Cho Dang Gol

Cho Dang Gol

Koreatown, 뉴욕
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  • K. C.
    "The spicy galbi jjim (매운 갈비찜) was life-changing...the best I've ever had."(Tips 5개)
    John L.
    "Seafood pancake (팬케이크) is excellent, as well as bulgogi and the tofu stews."(Tips 11개)
    Prerna T.
    "second round of the appetizers (에피타이저)"(Tips 3개)
    Wei V.
    "Bulgogi (불고기) Jun Gol"(Tips 4개)
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  • 해산물
  • 매운 갈비찜
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  • Hyouk K.
    Hyouk Kwon3월 13, 2012
    Cdg Bo Ssam, 건강허브보쌈!
  • Heejae L.
    Heejae Lim1월 1, 2013
    해물전골 지나치게 매워요. 고추가루맛밖에 안남 ㅜㅜ
  • Carrie W.
    Carrie W1월 20
    Super good! Everything is so delicious (incl free starters)! My favourite is seafood tofu stew and seafood pancake. We were only in New York for a few days and we had dinner at Cho Dang Gol twice.
    좋아요 - 1주 전
  • Chenyu
    Chenyu1월 23, 2013
    Amazing tofu stew at reasonable price for dinner - lots of delicious appetizers (like kimchi kale, raddish, dried fish, seaweed) start w barley tea, soybean paste and ended w ginger/date tea!
    좋아요 - 3주 전
  • Village Voice
    Village Voice8월 4, 2014
    No better introduction to Korean dubu cookery than the classic soybean meal, featuring three bowls: flocculent freshly made curds, an intriguing white soybean porridge, and a fermented soybean soup. 자세히 보기
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodster5월 14, 2017
    My cold-weather go-to for decent homemade tofu (free starter pp), soondubu (Korean tofu stew), Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup) & banchan. Better wait times 4 a table vs. 32nd st shops.
  • Stephanie K.
    Stephanie Kuo10월 21, 2014
    Soon dubu takes top billing with Cho Dang Gol's bubbling cauldrons of fresh handmade tofu, guaranteed to warm the stomach and the soul. Also noteworthy is the tender and delicately herbal Bo Ssam.
  • Tiago L.
    Tiago Lee10월 18, 2013
    Bulgogui Jun Gol (Casserole) scores 10. If you like the traditional barbecue try this one instead. The Kimchi and Tofu are awesome. Maybe the only authentic place to eat Korean food in NY?
  • Lori L.
    Lori Luo8월 10, 2014
    Excellent tofu-based dishes can be found here a little removed from the stretch of 32nd St. eateries. Try any of the soondubus, jigaes, or the crunchy dolsot bibimbap.
  • Angela L.
    Angela Liao11월 7, 2017
    Waiters were very friendly with distributing free appetizers. The food was slightly overpriced but the genuine Korean atmosphere made the dining experience authentic and enjoyable.
  • A
    A4월 16, 2014
    This is real Korean food. The fresh house made tofu is better than any store bought variety. The beef broth is high caliber. And the complimentary ginger tea is the perfect way to cleanse the pallet.
  • Helen
    Helen11월 21, 2014
    Known for their fresh homemade tofu, this is one of my favorite Korean restaurants in New York. Order their tofu and have it with kimchi. Simple yet delicious meal.
  • Kaz K.
    Kaz K.2월 15, 2016
    The bossam here is so so delicious. Definitely would recommend this and the makkoli.
  • Prerna T.
    Prerna Talreja1월 23, 2013
    Ask for a second round of the appetizers they serve-dried fish, seaweed, kimchi etc- so good! Tofu vegetable stew was good
  • Ha D.
    Ha Diem8월 17, 2014
    Very good service! Would recommend doing family style so you can try out different dishes. Definitely order one of the casseroles, it's the perfect size to share.
  • John Saeyong R.
    John Saeyong Ra7월 10, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    Pretty authentic Korean style tofu. The best (and probably the only) place for kimchi biji in NYC. I like the small plate of fish you get always with banchan. They also make rice in stone bowl.
  • John L.
    John L2월 11, 2013
    Queues to rival Disneyland form by 7, come early. Seafood pancake is excellent, as well as bulgogi and the tofu stews. Generally exquisite Korean fare.
  • 高手놀리밑™
    高手놀리밑™8월 7, 2014
    One of my favorite places to have Kimchi jigae (김치찌개) here. Great comfort food during winter (or just about anytime really).
  • Christine T.
    Christine Tran9월 9, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Can't go wrong with Bi Bim Bop but the stir-fried Tofu Trio and Dbuk Kalbi are amazing!
  • Rob W.
    Rob Walch12월 24, 2015
    The tofu here is really tasty and unique. In the winter I like to get their Sam Ge Tang - chicken soup that is super medicinal.
  • jon f.
    jon ferrer5월 28, 2016
    get the galbijin and anything with their delicious house made tofu and you are winning
  • Vivian V.
    Vivian Vo2월 16, 2015
    3 different complimentary teas - 1 at the beginning, rice tea, & a spicy sweet tea at the end. 😊
  • David L.
    David Lifson12월 16, 2011
    Seafood pancake was pretty good and the bulgolgi bibimbap was decent, but didn't blow me away. The stews (with super fresh tofu) is the way to go. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu) 자세히 보기
  • Ariel S.
    Ariel Seltzer2월 13, 2015
    The food was amazing. The best I've had in NYC so far. There may be a bit of a wait but totally worth it. Quick service
  • Eileen
    Eileen3월 9
    I really liked their banchan. Japchae and kimchi stew were both good. Got the mushroom pancake but I think seafood or kimchi would have been better
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats6월 13, 2013
    A very vegetarian-friendly Korean restaurant specializing in fresh tofu, which is made daily.
  • Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
    Tofu is highlighted here with more than two dozen dishes on the menu. The spicy prime-rib casserole is a perfect dish for sharing. - Inspector
  • Mark C.
    Mark Chu-Carroll9월 13, 2017
    The fresh tofu with sesame was some of the best tofu I've had in a restaurant, and the kimchi was spectacular.
  • Kushal D.
    Kushal Dave1월 31, 2013
    Ignore the menu, you can in fact get a vegetarian hot stone bowl bimbimbop, which comes with their delicious fresh tofu.
  • Kenji U.
    Kenji Ueda11월 19, 2016
    En lugar es tremendo un lugar 100% recomendable nosotros no no vimos la carta, pedimos recomendación y la verdad muy muy amables!!! Fue toda una experiencia!!!!
  • Penny K.
    Penny Kim4월 17, 2014
    Dubu (soft tofu stew) is great. The bonchon (mini side dishes) could be better.
  • Alex N.
    Alex Nguyen9월 11, 2016
    the stews are so good and big for large parties. homemade tofu is delicious. banchan is yummy.
  • Stephenie F.
    the best bibimbap i've ever had so far! try pork bibimbap ;) +the kimchi pancake is also good! ❤️
  • Janet L.
    Janet Lee4월 24, 2014
    Anything with tofu or soybean anything in it is what they are known for. Don't get the basic stuff like bibimbap! You can go elsewhere for that!
  • Vivian L.
    Vivian Li8월 25, 2014
    Most tender beef tofu stew I've ever had! Rice with barley tea is soothing after all the spicy food.
  • Stephen P.
    Stephen Perle1월 31, 2016
    Best Korean meal had stuffed mushrooms and stir fry tofu trio. Great homemade tofu
  • Tabi Y.
    Tabi Yoo9월 29, 2015
    One of the more authentic Korean places I've been to in the city, spicy pork was very solid
  • George L.
    George Lee6월 26, 2015
    Solid seafood stew. Pricey. Would like to try their seafood pancake. Sampler Kimchi and pancake is good
  • Josh M.
    Josh Mateo11월 8, 2014
    Bit on the expensive side for Bibimbap. But damn, it's so good. They add in tofu that takes the flavor to another place.
  • Curtis S.
    Curtis Shoung8월 31, 2015
    House made tofu! It makes a difference. Just order dishes with tofu otherwise why are you here?
  • SJ8544123 L.
    SJ8544123 L3월 4, 2015
    pretty good Korean food. service was fast. kimchi biji jjigae n spicy galbi jjim were delicious!
  • Yong K.
    Yong Kwon4월 3, 2015
    Top 3 Korean restaurant in the island of Manhattan. Less sugar and tourists for the win.
  • Felix
    Felix10월 26, 2016
    Kimchi biji and kimchi chum dubu as well as japchae were all fantastic!
  • Connie C.
    Connie Chiu12월 14, 2014
    Spicy galbi jjim! Be prepared for a wait during peak hours.
  • Honghui Y.
    Honghui Yu8월 14, 2016
    Tofu soup (jjigae) here is the highlight especially since they make their own tofu
  • Jonghyoun E.
    Jonghyoun Eun8월 17, 2013
    Good place to have Korean tofu hot pot. Other dishes are just fine. Good to grab drinks-soju or makkoli
  • Chris
    Chris5월 19, 2013
    Tofu stew and bibimbap were nice with it. Ginger tea at the end was so good.
  • Wei V.
    Wei Vayn1월 11, 2014
    Try the Bulgogi Jun Gol - Bulgogi, mushrooms, and vegetables in a casserole.
  • Fatih K.
    Fatih Kuran9월 10, 2017
    One of the best Koreans I have ever dined. Service is amazing 🏆👍
  • Sylvia S.
    Sylvia Suh4월 27, 2013
    Tofu soup is great. The bean sprout rice casserole is ok. Besr kimchi in town
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