Her Name is Han

NoMad, 뉴욕
  • Hien L.
    "Yum! We had the pork, pancake, dumpling stew and bulgogi (불고기)."(Tips 15개)
    Colin L.
    "The chicken (닭) soup, the topped tofu and the small plates were great!"(Tips 14개)
    "Get the budae jigae for two and the pork belly or fried rice (백반) cake!"(Tips 21개)
    "Trendy (최신 유행을 따름) Korean food that is both delicious and won't break the bank!"(Tips 12개)
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  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey Zeldman9월 12
    10회 이상 방문함
    Vegetarian? The new vegetable BBQ is amazing! Many small plates of spicy, roasted vegetables, with unusual and delicious Korean seasonings. Beet-infused mashed potatoes! Barbecued brussels sprouts!
    좋아요 - Sep 12
  • Tara L.
    Tara Lorimer9월 8, 2016
    So many delicious menu options - if you're overwhelmed by choice, the staff are more than willing to go through the menu with you and give recommendations. Must try the budae jigae and fried chicken!
  • Russell H.
    Russell Hirschorn12월 17, 2016
    Dumplings were delicious and big, pork belly platter a must, leaf wrapped rice w. Bulgogi was ok, fresh tuna app was great. Grapefruit Sowuju. Didnt course the meal correctly, but food was very good.
  • emily c.
    emily chen3월 5, 2016
    trendy k-joint. good cheap cocktails/wine ($6)! get the budge jiggae stew, bulgolgi rice wraps (app), dukkbokki, and clam japchae. avoid the seafood stew with sea squirts (worst ever) in it.
  • Sarah P.
    Sarah P.2월 20, 2016
    10회 이상 방문함
    Great spot for lunch in k-town: ~$10 menu (cash only) and good portions. Seafood noodles and farro bibimbop (강된장보리비빔밥) are delicious. Spicy noodles and pork katsu are good too
  • Luc D.
    Luc Doan11월 20, 2015
    Bo ssam, rice cake+kabocha+shishito pepper, military stew. Great food, reasonably priced beer, good service and a very cool vibe.
    좋아요 - Oct 3
  • Joanne R.
    Joanne Reinard8월 31, 2016
    Food is amazing but comes in small portions. It's healthy and Sauce is always on the side 👌🏽 waiters should know their menu and specials a little better though.. The place is super cute otherwise!
  • Tommy C.
    Tommy Chen12월 10, 2015
    The lines seemed to have died down, for lunch at least. Food is still delicious, better than ever. Services is prompt and friendly. Their platters are a great deal.
  • Victor T.
    Small and cosy place with awesome staff and delicious Korean food. Everything we had was great, but the sweet and sour rice was by far my favorite: a perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy flavors!
  • Rosanna M.
    Mind-blowing food! Try the bulgogi, we also got one of the pots, the cucumber-spirals & salmon salad. Everything was great and so was the service! New favorite!
  • Alex N.
    Alex Nguyen7월 5, 2016
    bo ssam, seafood hotpot dish, yummy and light cocktails, and other Korean dishes with trendy and modern takes on them. solid place with really good food.
  • Savannah P.
    Savannah Petrick2월 2, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    the food is great, esp. fire grilled pork w gochujang sauce, bulgogi salad, and sweet & sour chicken fried rice. the berry sowuju is worth a try. $3 draft sapporo! service is also speedy & friendly :)
  • Hien L.
    Hien Ly7월 8
    Yum! We had the pork, pancake, dumpling stew and bulgogi. The pancake was perf. The stew flavor was addictive, light & flavorful. Service was a bit frustrating. Staff was nice but hard to flag down.
  • Alex K.
    Alex Kesling12월 8, 2016
    Try the Dukbokki (sauteed rice cake in red chili sauce), the contrast between the crispy outside and chewy center is delightful.
  • Naphat K.
    Naphat Kijsamrej12월 23, 2015
    Homey Korean food all done up in a chic atmosphere. Food is great, favorite was the fried rice cake appetizer. Service can be a bit uneven when busy.
  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey Zeldman10월 19, 2015
    10회 이상 방문함
    Korean hipster fusion joint in NoMad opened October 2015 in space formerly occupied by Taan Thai. Within week of launch it had sellout lines at lunch halfway down the block. $7 meals thru Oct. 31.
  • Jeff S.
    Came for brunch but regret not going for dinner. That said, beef bulgogi and fried chicken were excellent brunch choices
  • Chophel N.
    Chophel Namgyal11월 1, 2016
    Lunch special $10 plus tax and tip! Cash only and excellent value and freshness! Highly recommend- below is my tuna and avocado bibimbap!
  • Heather H.
    Heather H3월 11, 2016
    During lunch the $10 noodle set comes with a choice of 5 different bowls of Kalguksu and a Han Dumpling. It may have been one of the best broths I have ever had!
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy1월 14, 2016
    Bulgogi is so good if they kept bringing more orders I would eat it until I was sick. Get the fried chicken. Cheap draughts and bottles of soju make it a great weekend spot.
  • Nikos K.
    Amazing food! Prices are a bit high but worth it! Meat dishes are incredible. Staff and atmosphere are both great!
  • Chelsea B.
    #FabuLIST #DubiDO A4(rice cake),A9 (tuna tataki), b2 (fried chicken), and bibimbap. Soju drinks are also delicious. Loved the apple juice and ginger mojito.
  • Noah W.
    Noah Weiss4월 9, 2016
    Incredible lunch deals for a $11 Korean feast with a modern twist.
    좋아요 - Sep 26
  • Jeff W.
    Jeff Woo10월 26, 2015
    10회 이상 방문함
    I don't have a Korean mom but I feel like I just went home to Korea and had some delicious home cooking! The perilla leaf rice wrap & galbi jjim are 💛💛
  • Michelle L.
    Michelle Lawrence1월 21, 2016
    Got really lucky...arrived at 6 and sat right down. They went on a wait shortly thereafter. Food was delicious!!!! Impeccable service. Love the decor and ambiance.
  • Nicolette R.
    Nicolette Romero12월 19, 2015
    I foresee Han and I becoming besties with her $10 lunch prices! She makes a mean bulgogi. If you're considering an app, try the wings or dumplings. 😋
  • Evan S.
    Evan Staff1월 14, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Pretty new, but this is already in the canon of my favorite lunch spots in NYC. Bring friends, order anything, and bask in this immaculately-designed space.
  • dawn.in.newyork
    dawn.in.newyork11월 10, 2015
    Taste wise and style wise everything is just so cool. Come here to try the most updated taste of Korean food.
  • Andy T.
    Andy Tao11월 13, 2015
    Try the corn & potato croquettes, budae jjigge (army stew), sour and sweet fried rice, and beef noodle soup.
  • Joshua B.
    Stopped in for small brunch plates. The black sesame tofu and han dumplings were fire and plenty of food.
  • Leemor Y.
    Complimentary (bottomless) samplers, delicious food (get the cod with soybean), great service. A+
  • Peter D.
    Peter Day7월 31
    Delicious food. I thought they had BBQ, but there were not serving it, so I tried the braised ribs. Wow.
  • Zack K.
    Zack Kantor2월 1, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great Place, food is tasty, inexpensive, and fast. Highlights include Croquettes, BBQ Spicy Pork, Fried Rice, & Bulgogi Salad w beef.
  • Emily K.
    Emily K.5월 25, 2016
    10회 이상 방문함
    Very cute, chic, calm Korean place off the strip of K-Town that, thankfully, doesn't blast K-pop. The kalbi jjim is a must get.
  • Caroline D.
    Caroline Deng5월 20, 2016
    Get the Avocado and Salmon platter! Trendy Korean fusion restaurant with great lunch specials.
  • Lucy P.
    Some of the best food we've had in New York. Mixed hot pot is amazing and the rice wine tirumisu 🤤
  • Kate Y.
    Kate Yan1월 31, 2016
    Come for the $10 lunch specials such as noodle soups, garlic chicken and pork cutlets.
  • Allison L.
    Allison Li12월 8, 2015
    Decent price and food portion for lunch (~$10). The decor is simple and tidy. A cleaner less oily version of Korean cuisine!
  • Charles G.
    Charles Gedeon10월 29, 2015
    Amazing service with a lot tasty korean treats. I found the chicken noodle soup to be fairly average but the galbi and dumplings were very good.
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie8월 24, 2016
    Posh Korean food. Get here right when it opens at 5:30 to avoid a wait. Great service and lovely hipster interiors.
  • Saba N.
    Saba Neko9월 28, 2016
    Ribs, rice cakes, budae jjigae, cocktails all great! I would say food is much better at dinner than lunch tho (albeit more $$$)
  • Daouna J.
    Daouna Jeong2월 28, 2016
    Trendy hipsterish Korean restaurant. Good place if you want to introduce Korean food to your foreign friends who are new to Korean food
  • Loukas P.
    Had the bulgogi, seafood hot pot and shrimp & pepper pancake. All were out of this world. We'll come back for more!
  • Tiffany
    Tiffany4월 19, 2016
    Trendy/hipster new Korean spot in town. Get the budae jigae for two and the pork belly or fried rice cake!
  • David D.
    David Dunhill1월 11, 2016
    The army stew is great. Trendy, friendly, good service, reasonable prices. And tasty food to boot. A keeper
  • Joshua B.
    Joshua Boggs8월 23, 2016
    Everything was great, but my favorite dish was the rice cake appetizer
  • Luke P.
    Luke Pack4월 4, 2016
    Excellent Korean food and service. Get the pork belly and black cod steak. Cocktails are great but stong.
  • Saarim Z.
    Food is pretty decent although definitely falls into the category of "accessible korean". The spicy pork with gochujang is good. Lunch seems like a way better option than dinner.
  • Jenny F.
    Jenny Fan7월 25
    The carbonara breakfast set is not anything you'd expect to get for brunch or at a Korean restaurant, yet sometimes I still go to bed thinking about it.
  • Barry H.
    Barry Hott12월 18, 2015
    Really interesting and well executed Korean dishes. Very different vibe from the nearby K-Town spots
  • Claude H.
    Claude Harrison10월 13, 2015
    Short neck clams that are full of garlic, mushroom; seafood noodle soup that has great, chewy noodles
  • Ryan
    Ryan11월 3, 2015
    Get any noodle soup and the spicy blue crab 🍜👾🇰🇷
  • Victor C.
    Victor Chen9월 23, 2016
    I've been to many places in ktown and this place has THE best rice cake!
  • Colin L.
    Colin Lee7월 18, 2016
    Nice ambiance and decor. The chicken soup, the topped tofu and the small plates were great!
  • Andrew B.
    Andrew Buckler3월 4, 2016
    Great spot, and the decor is a wonderful change from the usuals in the neighborhood, food A1!
  • Sharonn Z.
    Sharonn Zheng8월 1, 2016
    Affordable, wholesome lunch specials. Dinner is on par with excellent bossam, grilled meats and jigae
  • Rafa C.
    Rafa Casillas1월 24, 2016
    El bulgoyi de res es una delicia, amplia variedad de cervezas asiáticas y a un precio excelente, es de recién apertura.
  • Sandra R.
    Cheap cash-only lunch spot that cleans up real nice for dinner service.
  • Peter D.
    Peter Day7월 28
    There is no BBQ st lunch which someone else said (and why I went) but the food was brilliant. Loved the broth.
  • Charlotte C.
    Been here 4 times in 2 months, even though they don't have many vegetarian options. Really good lychee cocktail!
  • Lawrence C.
    Lawrence Chong3월 1, 2016
    Lunch is cash only and doesn't come with side dishes. For dinner, side dishes are small. Dinner is a bit pricey too. The atmosphere is nice though.
  • Alice N.
    Alice Nam12월 4, 2015
    Yooksu bulgogi tasted very healthy. Not what I typically would expect of bulgogi. So was duduk salad. But I loved the duduk one.
  • Taylor C.
    Taylor Cohen10월 8, 2015
    Chicken noodle soup! They make their noodles in house. Literally melts in your mouth!!
  • Christian L.
    Start with the clams with potato noodles and then a hearty fireside grilled Bulgogi!
  • Krisi R.
    I had cod. Whatever that sauce is, it's pure goodness
  • Alex E.
    Alex Elias3월 31
    My favorite thing was the rice cakes. Their fried chicken was really good too!
  • Mark W.
    Mark Ward3월 28, 2016
    Everything was amazing. Try it all. Especially the tuna sashimi and marinated beef
  • Charlotte C.
    excellent place -- yummy korean food without feeling like an elephant afterwards
  • Lizz J.
    Lizz Jiang7월 31, 2016
    Desserts, seafood pancake, army soup, pork belly, lychee sparkling soju cocktail
  • Claude H.
    Claude Harrison10월 13, 2015
    The short neck clams are a soul satisfying dish! A must have!!
  • Soyoung L.
    Soyoung Lee1월 6, 2016
    smaller portions than other korean restaurants but cool atmosphere and good food.
  • Larry C.
    Larry Chen11월 19, 2015
    Amazing quality Korean food. Expensive, but good.
  • Kimling L.
    Kimling Lam3월 23, 2016
    Rice cake appetizer, black cod, spicy seafood and dumpling hot pot
  • M W.
    M W6월 24
    Trendy décor and nice concept. Slowly executed, pricey and not overwhelmingly tasty. Far better places in the vicinity for Korean fried chicken.
  • Teresa E.
    Great food. The bulgogi meat was delicious.
  • Debbie L.
    Staff was very accommodating during the lunch hour rush and bbq was delicious.
  • Jackie N.
    Jackie Napalan12월 13, 2016
    Good date spot, cute, romantic. Recommend sharing food/family style.
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Spagnolo11월 16, 2015
    Cash only! Authentic feeling crowd that doesn't seem too bothered by the slow service (I was)
    좋아요 - Sep 26
  • Valentin G.
    Valentin Guerin10월 8, 2016
    You must try the rice cakes! The bulgogi beef was a bit disappointing.
  • kiptrip
    kiptrip1월 20
    Authentic and yum but avoid the rice cakes as they're too stodgy.
  • Luis S.
    Luis Sanz8월 12
    Steak hamburger makes for a great brunch
  • Aleksandra S.
    Aleksandra Sojka10월 4, 2016
    Order the jjigae to share, simply delicious!!!
  • Jeff W.
    Jeff Weinstein11월 17, 2016
    Salmon cucumber salad, all the pancakes, and tofu soups.
  • Shiyin L.
    Shiyin Lin12월 9, 2015
    Cute and good food but catered to be trendy with jazz and tiny portions.
  • Rita L.
    Rita L11월 7, 2015
    Put your name down and wait, budaejigae is good! (Not as spicy as other places make it)
  • Savannah P.
    Savannah Petrick5월 31, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    get the tuna sashimi salad with asian pear and cucumber
  • Anastasia P.
    Delicious food healthy options quick and nice portions.
  • Steve
    Steve7월 30, 2016
    Asian brunch! Get here from 1130am to 230pm.
  • Lillian C.
    Lillian Cheung3월 31, 2016
    $9 lunch specials are TAX FREE!
  • Jay S.
    Jay S4월 3, 2016
    Great food and vibe. Top notch service.
  • Emily K.
    Emily K.10월 24, 2015
    10회 이상 방문함
    Trendy spot with homey Korean dishes. Kalbijjim is a crowd favorite.
  • Jaime S.
    Everything is great!
    좋아요 - Sep 2
  • Molly D.
    Molly Donohue4월 13, 2016
    So fresh and delicious! Order a lot share everything-
  • Rami H.
    Pork Belly, Rice Cakes, Octopus Fried Rice
  • Amber
    Amber3주 전
    Korean food that was well presented and pretty good. Limited veggie options.
  • Rem K.
    Rem Koning2주 전
    Set lunch menu is a deal and delicious
  • Hailey N.
    Unique menu, great food and lovely interior
  • Drew T.
    Drew Tabu4월 8, 2016
    Great lunch sets. Can't wait to come back at night.
  • Deej R.
    Deej Ratnani2월 5, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Garlic chicken is like nothing I've had anywhere else before.
  • Anita
    Anita1월 9, 2016
    Friday night here got here around 6:30pm and the wait was about 1.5 hours
  • Hunter N.
    Hunter Newman1월 20, 2016
    Chicken noodle soup came was made spectacular by the kimchi
  • Alex T.
    Alex Tsu2월 2
    5회 이상 방문함
    Delicious lunch specials. Kalguksoo was so good.
  • Shu W.
    Shu Wu1월 6, 2016
    It's more of an American Korean place, different from the Korean restaurants on 32nd Street. Portion for 2 is not really for two, pricey
  • Brian M.
    Brian Masefield6월 21, 2016
    Salmon box lunch is perfection.
  • D F.
    D F5월 7
    Tiramisu is phenomenal
  • Inma N.
    Inma Navarro1월 1
    10회 이상 방문함
    Comida coreana deliciosa. El personal es joven y amable.
  • Emily C.
    Emily Charlton6월 26, 2016
    Really tasty, try the seafood soup.
  • Danwen
    Danwen2월 20, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Awesome lunch place for $9!
  • Clara P.
    Clara Pyo1월 6, 2016
    That rice wine tiramisu ...so good
  • Naisham J.
    Best hot pot in NYC!
  • Matt M.
    Matt Moore5월 4, 2016
    Garlic chicken is all you need to know
  • Andrew O.
    Andrew Osborne3월 31, 2016
    Seafood hotpot
  • John Bernard W.
    Get the Tofu on the tapas menu.
  • Aaliya
    Aaliya4월 7, 2016
    Chewy rice donuts
  • Alan M.
    Alan Morton9월 20, 2016
    Very nice Korean food shop
  • Anissa
    Anissa5월 13, 2016
    Trendy Korean food that is both delicious and won't break the bank! The pork belly was delicious and the soju cocktails are cheap! ($7)
  • Aniruddh C.
    Aniruddh Chaturvedi11월 28, 2015
    Homely+delicious Korean food!
  • Reeya S.
    Reeya Shah4월 17, 2016
    Rice cakes are incredible
  • Lisa
    Lisa2월 12, 2016
    delicious mung bean pancakes
  • Adit K.
    Adit Kumar12월 24, 2015
    Bulgogi and $3 drafts
  • Gabriela L.
    porquinho apimentado
  • Maurizio
    Maurizio9월 9, 2016
    Pork ribs in soy sauce
  • Marcela E.
    Marcela Erazo3월 7, 2016
    Bulgogi was so delicious
  • Sergey D.
    Sergey Demyanov5월 27, 2016
    It's cash only!
  • Seohyun Stacy P.
    Seohyun Stacy Park12월 8, 2015
  • Holly C.
    Holly C12월 24, 2015
    Spicy chicken stew!
  • David M.
    David Milberg1월 8, 2016
    Love this place!
  • Na Hyun K.
    good place to take your non-korean homies
  • Jeffrey K.
    Hip Koreans.
  • Maria B.
    Maria B.3월 8
    Go for fire-grilled bulgogi, everything else was average.
  • Jesse T.
    Jesse Ting1월 10, 2016
    Hotpot is only soso. A waste of money.
  • Jyoti
    Jyoti3주 전
    Not accepting credit cards! They claim their credit card machine has been down for 3 days without internet. How is that possible? It feels a little shady!
  • Cynthia L.
    Cynthia Lin10월 21
    A bit bland
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