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Gershwin Theatre

Theater District, 뉴욕
  • Bruna G.
    "Great and comfortable seats (편안한 의자)."(Tips 3개)
    "Wicked is the best musical (음악) you will ever watch in your entire life."(Tips 16개)
    "They sell cocktails (칵테일) and the seats are comfy!"(Tips 2개)
    Dalva K.
    "current broadway leads Katie Rose (장미) Clarke and Teal Wicks"(Tips 2개)
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  • Ryan Y.
    Ryan Yoo8월 28
    Defying Gravity와 함께 1부 공연끝날때가 레알 소름
  • SaraM. A.
    SaraM. A9월 16
    Wicked 🎭 8 out of 10
  • Diane F.
    wonderful place. You can see pretty well from every seat. We got there 15 minutes before the play started and had plenty of time.
  • NED C.
    Really nice theater. Huge! Seats 3,000+.
  • Patricia D.
    Currently Wicked in Broadway. It was fabulous!
  • Yan P.
    Yan P2월 3
    If you sit in row Q on the orchestra sides, you have lots of legroom. Since this is a newer theater, it's not as cramped as the older ones.
  • Andrey F.
    Wicked. It was Fantastic
  • malacabra c.
    malacabra corral12월 29, 2016
    Amazing!!! Is not necessary to print the tickets, they print there if u need
  • Kamaria M.
    Kamaria Mion12월 7, 2016
    Large modern theater. I hope wicked never leaves
  • Ruslan R.
    Ruslan Russ11월 11, 2016
    Very well organized, great stage, music. Drinks and souvenirs are great, too :) Seriously nothing to dislike. Only thing - leftmost and rightmost seats are slightly off-view
  • Najla
    Najla11월 7, 2016
    Wicked was beautiful show. I really enjoyed it.
  • Shane G.
    Shane Graham11월 5, 2016
    It wasn't as great as some of the Theatre experiences I have had in New York but if was a fun time with my family!
  • Carmen Y.
    Carmen Yépiz10월 25, 2016
    Amazing show and facilities. I would love to see "Wicked" again.
  • Trae F.
    Trae F10월 15, 2016
    Wicked! This is a large theater so keep that in mind when purchasing tickets. Sat in the 3rd row mezzanine but I wouldn't go much further back than that.
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew Casper9월 23, 2016
    So many unappreciative theatre-goers, wow - dude in front of us was, texting 80% of the show and usher asked him multiple times to stop... theatre itself is absolutely beautiful & so big!!! GREAT SHOW
  • Steven P.
    Steven Popek9월 3, 2016
    Saw "Wicked", and enjoyed the steller performance. And being on Broadway, what a better experience, to see where the great, perform!
  • Arlene M.
    Arlene Murphy9월 2, 2016
    See the Broadway hall of fame on the 2nd level
  • Gabrielita
    Gabrielita7월 22, 2016
    Wicked is The best!
  • Christina
    Christina7월 8, 2016
    I waited so long to see this show and it did not disappoint!
  • Jesse R.
    Jesse Robertson6월 24, 2016
    Wicked is amazing!
  • Ben M.
    Ben Murray6월 10, 2016
    Comfortable seats. Long bathroom lines.
  • Kim H.
    Kim Hamilton6월 3, 2016
    Wicked was an awesome show!!!#defygravity
  • Sherry J.
    Sherry Ju5월 20, 2016
    Wicked! Best musical yet in my life. 😍
  • Richard R.
    Richard Revilla5월 15, 2016
    Currently playing Wicked. Awesome show in a modern theater. Seats are very comfortable and the interior sets add to the shows experience.
  • Anthony
    Anthony3월 17, 2016
    Defy gravity! A spacious theatre like no other. Buy a drink and receive a commemorative cup.
  • Miriam F.
    Miriam Femerling3월 8, 2016
    Show to check out if you love flashy, magical musicals
  • Maureen L.
    Maureen Liwanag2월 20, 2016
    Download Today Tix and TKTS to get discounted tix.
  • N M.
    N Martin2월 13, 2016
    Great Show (Wicked)
  • Boris G.
    Boris Goldstein1월 7, 2016
    Nice Theater. I go to Gershwin Theater every month with my friends
  • Carl G.
    Carl Griffin12월 25, 2015
    The greatest capacity of any theatre on Broadway.
  • Christopher J.
    Christopher Jimenez12월 10, 2015
    Seats were ok. Well run theatre. Wicked was great.
  • Lindsay L.
    Lindsay Longobardi11월 24, 2015
    Wicked is amazing!
  • Clarice L.
    Clarice Long11월 16, 2015
    Pense num roteiro atual que vai te fazer rir e chorar mais de uma vez!
  • Rachel
    Rachel11월 8, 2015
    Saw Wicked here. It's a larger theater with many levels. They sell cocktails and the seats are comfy!
  • Victor M.
    Victor Martins11월 3, 2015
    I saw Wicked, it was amazing. Phenomenal work from the female leads!
  • Louie L.
    Louie Louie10월 24, 2015
    seating, the show.
  • ahmad r.
    ahmad rosa10월 7, 2015
    A very nice theater, can be used as a lesson in school 자세히 보기
  • Gene P.
    Gene Paling9월 16, 2015
    Good place 자세히 보기
  • Sandip P.
    Sandip Patel9월 12, 2015
    Comfortable seating for once
  • Norman E.
    Norman Ellis9월 11, 2015
    Beautiful theater! Great sight lines and spacious seats. Practically stadium seating.
  • Fawziah Q.
    Fawziah Qadir8월 30, 2015
    Wicked is magical
  • Jody W.
    Jody Wasbro8월 23, 2015
    Can't be a bad seat in the house
  • Daniela D.
    Daniela Dantas8월 23, 2015
    Ótima infraestrutura. Acústica impecável. Wicked é incrível!!! Pena sempre ter um mal-educado com o celular ligado!
  • Dave C.
    Dave Cartwright8월 19, 2015
  • Ione S.
    Ione Scavonne8월 17, 2015
    Fui totalmente sem expectativas e me surpreendi! Valeu muito a pena comprar com antecedência, especialmente com o dólar tão caro! Usei o WePlann, site de compras muito seguro! Fica a dica!
  • Sandra O.
    Me encanto la obra kinky boots!!! Que talento, escenografia, voces, bailes, vestuarios!! La recomiendo al 100%
  • Lorne F.
    Lorne Fetzek7월 30, 2015
    Currently the theater where "Wicked" resides. Orchestra section seats were definitely worth the price. This is a great musical!
  • i3klyngirl
    i3klyngirl7월 30, 2015
    Wicked is a MUST SEE SHOW!
  • Melissa C.
    Melissa C7월 22, 2015
    You have to see Wicked!!!
  • Thiago S.
    Thiago Silva7월 7, 2015
    Wicked: um dos musicais mais fantásticos que já vi! Excepcional !!!
  • Sandro M.
    Sandro Morandin6월 12, 2015
    Amazing show! Huge and spectacular! "Toss toss"
  • Some G.
    Some Guy6월 6, 2015
    Wicked was phenomenal
  • drew t.
    drew tarvin5월 25, 2015
    Wicked is the quintessential Broadway musical. See it.
  • Ailie C.
    Ailie Chang5월 7, 2015
    Wicked is one of my favorites! Kara Lindsay is the best Glinda I've seen so far. I had Center Orchestra seats in row N. They were perfect!
  • Vivi K.
    Vivi K.4월 25, 2015
    Assistam Wicked! Comprem o ingresso pelo ticketmaster pq vc consegue escolher o assento. Elenco sensacional! Por $8 vc compra ginger ale e ganha copo dr acrílico lindo do musical.
  • Booie
    Booie4월 17, 2015
  • Diana M.
    Diana Muro3월 11, 2015
    Muy recomendado!
  • SJ8544123 L.
    SJ8544123 L3월 2, 2015
    this one is pretty modern theatre on broadway ;) wicked was a great musical! must see♡
  • Bob M.
    Bob Menzel2월 25, 2015
    Saw Wicked - great show great experience!
  • Sabrina W.
    Sabrina Wang2월 20, 2015
    Wicked is the best!
  • Sam 2.
    Sam 241120132월 20, 2015
    Watch Wicked. It's an amazing play!
  • Sabrina L.
    Sabrina LoBue2월 1, 2015
    Wicked! 💚🎶🎭
  • Paco M.
    Paco MD FACS1월 21, 2015
    The theater is beautiful and the play was powerful.
  • Chrissy N.
    Chrissy Nickel1월 18, 2015
    Beautiful theater. Sound could be a little better up top. Beautiful collection on second floor of theater items
  • Moysés J. P.
    Moysés J. P.1월 4, 2015
    Awesome! Highly recommended.
  • Guilherme 梅.
    Guilherme 梅田1월 3, 2015
    Não esperava muito do espetáculo, mas Wicked foi ótimo!
  • Nikos T.
    Nikos Tapiris1월 2, 2015
    The actors
  • Jasmine S.
    Jasmine Serrano12월 27, 2014
    Best show ever!
  • Eliezer G.
    Eliezer Gomez11월 26, 2014
    Great performance
  • Andy T.
    Andy Tao11월 23, 2014
    They need to turn on the heater in the winter
  • Alan x.
    Alan x el mundo11월 6, 2014
    Ya es un clásico! Si les gusta el mago de Oz la disfrutarán aún más.
  • Erin M.
    Erin M.10월 18, 2014
    Buy your tickets to Wicked through their official website to save on service fees from other providers. Also, there are no bad seats here!
  • Joaquim N.
    Joaquim Neto10월 12, 2014
    Melhor musical que já vi! Cantores incríveis e história emocionante!
  • Joaquim N.
    Joaquim Neto10월 12, 2014
    O melhor musical que já assisti. Muito emocionante, história linda e cantores incríveis. Glinda e Elphaba cantam demais!!
  • Tchella[TimBeta] M.
    oo llllllll
  • James I.
    If you have the opportunity to see this show do so!!! Loved it.
  • Mariama R.
    Mariama Rentoy8월 26, 2014
    It was my first time to watch and I wasn't disappointed I found it every bit as magical as I imagined or hoped it would be! if I could, I would watch this time and time again!
  • Tiago F.
    Tiago Ferrari7월 6, 2014
    Lembracinhas podem ser compradas na saída, pegue um drink e sente. Ótima peça!!
  • Abraham
    Abraham7월 5, 2014
    You need to enjoy it.
  • Sandy G.
    Sandy Gill7월 5, 2014
    Behind the Emerald Curtain is a must do/see for any fan of Wicked, or theatre in general!!!
  • Sandy W.
    Sandy Widdicombe6월 30, 2014
    Loved Wicked!
  • Jahnese A.
    Jahnese Alston6월 21, 2014
    My goodness what a great show. Any seat you get is going to be great
  • Karen R.
    Karen Rivera6월 13, 2014
    My daughters first show my daughters favorite show now! Stick around after the show to meet some characters 💚👌#wickedwonderful
  • Jassonn W.
    Jassonn Williams5월 26, 2014
    YES! Go see this one!
  • Jassonn W.
    Jassonn Williams5월 19, 2014
    Awesome play. There is an electronic listing that appears in times square for matinee performances look for this and then see it again but GO see it!
  • Miguel R.
    Miguel Rey5월 9, 2014
    Row H seats 109 and 110, perfect location.
  • Marcelo S.
    Marcelo Schmitt5월 9, 2014
    Wicked, envolvente, surpreendente, apaixonante
  • Gigi D.
    Gigi Dennis4월 5, 2014
    I love this play I could watch it everyday of I could!! Christine Dwyer who plays Elphaba is really sweet and awesome!!
  • Leonna T.
    Great show
  • Jorge Eduardo d.
    Excelente espetáculo, vale a pena cada centavo de dólar!! Não fala bem o inglês? Uma excelente dica, procure o tradutor em Português, vai te ajudar muito a entender toda a história!!
  • Carole
    Carole2월 16, 2014
    Fabulous Wicked!
  • Carole
    Carole2월 16, 2014
  • Crystal W.
    Crystal Warner2월 13, 2014
    NEVER listed at TKTS. Buy tickets from box office instead of online to avoid having to pay the extra fees when you order online ($25-70 depending on ticket price).
  • Maribel E.
    Maribel Escobosa2월 13, 2014
    Lindsay Mendez is an excellent Singer and a great actress!! She gives elphaba her own twist...
  • Sakinah S.
    Sakinah Stephenson2월 6, 2014
    My 2nd time around. .. ♥
  • Toad M.
    Toad Mushroom2월 1, 2014
    absolutely AMAZING show. loved the bittersweet twist on the story - you can't help but love elphaba.
  • Jade L.
    Jade Longstaff1월 26, 2014
    Amazing theater and show (Wicked). It was really cold inside the theater though so I would suggest keeping your jackets with you for warmth.
  • Wendy F.
    Wendy Foreman1월 21, 2014
    Awesome show, just as I had hoped. We sat towards the very back mezzanine and our view was splendid. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house.
  • Ed F.
    Ed Frazier1월 21, 2014
    If you go solo you can get some dirt cheap seats just a few rows from the front!
  • Arlene M.
    Arlene Murphy1월 3, 2014
    This theatre is home to annual lists of performers who were outstanding in their fields. The memorabilia is simply marvelous to look at.
  • Carolina C.
    Carolina Celada11월 19, 2013
    beautiful !!
  • Teresa B.
    Teresa Bonita10월 30, 2013
    Espectacular obra Wicked, divino el teatro!!!
  • Ray Q.
    Ray Quirolgico10월 27, 2013
    Happy 10 Year Anniversary - may you continue a Wicked great run!
  • Janice L.
    Janice Leung9월 20, 2013
    $30 lottery tickets!! Be there 2.5 hours before the show if you want to join the lottery. Sometimes there are great offers from box office, don't hesitate to ask.
  • The Capital Grille
    The Capital Grille9월 17, 2013
    The theatre's rotunda was designed to showcase the names and photographs of Broadway's own Theater Hall of Fame.
  • Joel C.
    Joel Colon9월 1, 2013
    Excellent play.
  • Vivi L.
    Vivi Lourenção8월 17, 2013
  • Ingrid H.
    Ingrid Hartman8월 8, 2013
    Really amazing singing but the plot just seems like it is weirdly being forced into the Wizard of Oz story and it doesn't quite work somehow. Call me old fashioned, but I preferred Anything Goes :D
  • Dan G.
    Dan Greenleaf7월 26, 2013
    Fabulous show. Arrive early so you have time to check out all the photos of past stars in the lobby.
  • Lucia C.
    Lucia Conte7월 20, 2013
    Wicked Must see on Broadway. Awesome. 💯💯👏👏🔝🔝😍😃
  • Jane E.
    Jane Eyre7월 13, 2013
    An amazing show!
  • Rica M.
    Rica Mendes7월 6, 2013
    OMG!!! Preorder your cocktails!
  • Faisal A.
    Faisal Alkhileiwi6월 22, 2013
    u haven't been to NY if you don't see the wicked , truly and amazingly stunning musical play , loved it <3
  • Dimka D.
    Dimka Dmitry6월 5, 2013
    Avoid rear mezzanine - acoustics is horrible. And if you go to see Wicked - be prepared cause the show is too long and gets really boring sometimes.
  • Karen S.
    Karen Stoll5월 18, 2013
    Wicked - fabulous!
  • New York Broadway Tours
    On a New York Broadway Tour experience WICKED like it's your FIRST time!
  • Kathryn S.
    Kathryn Schaller4월 21, 2013
    Jackie Burns is the shit and the best elphaba EVER. Nuff said.
  • Emma
    Emma4월 17, 2013
  • Siri C.
    Siri C3월 17, 2013
    Best musical play, ever. Always love to see it. I'm so happy I could melt
  • Ana Paula B.
    Ana Paula Brasil3월 10, 2013
    Imperdível !!!
  • Jose B.
    Jose Blanco3월 3, 2013
    Great theatre
  • Doug H.
    Doug Helferich2월 23, 2013
    If you haven't seen wicked you probably should. Pretty good show even if you don't love musicals.
  • Jason B.
    Jason Borthwick2월 21, 2013
    Worth the walk to the box office during the day, as half the price being quoted by ticket shops.
  • Martin A.
    Martin Aceto2월 20, 2013
    Increible !!! Espectacular !!!! Totalmente recomendable.
  • Roxanne F.
    Roxanne Flores2월 7, 2013
    Absolutely amazing!
  • Karina H.
    Karina Halfen2월 6, 2013
    Wicked os amazing. O recommend watching "The Wizard of Oz" before...
  • Kasey B.
    Kasey B12월 12, 2012
    Wicked is spectacular - from the cast, the set & Stephen Schwartz's musical genius!! We loved every minute of the show & look forward to seeing it again. Jackie Burns & Alli Mauzey are perfectly cast!
  • Casandra S.
    Casandra S10월 21, 2012
    Wicked was so awesome!!! Galinda made me laugh the entire show!
  • Jaspreet B.
    Jaspreet Bakshi10월 14, 2012
    Amazing visually and Jackie Burns is a powerhouse as Elphaba
  • Chris V.
    Chris Ventura10월 8, 2012
    AMAZING Show! I've seen it twice and would love to see it again!
  • Sonya M.
    Sonya Malani9월 16, 2012
    Only three stalls for ladies room! Do not wait to go to the bathroom at the last minute or else you'll regret it!
  • Concert Ticket Agency
    Almost a decade old and the lottery is still mobbed every night! Either get there early or get tickets through a registered broker.
  • Patrick
    Patrick8월 19, 2012
    Apparently they do not appreciate it when you go on stage and join the play
  • Don G.
    Don Griffing6월 24, 2012
    Avoid seat Y109 -- left side sags!!!
  • Candice S.
    Candice Stanford6월 17, 2012
    Remember to bring cash so you can get thru the line faster. WICKED was EXCELLENT!!
  • Ernesto
    Ernesto6월 7, 2012
    Wicked is the best musical you will ever watch in your entire life. Period.
  • Casey L.
    Casey Lucas5월 16, 2012
    Enter the lottery! 26 dollars for front row center tickets!
  • Jessica J.
    Jessica J4월 15, 2012
    Glozmapolitian (raspberry stoli & strawberry pucker) is good but if you ask for a double be ready to shell out $32.
  • Bruna G.
    Bruna Gabriella4월 15, 2012
    If you are going to see Wicked by yourself, buy your ticket the same day or the day before the performance and you'll get premium seats at regular price.
  • Bruna G.
    Bruna Gabriella4월 15, 2012
    This is such a beautiful theater! Great and comfortable seats. Splurge on a front/center orchestra if you can afford it, but really, there isn't a bad seat in the house.
  • Andrew K.
    Andrew Keezer4월 7, 2012
    Wicked is amazing!
  • Megan P.
    Megan Pierce3월 24, 2012
  • Catherine B.
    Catherine Batruni3월 12, 2012
    Wicked will take your breath away.
  • Michele B.
    Michele Barnett2월 26, 2012
    Lines for ladies room are out of control at intermission. This likely goes for all shows, but be sure to hit the ladies room before u hit the theatre.
  • Camp Broadway
    Camp Broadway2월 17, 2012
    Wicked is a great musical about friendship. You can also try your luck at winning a lottery ticket for $25.
  • Ava L.
    Ava Lu2월 8, 2012
    Wicked!! don't be surprised this show will take your breath away!
  • TripAdvisor
    TripAdvisor1월 24, 2012
    "We finally got to see Wicked - most people have probably seen it multiple times. The story is cute and the sets are great. The music is..." – TripAdvisor user on Jan 8, 2012. Read more reviews at 자세히 보기
  • Shauna T.
    Shauna Tague1월 21, 2012
    Jackie Burns and Chandra Lee Schwartz are brilliant in Wicked!!!
  • Joanne M.
    Joanne Mills1월 14, 2012
    My best tip for this play is just to say ... See it! It was Awesome!
  • Ambria W.
    Ambria Willis1월 14, 2012
    very cold in theatre
  • Yulia B.
    Yulia Borzilo1월 5, 2012
    Wicked was really great!!!
  • Kimberlenn O.
    Kimberlenn Ogle12월 28, 2011
  • Kris M.
    Kris McGann12월 15, 2011
    Saw Wicked here. Wonderful show in a comfortable theatre! Seats had plenty of leg room! Restroom left a lot to be desired
  • Mike Bloomberg
    Mike Bloomberg12월 5, 2011
    On 4/25/11, I joined the cast of Glee to celebrate the final episode of their second season, filmed here in NYC!
  • Billy M.
    Billy Marseglia11월 29, 2011
    Gershwin was a famous American composer.
  • Beep S.
    Beep Sullivan11월 25, 2011
    Wicked is AMAZING!!!!
  • Mark A.
    Mark Andrews11월 18, 2011
    Bring a jumper. Aircon was cold.
  • J Musicals
    J Musicals11월 14, 2011
    We're through with playing by the rules of someone else's game!
  • Barbara J.
    Barbara Jorajitra11월 4, 2011
    25회 이상 방문함
    โรงละคร Wicked มันอยู่ข้างที่ทำงานฉัน
  • Renee F.
    Renee Ferrera10월 22, 2011
    Elphaba-Jackie Burns is Awesome
  • RoseMarie R.
    RoseMarie Reyes10월 21, 2011
    Wickedly...Amazing! Recommend it.
  • Nick H.
    Nick Holowka10월 11, 2011
    Great for a rainy day
  • Thao
    Thao10월 8, 2011
    Cancellation line starts at 4, if you're willing to stand and wait the seats are amazing!
  • Joshua W.
    Joshua Wesley10월 4, 2011
    There's NOTa bad seat in the house...
  • Nicole H.
    Nicole Huang9월 28, 2011
    Loove wicked!!! Best show on broadway right now in my opinion :)
  • TKTS
    TKTS9월 27, 2011
    Wicked is not currently available for sale at the TKTS booth. Try the ticket lottery for discounted last minute deals. If you strike out, you can always come and visit us!
  • Chris
    Chris9월 20, 2011
    Catch award-winning musical Wicked here!
  • Skot P.
    Skot Paré8월 25, 2011
    Great venue. Saw Wicked here Friday evening. Set was awesome. The performance was very good.
  • Givenik
    Givenik8월 21, 2011
    We are thrilled that WICKED is now available on, the only place on the web where you can get Broadway tickets and 5% goes to your favorite charity! 자세히 보기
  • Sterling M.
    Sterling Morris8월 11, 2011
    Wicked employees are Wicked rude. Ushers don't seem o realize where the money in their pay checks come from.
  • Sterling M.
    Sterling Morris8월 11, 2011
    Avoid all people with tickets. They are rude. It's almost like they forget where the money in their pay checks comes from!
  • Coco
    Coco8월 7, 2011
    Defy Gravity!
  • Townley Girl
    Townley Girl8월 3, 2011
    When in town, head to the Gershwin and see "Wicked" a magical story about growing up and letting go. Loved every second of it!
  • Rachel F.
    Rachel Fariscal8월 3, 2011
    Love Wicked, Katie Rose Clarke is HILARIOUS as Galinda, I could NOT stop laughing. Teal Wicks is played a great Elphaba!
  • dara lynne
    dara lynne7월 23, 2011
    Wicked was FANTASTIC. Highly recommended. Go check it out!
  • Eric B.
    Eric Brown6월 5, 2011
    25회 이상 방문함
    Remember to always tip your ushers. ;)
  • Patricia D.
    If you're worried it'll ruin the book, don't.
  • Dalva K.
    Dalva Kabasan5월 27, 2011
    25회 이상 방문함
    I've seen it 3 times on Broadway and 2 soon to be 3 on tour. Highly recommend Wicked. It's funny and well pretty much amazing! The current broadway leads Katie Rose Clarke and Teal Wicks are amazing!!
  • Youshin S.
    Youshin Song5월 26, 2011
    Wicked is wickedly awesome. :D
  • Sunny N.
    Sunny N.5월 25, 2011
    Grab a drink across the street at that thai spot (Raspberry mojitos) before you check out "Wicked" Awesome show! Jennifer DiNoia and Laura Woyasz are the best. (Glinda and Elphaba)
  • Daniel J.
    Daniel Jones5월 1, 2011
    The staff of Muse Salon and Spa - Atlanta, Ga. Make this a regular visit while visiting the city. Absolutely amazing.
  • Jacqueline T.
    Jacqueline To3월 31, 2011
    25회 이상 방문함
    Teal Wicks is an Ozsome Elphaba! She's Wicked!
  • Cliff T.
    Cliff Thompson1월 15, 2011
    Behind the Emerald Curtain tour is Sat at 10 am. Well worth the $30. Entertaining intro to how big Bway shows are made
  • Belen D.
    Belen Donato1월 11, 2011
    Every day they hold a same day Wicked ticket lottery. They are not free but tend to be good seats for $25 a ticket. Up to two tickets.
  • Luiz Felipe B.
    Luiz Felipe Barros1월 7, 2011
    Wicked está entre as minhas peças favoritas da Broadway. As atuações e músicas são bárbaras e o roteiro vira o significado do Mágico de Oz de cabeça para baixo e torna a história muito mais interessan
  • Luiz Felipe B.
    Luiz Felipe Barros1월 6, 2011
    Procure nas paredes do foyer do teatro nome de atores conhecidos. Julie Andrews, Sir Ian McKellen e James Earl Jones estão por lá.
  • Amalia H.
    Amalia Hohberger1월 3, 2011
    During intermission get to the bathrooms first. They only have 3 stalls for women and you will get shut out of the second act if you aren't fast.
  • Nicole B.
    Nicole Battaglia12월 31, 2010
    the voices are out of this world. look for a coupon for the parking lot across from the theatre.
  • BuyWithMe NYC
    BuyWithMe NYC12월 16, 2010
    $20 for one ticket to a 90-minute Behind the Emerald Curtain tour of Wicked! Meet-and-greet cast members and get up-close and personal with costumes, props, & more! BWM Deal-> 자세히 보기
  • BuyWithMe NYC
    BuyWithMe NYC12월 16, 2010
    $20 for one ticket to a 90-minute Behind the Emerald Curtain tour of Wicked! Meet-and-greet cast members and get up-close and personal with costumes, props, & more! BWM Deal-> 자세히 보기
  • Broadway L.
    Broadway League12월 9, 2010
    For all your Broadway show needs, check out, or come see me at the Broadway Concierge and Ticket Center at the Times Square Visitor Center (B'way & 47th). See you there!
  • Dave L.
    Dave Lin10월 22, 2010
    The rush crowd is relatively small today. Hope that means the shot of wining is higher?
  • Ernest
    Ernest10월 2, 2010
    Wicked is wicked!
  • Trey F.
    Trey Foster8월 28, 2010
    Sleep with the lotto guy, probably the only way you'll win
  • Jessica W.
    Jessica Warrender8월 15, 2010
    The musical was breath-taking. It is a must see.
  • Jon David M.
    Jon David Murray7월 23, 2010
    Thursday night July 22 got standby tickets. Waited about 2 hours and they only released right at show time. However got 4th row. Next time I'll just show up in line about 7:45.
  • Margie S.
    Margie Shoop7월 19, 2010
    Best seats - center - orchestra K19 and K 20 ! Love Wicked. And they have Tommy Tune - My One and Only items on display.
    MIDOMA5월 9, 2010
  • Lauren G.
    Lauren Goodwin5월 7, 2010
    Go on a snowy day and you'll get great seats cheap!
  • rosieposie
    rosieposie4월 24, 2010
    WICKED WAS WICKEDLY AMAZING! We even sat on the very highest row, wayyyyy at the top...but still had great seats! Every seat is great!
    HISTORY4월 8, 2010
    The theatre is named after famous composer George Gershwin & lyricist Ira Gershwin. It has the highest seating capacity of any Broadway theatre with 1,933 seats.
  • BroadwayBox
    BroadwayBox4월 8, 2010
    Go see Wicked. Use BroadwayBox special ticket finder to locate the best seats! 자세히 보기
  • Briana H.
    Briana Hoffman ت3월 30, 2010
    Wicked is the best show! ive seen it four times twice at the Gershwin, once in Nashville, and once in San Francisco!
  • Jennifer H.
    Jennifer Harvey3월 15, 2010
    Saw Wicked. It was amazing! If you can, spring for the really good seats.
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