Joshi's Vegetarian Food is one of Zanzibar.

1. Joshi's Vegetarian Food

Stountown, Занзибар
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Tembo house hotel is one of Zanzibar.

2. Tembo house hotel

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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Midrange, interesting décor of Zanzibari antiques and great location on water

Park Hyatt Zanzibar is one of Zanzibar.

3. Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Shangani Street, Stone Town, Mjini Magharibi
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Zanzibar Serena Inn is one of Zanzibar.

4. Zanzibar Serena Inn

Shangani St. (at Kenyatta Rd.), Zanzibar, ZW
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Maru Maru Hotel & Lounge is one of Zanzibar.

5. Maru Maru Hotel & Lounge

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Beyt Al Chai is one of Zanzibar.

6. Beyt Al Chai

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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Expensive and upscale hotel

Dhow Palace Hotel is one of Zanzibar.

7. Dhow Palace Hotel

Kenyatta Rd, Stone Town, Mjini Magharibi
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Hotel LangiLangi is one of Zanzibar.

8. Hotel LangiLangi

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Paradise Beach Resort is one of Zanzibar.

9. Paradise Beach Resort

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Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel is one of Zanzibar.

10. Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel

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Emerson Spice is one of Zanzibar.

11. Emerson Spice

Tharia St, Kiponda, Stone Town (Kiponda St), Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Lazuli is one of Zanzibar.

12. Lazuli

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Great juices and fresh food. Good for lunch. Closed Sundays.

Monsoon restaurant is one of Zanzibar.

13. Monsoon restaurant

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Wed and Sat night they have live Taarab music. Floor seating. Good coconut curries. $20 prix fixe 3 course menu w/ wine. Good deal

Archipelago is one of Zanzibar.

14. Archipelago

Stone Town, Mjini Magharibi
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Maru Maru Terrace Restaurant is one of Zanzibar.

15. Maru Maru Terrace Restaurant

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Continental and Indian on good rooftop. Gizenga street behind Old Fort

6 Degrees South is one of Zanzibar.

16. 6 Degrees South

Zanzibar (Shangani), Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Sundown roof cocktails and seafood

Africa House is one of Zanzibar.

17. Africa House

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Get sundowners on the 2nd floor balcony with a good view and nice atmosphere. Zanzibari furniture

Livingstone Beach Restaurant is one of Zanzibar.

18. Livingstone Beach Restaurant

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Sundowners on the beach w/ people watching at dock. Happy hour w/ some music.

Tatu is one of Zanzibar.

19. Tatu

Stone Town, Zanzibar City
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Whiskey bar for post dinner drinks

Forodhani Park is one of Zanzibar.

20. Forodhani Park

Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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21. Mitu Spice Tours

사무실 · 팁 또는 리뷰 없음
Old Slave Market is one of Zanzibar.

22. Old Slave Market

New Mkunazini Rd, Stone Town, Zanzibar
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Changuu Island | Prison Island is one of Zanzibar.

23. Changuu Island | Prison Island

Changuu Island
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Sunshine Marine Lodge is one of Zanzibar.

24. Sunshine Marine Lodge

Muyuni, Matemwe, Zanzibar
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Stay here in Matemwe

Matemwe Beach Village is one of Zanzibar.

25. Matemwe Beach Village

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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Incredible marine life for diving and snorkeling. Great for water activities, stay at Sunshine Marine Lodge

Paje is one of Zanzibar.

26. Paje

Paje, Paje, Kusini Unguja
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Go for kitesurfing or Jambiani

Nungwi Beach is one of Zanzibar.

27. Nungwi Beach

Nungwi, Zanzibar
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Dhruv B.Dhruv B: Go to this part of Zanzibar to relax

Red Monkey Lodge is one of Zanzibar.

28. Red Monkey Lodge

Jambiani, Kusini Unguja
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Zanzibar Coffeehouse is one of Zanzibar.

29. Zanzibar Coffeehouse

Mkunazini Street, StoneTown Zanzibar, Mjini Magharibi
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Buni Cafe is one of Zanzibar.

30. Buni Cafe

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Zenji Garden Café is one of Zanzibar.

31. Zenji Garden Café

Forodhani Garden, Stonetown, Mjini Magharibi
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Mangapwani Serena Seafood Grill is one of Zanzibar.

32. Mangapwani Serena Seafood Grill

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Msumbi Coffee House is one of Zanzibar.

33. Msumbi Coffee House

Stone Town, Mjini Magharibi
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House of Spices is one of Zanzibar.

34. House of Spices

Stone Town, Stone Town, Mjini Magharibi
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b_747b_747: Oltre ai classici e tipici piatti di tradizione zanzibarina, potrete mangiare gnocco fritto con salumi e formaggi italiani o pizza (anche se non è buona come la nostra). La responsabile è italiana.