Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Midtown East, 뉴욕
50 팁 및 리뷰
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  • Hansang K.
    Hansang Kim1월 16, 2017
    현대 미술의 본. 너무나 가볼만한 곳임.
  • Ryan Y.
    Ryan Yoo9월 15, 2016
    미술에 관심이 없어도 즐겁게 둘러볼 수 있는곳. 그리고 뉴욕에왔다면 관심없어도 가봐야할곳
  • Tae Ho K.
    Tae Ho Kim7월 23, 2016
    아비뇽의 처녀들, 별이 빛나는 등의 유명한 미술가들의 작품에서부터 현대 작가 큐레이션 전시 등 볼거리가 다양해요. 그런데 사람이 너무나 많아서, 보는 경험 자체는 좀 힘들었어요. 쉑쉑 버거 창립자인 대니 메이어의 그룹에서 경영하는 The modern, Cafe 2, Terrace 5 라는 레스토랑 및 카페 등이 있으니 한번쯤 들러보셔도 좋을듯.
    좋아요 - 1주 전
  • 김형래 H.
    김형래 Henry Kim7월 30, 2015
    지난 1995년과 1996년에 방문했었지요. 20년이 넘었네요
  • Seung-Bum L.
    Seung-Bum Lee3월 9, 2015
    Stary night. 멋지다.
  • Jay L.
    Jay Lee10월 31, 2014
    반 고흐의 별이 빛나는 에는 이곳에 있다!
  • Claire Y.
    Claire Yang5월 16, 2012
    현대카드 플레티늄 이상은 인포메이션 데스크 가서 보여주면 동반2인까지 입장 무료에요. 모마티켓으로 퀸스에 있는 ps1 까지 무료:)
  • bada o.
    bada oi9월 8, 2011
    audio.한국어는 4,5층에서만 가능하다. 어려운 단어가 많아 영어는 크게 도움이 안되엇다.(나에게는) 1층 줄이 엄청 길지만 4층 kiosk에는 놀고잇다.(안내도에는 6층이라 되어잇지만)
  • Zara K.
    Zara Khan1주 전
    The greatest treat was to visit this museum. My Mind is blown. What a collection of art! An absolute must for all modern art lovers.
  • Combatant G.
    One of my favorite museums in the entire world!
  • N A.
    N Avedis1주 전
    Love this museum! Big collection of Monet, Degas, Matisse and other great painters. Very inspiring.
  • Eman A.
    It’s worth the visit ❤️
  • Polina K.
    Даже не пытайтесь попасть в пятницу после 16 - бесплатный вход, из-за которого толпа людей, и от экспоната к экспонату можно пройти только в порядке очереди. К Ван Гогу не подойти вообще;)
  • Marcela B.
    La variedad de obras y las exposiciones estacionales.
  • Brandon M.
    Good time and great art!
  • Tim D.
    Tim Deng8월 14
    Don't forget to bring your student ID for a discount! I don't think this is as mind-blowing as the Met, but it's still worth a visit.
  • Jeanne C.
    If you go on a Friday, get there early and out by 4 PM, before the hoards descend for Free Friday Nights.
  • Vildana K.
    Outside of the amazing art, check out the movie series or grab an iced coffee in the Garden.
  • David C.
    David Coe7월 27
    10회 이상 방문함
    Thursday nights in the summer they're open late and it's very empty compared to their normal hours. Enjoy some quiet time in the normally crowded museum.
  • Vildana K.
    Outside of the amazing art, check out the movie series or grab an iced coffee in the Garden.
  • Wayne A.
    Wayne A7월 7
    Permanent collection is always awesome. Exhibits from sculpture to architecture to photography that rotate through always amaze & intrigue. Great films as well. Check schedule online.
    좋아요 - Aug 5
  • Louise W.
    Amazing collection of art. Great getting the the Uniqlo free entry on Friday evenings.
    좋아요 - Aug 5
  • WhiskyAvenger
    I will always love this museum. I saw ‘The Starry Night’ by Van Gogh. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life.
  • Federico G.
    Las exposiciones permanentes son excelentes y lo mas recomendable. En las transitorias tuve buenas y no tan buenas experiencias. Especiamente recomendable el parque pequeño con esculturas
  • Adan S.
    Adan Salas6월 24
    Lo clásico. Lo nuevo apesta.
  • Nef N.
    Nef Nef6월 16
    2-3 hours is ok when there is not enough time!
    좋아요 - Jul 2
  • Stavria K.
    Stavria K.6월 14
    This time I was totally disappointed. They need to do something with 'persistence of memory' by Dali. I have been thrice to MoMA and It's never there! Come on guys.enough of Andy.
  • Dave P.
    Dave Pizza6월 11
    Il 5 piano è spettacolare viste le opere esposte. L'ingresso è alle 10.30 e ci vogliono circa 2 ore per visitarlo ma le audio guida in italiano sono pochissime
  • Adan S.
    El arte, el bueno. No todo es bueno, pero algunas piezas son mágicas.
  • Camilo A.
    Impressionist gallery is beautiful. The Long Run Exhibit going until November is a must see.
    좋아요 - Aug 5
  • Abdula N.
    Awesome art!
  • Julio E.
    A must museum you need to visit. I am not a museum guy but it was worth the visit.
  • Andréa L.
    Pinturas, Fotografias é uma loja ótima
  • KalininaKote
    The most interesting is 5 floor.
  • Niklas H.
    Short summary: Old men’s paintings of naked ladies.
  • Catalina M.
    Un si o si, espectacular colección, visita obligatoria si vienes a NY.
  • Vicente P.
    Every inch is fantastic.
  • Olin
    Olin4월 21
    A must in NY! Such an impressive collection of well known artists. Only thing I didn’t like was the sixth floor.. Allow yourself a good half day at least if u want to delve deep in the collection
  • Iga R.
    Probably the best modern art museum in the world
  • Eduardo N.
    Para mi gusto, el mejor museo de la ciudad. Imperdible
  • Antonis K.
    Great exhibition, Great Place. Worth the visit
  • Philip B.
    Sehr spannende Ausstellungen und Dauerausstellung. Gerade in der Dauerausstellung etwas voll an den sehr populären Werken, aber noch OK. Gratis Audioguides.
  • Jennifer M.
    Must-see museum in NYC. Spend the afternoon here then follow it with dinner at The Modern.
  • Georgi G.
    Georgi Georgiev3월 16
    5회 이상 방문함
    An institution set to promote and protect Modernism. Truly the art landscape wouldn't be the same today without it...
  • Astrid A.
    Astrid Al2월 28
    Museo imperdible en NY, en el se encuentran obras maestras de grandes pintores como Van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin, Pollock, etcétera. La entrada cuesta 25 dlls.
  • Guilherme G.
    Muito legal, mas gigantesco e muito cheio. As sextas, a partir das de16h, tem free tickets!
  • Khansa M.
    Khansa M2월 24
    I can’t describe how awesome is this museum
  • Jorge
    Jorge2월 20
    Ignore everything that does not get you. Modern art is to be discussed, not blindly followed.
  • Cecilia G.
    Es bastante grande, tomen tiempo necesario para recorrerlo. La comida del restaurante buenísima, muy recomendada.
  • Jimena C.
    Fascinante. Les recomiendo dejar sus abrigos en los locker para que vean todo tranquilos y cómodos.
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