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NoMad, 뉴욕
  • Chris A.
    "Chicken (닭) soup was excellent as was the Pork & Carrots."(Tips 9개)
    Jessica H.
    "Honeycomb soft serve (소프트 아이스크림) was also overwhelmingly sweet."(Tips 6개)
    Margaret W.
    "But the curried cauliflower (카레) is excellent and well balanced."(Tips 5개)
    Ross V.
    "Try the salmon rosti, great mix of flavors in a well-portioned salad (샐러드)"(Tips 13개)
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  • Alex R.
    the khao salad is a hit: delicious and perfectly cooked hangar steak, wonderfully textured crispy shallots, piquant tones of lemon. coffee soda still great too!
    좋아요 - Oct 16
  • Eater
    Eater7월 7
    Visitors can get casual versions of EMP food for under $20. Options include chicken and rice; seared cod with hummus and chickpeas; and a cauliflower, tofu, and couscous salad. 자세히 보기
  • Julie A.
    not the cheapest (lunch will run you around $17-20 with a drink) but very good chicken rice, which was fresh, interesting and flavorful but also comforting and homey
  • IrmaZandl T.
    LOVE Daniel Humm's new casual spot. Delicious food, great staff and wonderful vibe. A little pricey but worth it. My faves included he cauliflower, chicken and rice and salmon rosti.
  • Tommy C.
    Tommy Chen10월 1
    Fast casual from the team behind EMP. The chicken frites is perfect for sharing. The curry cauliflower is one of my favorites. Also a fan of their house made sodas (melon thyme!) and soft serve.
  • Holiday
    Holiday5월 18
    Credit or debit card only. Healthy, high end "fast food". Watch out Curry cauliflower comes with cous cous- iced green tea grapefruit was incredible. Looking forward to trying everything on the menu.
  • Flora C.
    Must get the pork and corn! Pork shoulder is amazingly tender. Soft serve is also incredible.
    좋아요 - Sep 17
  • Andrei K.
    Great spot for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch. Great view of Empire State as well!
  • Jastine K.
    A bit pricey for a fast servic lunch but worth it imo. The pork n' corn dish was really delicious. Don't get me started with the milk & honey ice cream dessert- out of this world!
  • Chad H.
    Chad Horner5월 17
    5회 이상 방문함
    delicious lunch option, but it's not as though you aren't paying up for it ($12-$15 a meal)
  • Brian G.
    "Elevated" fast casual lunch spot. Which means some really unique and tasty plates, created by a celebrity chef. I especially like the salmon rosti and the khao salad!!
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Margaret W.
    Some of the dishes are a bit over seasoned - the Khao Salad, for example. But the curried cauliflower is excellent and well balanced. Great, filling food. Excellent experience.
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Noah W.
    Noah Weiss7월 29
    Delicious, affordable ($15), healthy-ish food from EMP chef. Really worth going to. Salmon rosti was great.
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin5월 3
    Sweetgreen watch out. You can't get a higher quality meal for <$15. The only thing stopping this spot from taking Chipotle's crown is that it might be too high brow. Soup is dangerous
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Rebecca M.
    Rebecca Mazza5월 9
    10회 이상 방문함
    Great quality and quantity for the price. I highly recommend the salmon and rhubarb cookie
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Joanna F.
    A little pricey, but really flavorful and balanced. Salmon Rosti was so good I forgot I was eating a salad.
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Stephen O.
    Stephen Okano6월 20
    5회 이상 방문함
    Favorites are khao salad, chicken and rice and the pork dish. Get there early for lunch to skip the line
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Nicholas M.
    Cod Provençal was very good. Can't wait to try other dishes. This concept needs to spread. Made Nice team has finally started a fast casual concept that delivers.
  • Jessica H.
    Good quality, but the seasoning seems to be heavy-handed. Khao salad was extremely salty, and much less a salad than a meat and cheese dish. Honeycomb soft serve was also overwhelmingly sweet.
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Julia L.
    Julia Le8월 10
    Chicken and rice. The hot sauce on the side is very hot!
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Taylor W.
    Curry Cauliflower great vegetarian option 👌🏼
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Britta L.
    Great healthy quick food. The Soup is great!
    좋아요 - Sep 6
  • Mariana P.
    Várias opções de combinações e todas que provei bem saborosas. Atendimento rápido e ambiente tranquilo e agradável.
  • Tim D.
    Chicken Frites FTW. Thanksgiving is hiding under its crispy skin. Also Milk & Honey yourself right the F now.
  • Scott R.
    The food is clean and delicious. Great service, and very quick. The meals are also surprisingly filling.
  • Evelyn L.
    Salmon rosti salad is good but the real winner is the milk ice cream 😍
  • Emil H.
    Emil H7월 24
    5회 이상 방문함
    Everything is delicious, be sure to ask for hot sauce with your order, it's fantastic.
  • Whitney B.
    Soft serve is a must addition to your meal. Very large serving, but easy to share
  • Ross V.
    Try the salmon rosti, great mix of flavors in a well-portioned salad
  • Natalie V.
    Natalie Vegel5월 21
    5회 이상 방문함
    New favorite lunch spot! The salmon rosti and khao salad are amazing.
  • Vivek B.
    Vivek Bhagwat6월 6
    5회 이상 방문함
    Grains and Greens is a surprisingly great (and filling) vegetarian dish
  • Alex R.
    milk and honey ice cream is six dollars and delicious
  • Dina R.
    Chicken and rice. Ask for the hot sauce and the watermelon salad
  • Dave S.
    "Fast casual" from the chef behind Eleven Madison!
  • Christian T.
    The salads are top notch!
    좋아요 - 1주 전
  • Liam K.
    Liam K.7월 29
    An impressive operation, churning out delicious food.
  • Jewish N.
    The salads are amazing here! Highly recommend trying one.
  • Chris A.
    Chicken soup was excellent as was the Pork & Carrots.
  • Chad H.
    Chad Horner6월 22
    5회 이상 방문함
    the milk and honey dessert is absolutely worth it
  • Foxxy B.
    Foxxy B3주 전
    Chicken over rice is a bizarre greasy mush. Typical quickly compiled lunch spot; typical high prices for the style ($15+). Other dishes look better.
  • Barry H.
    Barry Hott2주 전
    If you close your eyes while eating, you could imagine being in a fancy restaurant.
  • Dan T.
    Chicken rice makes a great lunch or dinner.
  • Renaud #.
    Renaud #7월 30
    Summer chicken for a quick healthy & tasty lunch
  • Alex R.
    I'm with Ryan Sutton and Pete Wells: skip the pork confit
  • Flaviu S.
    Chicken rice is great
  • Mohit
    Mohit1주 전
    Curry cauliflower couscous 👌🏻
  • Cole K.
    Cole Kennedy3주 전
    Pricier than Dig Inn, but also better.
  • Drew T.
    Drew Tabu5월 19
    Interesting flavors, but grows tiresome quickly.
  • Elisha F.
    Fast and fresh !
  • E. T.
    E. T.6월 8
    Pricey but worth every penny!
  • Jon P.
    Great soft ice cream.
  • Crypto C.
    The chicken and rice here is amazing!
  • Rem K.
    Rem Koning8월 26
    Order one of each. And some soft serve.
  • Cherie M.
    Cherie Mok8월 13
    Milk and honey soft serve
  • Beili .
    Beili 🐷5월 16
    Chicken soup and pork shoulder
  • Elizabeth B.
    Really yummy quick lunch
  • Angela Isabel
    Pork and carrots!
  • Ian G.
    Ian Gilmore1주 전
    All the things.
  • sherlyy l.
    i am very hungry
  • Minseok B.
    Minseok Bang10월 20
    Every time I come here, I stink of rotting dirt on the table. Staff, please don't let me smell.
  • DavidSmith D.
  • Minseok B.
    Minseok Bang10월 14
    No wifi and The table stinks.
  • Tyson G.
    Tyson Gach5월 3
    5회 이상 방문함
    👌🏼 Pork ’n Carrots
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