Supermoon Bakehouse

Lower East Side, 뉴욕
19 팁 및 리뷰
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  • Lindsey M.
    Lindsey Martin16시간 전
    Nutella croissant
  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer Lee하루 전
    Get the croissants. The rest of the baked goods aren’t worth it.
  • Linds
    Linds1주 전
    While the sweet versions are prettier, savory is the way to go here. Loved the sausage roll.
  • Jon P.
    Jon Pressman2주 전
    Amazing croissants and doughnuts
  • Mindy Z.
    Mindy Zhang3주 전
    Try the earl grey and the matcha croissants!
  • Sarah K.
    Sarah Khan1월 23
    Ferrero Rocher Croissant
    좋아요 - 1주 전
  • Sarah K.
    Sarah Khan1월 23
    The ferrero rocher croissant is amazing for chocolate lovers like myself. My favorite is the PB&J Donut! 😍😍😍
  • Rachel L.
    Rachel L1월 15
    Pastries are so sweet. But croissant is so flaky
  • Stephanie K.
    The NYC croissant is heavenlyyyy
  • Jordan M.
    Jordan M11월 20, 2017
    We’ve reached peak Instagram. Croissants aren’t bad.
    좋아요 - 2017.Dec.21
  • Vanessa X.
    Vanessa Xiao11월 20, 2017
    Nyc croissant is good to try
    좋아요 - Jan 10
  • Neelu R.
    Neelu Ravi11월 11, 2017
    Chocolate bi color croissant, Pistachio rose bi color croissant and Golden boy donut.
  • Josica G.
    Josica G11월 9, 2017
    Strawberry Croissant filled with strawberry and lychee is a must try! 😍 🥐 🍓
    좋아요 - Jan 10
  • William H.
    William Held11월 8, 2017
    The Pistachio Rose croissant and Golden Boy Donut are heavenly and amazingly delicious. This place is a must try if you like baked goods.
    좋아요 - Jan 10
  • Sophyan J.
    Sophyan Julio11월 7, 2017
    Maybe it’s because we visited 2 weeks after opening. The cruffins are just like the ones from Mr Holmes in SF. Except there are no lines and a buck cheaper.
  • Polina W.
    Polina Weitz10월 30, 2017
    Truly special and decadent croissants.
    좋아요 - Jan 10
  • Sophyan J.
    Sophyan Julio10월 15, 2017
    SF transplant rocking it in NYC. Get the signature cruffin.
    좋아요 - Jan 10
  • Garett A.
    Garett Awad10월 14, 2017
    Changing the game on baked goods in NYC
    좋아요 - Jan 10
  • Karin K.
    Karin K10월 8, 2017
    The newest find on the LES
    좋아요 - Jan 10
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