Zuid · 4개의 팁과 리뷰

Pieter-Jan P.Pieter-Jan Pauwels: Need electronic thingamabobs? This is one of the few places where you can buy equipment for circuitbending or electronic 'prutsen'.

4. Spelgezel

Franklin Rooseveltlaan 140, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
장난감 / 게임 판매점 · 14개의 팁과 리뷰

Pieter-Jan P.Pieter-Jan Pauwels: Best and biggest offer in the area, not always easy to find what you're looking for, but do ask for help if need advice or guidance.

5. De Papieren Korf

Dampoortstraat 46, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
장난감 / 게임 판매점 · 1개의 팁

Pieter-Jan P.Pieter-Jan Pauwels: More specialized in card and collectible games. One of the few that sells Killer Bunnies.

Gadget is one of Geeky Ghent.

6. Gadget

Dampoortstraat 12, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
장난감 / 게임 판매점 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

Pieter-Jan P.Pieter-Jan Pauwels: Don't look for gadgets at Gadget, look for action figures. And if you call them dolls, you might have a angry mob chasing you around the Dampoort.

7. Willi's Wereld

Serpentstraat 28, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
선물 가게 · Binnenstad · 1개의 팁

David W.David W: looking for a new bathingsuit? they got the famous borat one in store

Epic is one of Geeky Ghent.

8. Epic

Nederkouter 55, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
만화 가게 · Nederkouter · 6개의 팁과 리뷰

lamazonelamazone: Ask Pedro for tips or advice: the guy knows his comics.

Worlds' End Comicshop is one of Geeky Ghent.

9. Worlds' End Comicshop

Overpoortstraat 110, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
만화 가게 · Sint-Pieters · 9개의 팁과 리뷰

Pieter-Jan P.Pieter-Jan Pauwels: Guy knows his comics :), his recommendations are spot-on and his prices are fair. Only reason I will ever come to the overpoort.

Outpost is one of Geeky Ghent.

10. Outpost

Ottergemsesteenweg 13, 헨트, Oost-Vlaanderen
PC방 · Stationsbuurt-Noord · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

Katrien D.Katrien Declerck: Here you can play all kind of games. Boardgames are free to play, drinks and snacks are cheap!