음식 및 음료 가게, 식료품점일본 음식점
Midtown East, 뉴욕
23 팁 및 리뷰
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  • Michelle M.
    Really friendly staff and a good selection of Japanese treats
    좋아요 - Sep 17
  • Angela Isabel
    Angela Isabel8월 23, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    Onigiri rice balls at lunch time 👍
  • Colin L.
    Colin Lee7월 11, 2016
    Its a good japanese mart, but sunrise mart in soho is much better
  • Berta C.
    Berta C2월 27, 2016
    10회 이상 방문함
    Found my favourite Japanese shampoo and conditioner :)
  • Cynthia L.
    Cynthia Lin11월 11, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    A mini Japan in the middle of Manhattan! From sushi to cosmetics
  • Jackie V.
    Jackie V9월 25, 2015
    100회 이상 방문함
    My #1 favorite place to get lunch in midtown.
  • Haya A.
    Haya Al Dossary8월 13, 2015
    Plenty of Japanese snacks, bentos and onigiri, plus a plethora of cold drinks including iced teas and coffees, and beer 👌🏻
  • Timelessnomad
    Timelessnomad6월 30, 2015
    Great Asian mart in midtown east. I sneak over here for my plum onigiri, coffee in a can, and some Asian snacks.
  • Leigh Q.
    Leigh Quindara5월 14, 2015
    Thank you, Dainobu, for providing me with tiny little sandwhiches that remind me of 7-11 in Tokyo. It's not exactly right, but the effort is much appreciated.
  • Dakota
    Dakota9월 4, 2014
    Sushi rolls with brown rice
  • Scott I.
    Scott Ingles8월 4, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    Great selection of Japanese essentials: curry blocks, miso paste, wakame, sauces. Authentic bento and onigiri too.
  • Shibani B.
    Shibani B6월 5, 2014
    So many fun Japanese goodies - groceries, meats, ice cream, fresh sushi, sauces, etc
  • Harumi U.
    Harumi U2월 22, 2014
    5회 이상 방문함
    Japanese grocery at very convenient midtown location.
  • Eloi G.
    Eloi Guterres10월 31, 2013
    10회 이상 방문함
    Good quality Japonese food. Only Take-Away!
  • Wen F.
    Wen Fu9월 20, 2013
    Sat & Sun all frozen foods 40% off except meat, fish, ice cream.
  • Timelessnomad
    Timelessnomad6월 28, 2013
    Similar size and selection to the store near grand central. Friendly staff, some cool japanese houseware gadgets and great cooking staples. Had a great seaweed salad for 5.99.
  • Jen K.
    Jen K6월 16, 2013
    Freshly prepared onigiri at all times. Get there before lunch rush if you want the spicy salmon or plum ones.
    좋아요 - Aug 28
  • Juliet D.
    Juliet D.4월 15, 2013
    Excellent spot for a quick midtown lunch under $10. Teriyaki bowls @ 7 bucks & sushi hand roll for $2? Not bad. Also the sweets are awesome.
  • Erica v.
    They have the cutest snacks
  • Shawn L.
    Shawn Li2월 26, 2013
    Super fantastic seaweed salad for $5.99 with at least 3 kinds of seaweed. Great vegan/veg options. And fresh!
  • Erica v.
    They have green tea kit kats! And great sushi.
  • Jon D.
    Jon D1월 8, 2013
    Incredible how much fantastic stuff they cream into this place! Very reasonable prices for the area, better than Sunrise Mart
  • Ellen L.
    Ellen L1월 7, 2013
    Great Japanese grocery items with affordable bento boxes, sushi, and onigiri options. No seating is available but convenient if you work nearby!
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