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    "Gorgeous sunsets & ocean views (오션뷰)."(Tips 4개)
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    "Fish (생선) Frenzy"(Tips 4개)
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  • deestiv
    deestiv9월 7, 2015
    Wonderful hotel stay. Pool area is amazing, service and room quality was stellar. Waikoloa is a bit isolated so you're subjected to resort prices if you don't have transport, but otherwise great stay
    좋아요 - 3일 전
  • Alicia H.
    Alicia Hansen11월 12, 2017
    They have photos of the view from each room. Ask to see your view & one for an available upgrade. My "partial ocean view" room had a better view than the available "ocean view" room.
  • Amy H.
    Amy Hurst7월 4, 2014
    Ocean tower is good for adults, families may want Lagoon tower because it is closer to activities. Beautiful resort, lots to keep everyone entertained. I will go back!
  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M6월 18, 2016
    The pools here are killer!! For a more quite pool time go to the upper pool on the father left side of the property. Hardly anyone there and theres water slides!
  • Tamara B.
    Tamara Boyd5월 28, 2012
    Have a glass of citrus infused water- it's delicious and helps refresh after a long plane ride or day trip. Plus, it's one of the few free things here.
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
    Fish Frenzy at our boat canal and Glow-in-the-Dark Golf at our putting course! These activities and more are in the latest Hilton Waikoloa Village Activity Calendar. There is always something to do!
  • Kenyon
    Kenyon8월 30, 2010
    Great place to visit...make sure you have a car though because you are a little isolated in the resort. There are many things to do at the resort... It's kinda like a "Disney World" of the islands.
  • Mark L.
    Mark Lonier5월 14, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Snorkel in the lagoon. At least 6 turtles reside there. If you snorkel past the bridge and rope, the coral seems like it is all dead. Some fish there. We did see another turtle there also.
  • Lorena V.
    Lorena V.9월 23, 2011
    Food in any of the restaurants here is way too expensive. If you must eat here, opt for the Maholo lounge's ahi poke with taro chips and prime rib sliders- relatively inexpensive and good.
  • Beth B.
    Beth B8월 3, 2015
    This place is way too big and tacky. If you like to take light rails around your resort and enjoy hordes of people then book a room immediately.
  • Artie T.
    Artie T6월 9, 2013
    The lobby looks chaotic and the check-in process is so slow here. Not relaxing atmosphere. I prefer Fairmont property better!
  • Sarah L.
    Sarah Lincoln7월 24, 2013
    The birds will wake you up early every morning. Avoid the inside aisles of the hotels during and after sunset because that's when they come in to nest. Very loud.
  • Heather E.
    Heather Edwards6월 30, 2011
    If you lose your towel or you just don't want to wait in line for one, go to the towel stand at the Ocean Tower adult pool. There is never an attendant there.
  • Rafael G.
    Rafael Garcia11월 2, 2015
    Introduction to island to do worth - everyday 8am close to lobby. Also free coffee and pastries ;-)
  • Arlene M.
    Arlene Morris7월 22, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Take the free shuttle to the beach behind the Marriott. Then if you wish, walk over to the Kings/Queens Shops.
  • Amol K.
    Amol K2월 8, 2014
    5회 이상 방문함
    If the tram isn't coming within the next minute in the direction you want, you're better off walking.
  • Brian D.
    Brian Duncan2월 8, 2015
    Leave the tram behind. It's too slow. Walk down the right side passage. Asian art for miles.
  • Brian H.
    Brian H.5월 15, 2013
    Well I enjoyed my stay here, they got kind front desk people and awesome service.
  • Anne M.
    Anne McCreary12월 29, 2013
    Great cocktails and an amazing sunset...!
  • Marcela G.
    Marcela Guan1월 23, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    Buy some cracked corn from the feed stores. Huge family of wild turkeys living behind the units. Fun to feed them
  • Woo Jeong O.
    Woo Jeong Oh9월 28, 2016
    Such a lovely place. The scenery is beautiful. I want to visit again!
  • Alexandra S.
    Beautiful resort! Huge! Lots of walking :-) facilities are ok.
  • Julie Z.
    Julie Ziemelis9월 28, 2014
    5회 이상 방문함
    America concert tonight..little guy gets to stay with us!
  • Whitney Q.
    Whitney Quick11월 16, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Be sure to eat before 11am or after 12pm... No where to really eat between those times.
  • Patrick S.
    Patrick Stone6월 29, 2013
    Midnight trips to the waterfall jacuzzi are a perfect ending to the day!!
  • Ece B.
    Ece Bolat12월 13, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Big disappointment! First of all, I dont appreciate how they hold off dolphins in small area. Secondly, this place is HUGE, there is literally a commute to your room from the lobby! Dont go there!
  • Julie Z.
    Julie Ziemelis6월 5, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    You have to see the dolphins down at the lagoon-you can swim with them thru Dolphin Quest
  • ALani A.
    ALani Alamb2월 13, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    Watch for the big turtles in the salt pool especially in the waterfall.
  • RC
    RC8월 12, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great for kids, but no beach access.
  • Whitney Q.
    Whitney Quick11월 16, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Tram is super slow... If you have the time, walk - it's not that far and there's lots to look at!
  • Lisa G.
    Lisa GG4월 22, 2012
    Dona And Tony's opened today. Great pizza, although spendy.... very good.
  • Le D.
    Le Doan3월 15, 2013
    The turtles like to hang out under the lagoon waterfall.
  • Alexandra M.
    Alexandra McKirkzz4월 10, 2012
    10회 이상 방문함
    Quality of service has gone down since the last couple times here. Glad to have spent most of the time staying at Kings' Land instead
  • Brian D.
    Brian Duncan2월 8, 2015
    Vast but walkable. Avoid the tram.
  • JcB
    JcB4월 1, 2015
    This is what "ocean view" looks like. This place is a circus. Stayed in room 5233. It was a dump. Disgusting. Awful room. Stained sheets, pillow cases and carpet. Don't stay here! Marriott MUCH better
  • Andrew B.
    Andrew Botcherby2월 15, 2013
    10회 이상 방문함
    the private lagoon is magnificent
  • Kyle K.
    Kyle K.3월 3, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    Go snorkle by the waterfall, you will see the most incredible fish up close.
  • Clif C.
    Clif Cameron11월 15, 2016
    Great place if you like Las Vegas and Disneyland.
  • Chris F.
    Chris Fortner6월 25, 2010
    Great hotel. Family oriented. Food could be better though and a little more reasonable.
  • Kyle F.
    Kyle Fennell1월 12, 2012
    Amazing place for a wedding. The Hilton spoiled us!
  • Brad
    Brad10월 15, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    DO NOT STAY HERE. Food is garbage, pricey and cold. It takes about an hour to walk to your room. Rent a scooter to get around since the boat is always broken and the tram is slow.
  • Imageglow C.
    Imageglow Candles3월 29, 2010
    5회 이상 방문함
    Walk everywhere you go, there are 18,000 pieces of art and sculpture displayed throughout the corridors and property
  • Ashlyn A.
    Ashlyn Aiu2월 22
    Lagoon has tons of sea turtles!
  • Kristoffer J.
    Kristoffer Jonson3월 1, 2012
    Get out 15 minutes earlier than you would normally plan to because the tram is slow. Better yet just walk.
  • Imageglow C.
    Imageglow Candles3월 27, 2010
    5회 이상 방문함
    Kirin Restaurant has fantastic food ... Get a seat on the balcony at sunset
  • Teddy M.
    Teddy McMahon7월 18, 2011
    Take meditation, Chi Gong, and Tai Chi classes with Gwen, she is awesome!
  • Jeanette Y.
    Jeanette Yeap6월 19, 2011
    Just when I thought I had seen it all.... I see a monorail in the lobby. Haha.
  • Mark S.
    Mark Smith8월 14, 2013
    25회 이상 방문함
    The WiFi is pathetic and AT&T (since Hilton has outsourced to them) to build better Internet infrastructure - even the room Ethernet is bad - pretty much a #FAIL Even the AT&T 4G is bad! Sad!
  • Kristin O.
    Kristin Overton8월 22, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    Be prepared for ants and mold in the rooms. I would not consider this a 5 star hotel nor would I come back if not for business.
  • Robin G.
    Snorkel in the private lagoon with the sea turtles
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