Málà Project

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Midtown East, 뉴욕
9 팁 및 리뷰
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  • ZZubin
    ZZubin4일 전
    Great flavors. Make your own hot pot. Reasonably priced lunch
  • Foxxy B.
    Foxxy B2주 전
    Refreshingly manageable but certainly spicy at highest heat level. Ingredients, particularly meats, could use a bump in quality. Really an OK experience. Decent vibes.
  • Александр Б.
    thank you so much
    좋아요 - Oct 3
  • suyanne l.
    Comida gordurosa
  • suyanne l.
    Comida feita com muito óleo e cara
  • suyanne l.
    Comida gordura e cara
    싫어요 - 1주 전
  • Emily H.
    So delicious and a great midtown spot to go after work. The food is delicious and the staff is nice.
    좋아요 - Oct 11
  • Emily H.
    So happy they have a midtown location. Great for after work dinner with co workers.
    좋아요 - Oct 4
  • Christine W.
    Christine Wong2월 15
    5회 이상 방문함
    everything is amazing here! and they have lunch specials 😊
    좋아요 - 1주 전
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