Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

핫도그 전문점푸드트럭$$$$
Miðbær, 레이캬비크
  • Rachel K.
    "Affordable sausages (소시지), great taste, quick and friendly service."(Tips 4개)
    Ryan B.
    "Great hot dogs, quick and inexpensive (저렴함)."(Tips 4개)
    "Best late night snack (스낵) in the universe."(Tips 8개)
    "Delicious and $$$-friendly (친절해서)"(Tips 2개)
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  • Natalie L.
    Natalie Lee5월 15, 2015
    아이슬란드 물가에 비해 저렴하고, 맛있어요. 클린턴이 말한 것처럼 베스트까진 아닌 것 같아요. 여행하면서 다른 관광지에서도 핫도그 먹었는데 똑같아요. 맛이.
  • Lori F.
    Lori Frederick하루 전
    The "everything" hot dog was delicious
  • Tommy C.
    Tommy Chen1주 전
    Staple in Reykjavík. Only offers lamb dogs and they’re delicious! Ask for it with everything. Line moves quick.
  • Yutaka A.
  • Quin M.
    Hot Dogs with everything!
  • Ed C.
    Ed Carhart8월 31
    Hot dogs of course.
  • Chris W.
    Authentic local (read cheap) hot dog spot. Must visit in downtown Reykjavik.
  • Marie
    Marie6월 21
    This modest hot dog stand is famous for a reason. Delicious & unique (the dog is mostly lamb). Order up, take a seat at the picnic table, and rest your dog in the whimsical attached holder. So fun!
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Charlene
    Charlene6월 8
    Hot dog, everything in it. Get 2, they’re on the smallish side but so so good.
  • Rachel K.
    Affordable sausages, great taste, quick and friendly service. I can see why Clinton risked his life for this hotdog. Only con: I didn’t buy two.
  • Mateo M.
    Riquisismos,!tipico del lugar!
    좋아요 - 2주 전
  • Matthias
    Matthias4월 8
    Iceland’s oldest fast food stand. The hot dogs are made of lamb meat with pork casing, topped with a combination of raw & fried onion, ketchup, mustard & mayo-relish rémoulade on a homemade bun.
    좋아요 - 3일 전
  • Tze Khang P.
    Hot dogs are good
  • P
    P4월 4
    Read a lot about those hot dogs before getting here - maybe it was the high expectations but didnt find that the best hot dog ever. Was good but nothing special.
  • Ryan B.
    Two options. Hot dog or hot dog with soda. First bun second onions then hot dog then roumalade sauce then mustard (brown)
  • Ryan B.
    There’s not enough words I can put down to describe how much I like these hog dogs, and I’m not even a hot dog fan! Will be back for more!
  • Pam L.
    Pam Lin3월 1
    famous hot dog stand. The hot dogs aren't big so you can have at least 2. Their sauce and crispy onions make the hot dog amazing. Hot Dogs are made of lamb btw.
  • Alexandra W.
    They’re famous for their hot dogs with gravy. Personally, I don’t get it. I didn’t like it. But it’s one of those “must-go” places.
    좋아요 - Sep 12
  • Ariana F.
    Amazing toppings! Perfect quick snack
  • Natalie A.
    Not sure why there’s so much hype. The hot dogs are terrible, and the toppings too. I love unique adventurous food but have to say...American hot dogs are a million times better.
    싫어요 - Aug 1
  • Kelsey H.
    Wow. Best hot dog ever! I don’t know what the sauces are but it was amazing. Crunchy onions on bottom are BOMB!!!
  • Philipp K.
    Philipp Kielmann12월 5, 2017
    You have to try „One with all“
  • Ryo N.
    Ryo N12월 4, 2017
    Love crunchy fried onion and mayo!
  • Denisa P.
    Denisa Petrlová11월 15, 2017
    Best hot dog 🌭
  • Nisa G.
    Nisa G11월 5, 2017
    Quick and tasty!
  • Dan H.
    Dan H11월 5, 2017
    Hot dogs with everything
  • Mariano S.
    Mariano S.10월 9, 2017
    Traditional hotdog place in Reykjavik
  • Daphne G.
    Daphne Goon9월 21, 2017
    Famous hotdog stall. 450ISK for one. Nice experience👍🏻
  • Luis S.
    Luis Shimabukuro9월 20, 2017
    Hot dog simples, mas muito bom! Só tem uma opção!
  • Lauren D.
    Lauren Docktor9월 18, 2017
    Waste of time taste wise but if you're looking for cheap food in Iceland, this is one of your only options.
    좋아요 - Sep 12
  • Ronald D.
    Ronald DL8월 25, 2017
    The hot dog stand in town. You will have to queue but worth the wait for a tasty dog
  • Frank R.
    Frank Rimalovski8월 14, 2017
    Very good but hard to live up to the hype. I'll be back, but ask for no ketchup next time.
  • Steffen H.
    Steffen Hannover8월 14, 2017
    Seriously overhyped skeevy shed whose "special sauce" tastes all but special. Price is now 450 ISK, which is cheap compared to a 3,000 Kr. Pizza Margherita nearby but still 3x the 1€ hot dog at IKEA!!
  • Nadja N.
    Nadja Nickl8월 8, 2017
    Von der Schlange nicht abschrecken lassen. Geht fix. Schmeckt wie Hot Dog halt. Leicht versteckt am Hintereingang des Radisson Hotels, das im UG, direkt rechts hinter der Drehtür, Toiletten hat.
  • Talented Miss Figley
    Не могу сказать, что это самые вкусные хотдоги, которые я ела. За ними - в Данию 😎 Удивило наличие в хотдогах сырого (!) лука 😮
  • Marina L.
    Marina Liss7월 18, 2017
    So overrated place. Plain sausages and awful bun
    좋아요 - Sep 21
  • Camille F.
    Camille Fournier7월 5, 2017
    Hot dogs. Fried onions are tasty, ketchup is rather sweet
  • Ashley B.
    Ashley Buerkett6월 11, 2017
    Definitely worth the hype! Plus it's quick and open late.
  • Erich Z.
    Erich Z6월 2, 2017
    I have no idea why this is such populair on foursquare or internet. It is ok but in the end just a regular hotdog
  • Jay S.
    Jay S5월 12, 2017
    450 Kr each as of May 2017. Get everything on it, especially the fried onions.
  • Phoebe M.
    Phoebe Melnick5월 9, 2017
    Get the hot dog with all the toppings!
  • Marion
    Marion4월 28, 2017
    The crispy fried onions put this beef and lamb hot dog over the top.
  • Andy
    Andy4월 27, 2017
    get the hot dog with everything (the crunchy onions are amazing); accepts credit card (450kr)
  • Rachel I.
    Rachel Ivy4월 15, 2017
    Get everything, pretty good dog, the crispy onions are what truly makes it.
  • Robert
    Robert4월 7, 2017
    Kann man schon machen. Aber leckere Hot Dogs gibt's woanders.
  • Kailey L.
    Kailey L.3월 30, 2017
    Iceland's hotdogs are topped with crispy fried onions, sweet brown mustard and remoulade sauce. This place does make a delicious hot dog!
  • Nastya S.
    Nastya Sh⚓️3월 28, 2017
    Хот Доги оказались настолько вкусными, что мы после 20-минутной очереди съели по одному, прогулялись немного и снова вернулись в очередь😄 круче Хоть Догов я не ела никогда!
  • Michelle L.
    Michelle Lee3월 27, 2017
    Good hot dogs. Really enjoyed thr fried onion and sweet mustard sauce. I still think Chicago hot dogs are thr best though
  • Michael H.
    Michael Huang3월 26, 2017
    Decent hotdogs I guess but I don't know if I'd say it was good. Especially if you compare it to an American hotdogs. Definitely not as good as Pink's. On the level of 7-11 or Costco hotdogs.
  • Andrew S.
    Andrew Smith3월 22, 2017
    Proper meaty Hotdog, as recommended by Bill Clinton.
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