Central Park

Sheep Meadow

Central Park, 뉴욕
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  • Guido S.
    "Best place to relax and read a book (책)"(Tips 3개)
    Mike H.
    "Although usually crowded (혼잡함) on weekends, there's almost always a spot!"(Tips 5개)
    Brendan M.
    "Wine (와인) and seltzer and three best friends"(Tips 3개)
    Crystal W.
    "Grab a blanket and sandwich (샌드위치) and enjoy the afternoon"(Tips 2개)
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  • Jay L.
    Jay Lee10월 31, 2014
    산책하는 사람, 피크닉 나온 사람, 관광객 등
  • Rewan P.
    Rewan Parti7월 17, 2016
    Summer is the best time to be here on the weekends. Sit and have a fun picnic with your friends or just relax and sunbath. Vendors will come and offer drinks and food. 15 acres of green pasture!
  • Damian B.
    Damian Bayona9월 22, 2015
    THE summer tanning spot in the city. Be careful sitting under some of the trees near the perimeter as they drop berries and can cause unfortunately placed stains 😣
  • Time Out New York
    Time Out New York7월 11, 2013
    Prime sunbathing time is between 10:30am and 3pm; we suggest you claim your spot early on this 15-acre expanse, one of the most popular ray-catching spots in NYC. 자세히 보기
  • Joe M.
    Joe Mele1월 31
    I wish I could describe in 200 letters all the magic and energy that this place has, whether it's crowded or empty, it fills you with the joy of a beautiful park and an incredible city. Come!
  • M. Silver Associates
    This spot in the park - beautiful and cozy in all seasons. In winter, it's close to the skating rink, summer/spring/fall - easy access to volleyball/baseball courts. We like to just lay and read here!
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran Group3월 1, 2013
    Break out your cross country skis and enjoy a wintery jaunt through the park. Skiing is allowed only when there is a base of snow of at least six inches - or so we've heard.
  • Natalia C.
    Natalia Cruz5월 1, 2015
    The best place at the city to take a picnic. Even when you are under 10°C it worth it/ el mejor lugar en la ciudad para un picnic sin importar las temperaturas frías, vale la pena totalmente
  • Driss S.
    Driss Slaoui9월 6, 2013
    Courir, travailler ou se détendre dans l'un des endroits où plusieurs films américains ont été tournés. Le Central Park est un must mais il faut y consacrer au minimum une demi-journée.
  • Sally S.
    Sally Schmidt2월 13, 2013
    50회 이상 방문함
    Great free spot to hang with a beverage, snack and/or good read. Shady in the summer and a good spot to watch the pickup soccer game most evenings in the summer.
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew Choi3월 15, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    One of the best spots in Central Park to wind down during your lunch break or have a picnic with friends.
  • Stephanie I.
    Stephanie Isaacson9월 5, 2016
    Online it says dogs are allowed but the fence has a sign that says no dogs allowed. I brought my dog in the restricted area and no one bothered us and there was other dogs there as well.
  • Katharine M.
    Great place to escape the city streets and get some sun. Bring a blanket and book/magazine to do some reading, but don't forget to people watch!
  • Alicia L.
    Alicia Luque9월 4, 2011
    Grab some sushi takeout from Whole Foods, bring a blanket, find a nice and grassy spot and prepare yourself for one of the best 'siestas' in your life! A MUST! :)
  • Karen D.
    Karen Dugan4월 5, 2012
    10회 이상 방문함
    Just take the time to lie in the middle, soaking in the energy of the grand space. Originally, this was were sheep grazed and the designer intended for military use in the early years.
  • ✨#IamRomdelacrème✨
    ✨#IamRomdelacrème✨8월 4, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    The park spends $30,000 a month to treat the grass from pest for everyone to enjoy. Now, let's lay on the grass without worries! Ouch! I got bitten by a mosquito!
  • Jess M.
    Jess M4월 17, 2013
    On a sunny day this is a place to sit and relax with a picnic. An oasis right smack in the middle of the concrete jungle of NYC.
  • Corey P.
    Corey Passero8월 20, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Pack a small cooler of beer, party cups, snacks, football, frisbee, iPod, speakers and a blanket. Mix all of them together and enjoy a summer weekend day.
  • David M.
    David Milberg8월 8, 2016
    Great picnic spot and easy to find if you're not well acquainted with the park. It can get a little crowded on the weekends.
  • Sammie O.
    Sammie Otano5월 29, 2011
    bring a lover to share in the joy of writing poetry and sitting in trendy clothes on your grandmother's blanket under a tree when the weather is warm.
  • Compass
    Compass4월 21, 2014
    The 15 acres of lush green fields used to actually house sheep, but now is a haven for sunbathers and picnics.
  • Village Voice
    Village Voice11월 11, 2011
    Winner of Best Picnic Spot in the Village Voice 2011 Best Of issue! There's a Whole Foods nearby at Lincoln Center for all your munchie needs.
    좋아요 - Aug 6
  • Penguin Teen
    Penguin Teen8월 13, 2012
    Bring a blanket, a picnic and grab a spot under a shady tree to read your favorite book for hours!
  • Davidson H.
    Davidson Hang6월 14, 2014
    Grab some takeout at the local Thai fusion restaurant and sit at the benches while watching people stare at your delicious food!
  • Emily K.
    Emily Kane7월 6, 2015
    No matter how many thousands of people are here, there is always enough room for you to have a picnic.
  • Daniella B.
    Daniella B.10월 25, 2014
    Perfeito para dar uma pausa na caminhada e descansar um pouquinho! E de brinde: uma vista linda!!!
  • Z W.
    Z Wang7월 30, 2015
    10회 이상 방문함
    Great lawn to enjoy some sunshine and get a little tanned. Watch for the flying balls or freebies or whatever.
  • Jen F.
    Make sure that you see every part of Central Park including the spot when you go it might take a day or two
  • KristiaMarie P.
    Nice big lawn with lots of big shady trees. Great for getting away from the noise of the city.
  • Crystal H.
    Crystal Harrison6월 11, 2014
    If you want a quite picnic location look else where. This place is crowded when other lawns are practically empty. Great place for people watching though.
  • Teresa W.
    Teresa W5월 28, 2011
    bring a bottle of wine and a blanket, grab a couple of sandwiches from Bouchon in Columbus Circle and have a picnic in this grassy meadow
  • Isabel V.
    Isabel Valero6월 29, 2015
    Mi sitio preferido de Central Park. Ideal para tomar el sol y hacer picnic con los amigos.
  • Erin P.
    Erin Pettigrew6월 2, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    When friends are trying to find you in this giant meadow with no landmarks, text them a dropped Google Maps pin of your blanket location. Then lie back and take a nap while they look for you.
  • Alexa S.
    Alexa Stern3주 전
    Beautiful picnic area! It does get crowded though. Also, no dogs allowed
  • Mike H.
    Mike Hopkins8월 15, 2015
    Although usually crowded on weekends, there's almost always a spot!
  • Sean S.
    Sean Smith7월 10, 2015
    Great for hanging out with friends, relaxing and/or people watching.
  • Rebecca W.
    Rebecca W7월 29, 2015
    Not as good as the great lawn but still very beautiful. You cannot play games here.
  • Kimmie O.
    Kimmie Ohh4월 12, 2015
    Great place to take lovely pictures. Have a picnic here & enjoy the delightful weather ❤️
  • CollegeCandy
    CollegeCandy12월 1, 2011
    The BEST for people watching during the summer. Go to Whole Foods first in Columbus Circle and pick up a picnic.
  • Omar L.
    Omar Loggia8월 16, 2016
    El nombre de esta gran área verde se debe a que en los inicios del parque, había ovejas que pastaban en esta zona.
  • Kathryn I.
    Kathryn I7월 19, 2016
    Lots of space and gorgeous skyline views
  • Fei J.
    Fei Jin5월 28, 2012
    For six packs- check out the guys with the soccer balls. For one to two packs- check out the ultimate frisbee players.
  • The New York Daily News
    PHOTO: Anti-Vietnam war demonstrators burning the American flag during 1967 demonstration in Central Park, at the link! 자세히 보기
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾8월 19, 2015
    A great place to picnic, sunbathe, read, play Frisbee...whatever!
  • David Yurman
    David Yurman6월 24, 2011
    For a Summer in the City, lunch alfresco and sunbathe in the park. Keep it simple with Cable Classics. 자세히 보기
  • Jared W.
    Jared Wick2월 20, 2015
    As good as the beach if you live in Manhattan. Take a good book.
  • Kıvanç N.
    Kıvanç Nalezen7월 20, 2015
    Sehrin ortasindan adeta bir portalla hoop diye dogala ve dogaya kavustugun essiz buyuklukteki alan. Veri gut
  • Lauren P.
    Lauren Presser4월 30, 2012
    Pick up a picnic from Whole Foods Columbus Circle and stretch out in the sun... with thousands of your NYC neighbors :)
  • Nathen M.
    Nathen McVittie6월 13, 2012
    When it isn't busy, it's a great place. Kick back and enjoy the weather!
  • Marian E.
    Marian Elbert10월 8, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great place to people-watch, sunbathe, read, eat, etc.
  • Kristine Y.
    Kristine Yapp1월 16, 2012
    Sheeps Medow is like the North Avenue Beach in Chicago in the summer. So many people are out.
  • Karin R.
    Karin Rendelman6월 12, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    Have a bottomless brunch and then spend the rest of the day here...it's perfection!!
  • Paige C.
    Paige C4월 4, 2015
    Beautiful section of Central Park!
  • Peter B.
    Beautiful area of the park to meet with friends and play a little frisbee
  • Debra W.
    Debra Welch5월 3, 2015
    Overheard-"I'm at the Great Lawn, be there in a second." Ummm, no you won't, because you are at Sheep Meadow.
  • Karina C.
    Karina Cuevas7월 25, 2011
    Try Fitness Fight Camp with Ben and Laurel! Awesome muay thai class held outdoors in Central Park!
  • Bruno B.
    Bruno Basso6월 10, 2015
    Lay down on the grass and enjoy the sun :)
  • Bradley R.
    Bradley Rhyins8월 26, 2011
    Bring a big fluffy blanket because the grass isn't that comfortable.
  • Central Park
    Central Park10월 2, 2012
    Did you know, that actual sheep maintained this meadow from 1884 until 1934?
  • Luis María
    Luis María8월 13, 2015
    En verano imperdible la siesta, amigos y linda gente ❤️
  • April M.
    April Moates6월 16, 2015
    The best place to tan in the city.
  • Brendan M.
    Brendan M5월 25, 2015
    Wine and seltzer and three best friends
  • Dan D.
    Dan Durkin6월 30, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    Come for the sun, stay for the hunky dudes throwing footballs
  • Aaron R.
    Aaron Ryden4월 8, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    Bring a blanket if you plan on sitting down. The field is full of goose s#%&
  • Lauren D.
    Lauren D1월 31
    50회 이상 방문함
    Lots of people sheep here in the summer!!
  • J L.
    J L8월 8, 2015
    10회 이상 방문함
    Best lawn to lay out and enjoy a perfect summer's day in NYC.
  • Yousif D.
    Yousif D5월 26, 2015
    Bring your food!! Take your trash with you 😅
  • Elysia M.
    Elysia Mann4월 27, 2015
    On the first nice days, it's like a college quad lawn up in here
  • Crystal W.
    Crystal Willis4월 7, 2013
    Grab a blanket and sandwich and enjoy the afternoon
  • Tee C.
    Tee Charles10월 31, 2011
    Just on the "lamb" lol. Get it? Sheep Meadow, on the lamb?
  • DeRose Method USA
    DeRose Method USA2월 15, 2012
    Enjoy the open DeRose Method classes every Summer.
  • Joe B.
    Joe Bertino8월 19, 2011
    bring a football and paper bags/plastic cups for your booze.
  • Uwvie O.
    Uwvie Obodo8월 19, 2015
    Just a great place to lay down and chill
  • Meg D.
    Meg D.12월 3, 2012
    Only spot to tan in the summer :)
  • Silvina G.
    Silvina Gutierrez6월 5, 2015
    Para oxigenar los pulmones con tanto verde!
  • Rachel L.
    Rachel Lodin4월 4, 2016
    Beautiful field to lie out in the park
  • Djan A.
    Djan Amorim2월 25, 2015
    Mesmo com muito frio é fascinante!!!
  • NCM
    NCM5월 18, 2012
    Have a great chillin time at the park. Looking to buy real estate around here-->https://newconstructionmanhattan.com/
  • aurore q.
    aurore quercy4월 22, 2015
    Too busy. So many other nice meeting point in central park.
  • Meghan B.
    Meghan Burek1월 24, 2012
    Perfect place for a Picnic in the Park!
  • Rachael Q.
    Rachael Quisel8월 3, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Storm yoga Tuesdays at 6:30pm by the giant rock!
  • Guido S.
    Guido S6월 3, 2014
    Best place to relax and read a book
  • Niels S.
    Niels Swimberghe5월 13, 2015
    Great place to relax, maybe pic nic
  • Can
    Can9월 23, 2015
    Muthis. Alkol yasak,gizli icin.
  • Sophie W.
    Sophie Wanderlust3월 1, 2016
    Très jolie vue!
  • Randall H.
    Randall Hunt6월 24, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Frisbee. That's what sheep's meadow is really for.
  • John C.
    John Chisenhall6월 12, 2011
    Free DeRose Method classes every summer Sunday at 6pm
  • Vlademir S.
    Vlademir Silva4월 20, 2015
    Primavera e inverno encantam os olhos
  • Ashley S.
    Ashley Sams4월 18, 2013
    Grab some grass space and people watch!
  • Sarah W.
    Sarah Warpinski6월 17, 2012
    Used to actual be a sheep's meadow.
  • Rob S.
    Rob Spectre7월 30, 2011
    Enjoy yourself - it's later than you think.
  • Héctor B.
    Héctor Berro5월 24, 2015
    You cannot drink wine
  • Mattles R.
    Mattles Returns6월 14, 2012
    Bring ya boardies if your gunna sunbake. Nobody wants to see a white man in grundies!
  • May N.
    May Nguyen5월 19, 2012
    10회 이상 방문함
    Download all your ebooks before coming here. Reception is spotty.
  • Fred I.
    Fred Isquith8월 24, 2013
    Hook playing now and free popcorn
  • João C.
    João Coelho3월 21, 2016
    Nesta altura do ano anda se encontrava fechado.
  • Marija N.
    Marija Naumoski6월 24, 2015
    Enjoy the space and the green
  • Clarice M.
    Clarice Mish6월 22, 2015
    Wow is this place huge!
  • Gabriel S.
    Gabriel Swaidner8월 27, 2014
    I Love This Place !
  • Michael H.
    Michael Harris8월 17, 2016
    Just go and relax
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