Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co.

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Midtown East, 뉴욕
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    "new release jewelry (쥬얼리) collections for christmas at Tiffany & Co."(Tips 18개)
    "your LBD & bring a cup of coffee (커피) & croissant"(Tips 3개)
    Rex F.
    "Free hot chocolate (초콜릿) and desserts on 4th floor while holiday shopping."(Tips 2개)
    Roger S.
    "Coloring books (책) and creations to their palette on your arrival."(Tips 2개)
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  • Roberta A.
    Além das joias maravilhosas visite o novo café no 4o andar, peça o Tiffany Tea, lindo e saboroso, não vende bebidas alcóolicas. Atendimento ok
  • Leonardo D.
    Leonardo DM6일 전
    Top Xmas Holiday Windows
  • Hannah B.
    Hannah Bibighaus11월 3
    10회 이상 방문함
    Check out the re-opened 4th floor with the new Home & Accessories collection!
  • Yeşim K.
    Welcome to Tiffany Tiffany💋❤️👍🏽
  • Ernesto G.
    Amazing service. We brought in a ring purchased at Tiffany's in Cancun and they resized it in 4 hours! for free. Much better than the 4 weeks it would've taken if we had it resized at our local store.
  • Chi H.
    Chi Huang5월 4
    We lost our wedding band due to bad suggestions from the sales at this store. The staff was extremely unprofessional and loved chitchatting instead of helping us find the right size of the ring.
  • Mary W.
    Just brought diamond ring here. Fabulous staff and service and amazing product :-) Love it!
  • Thorsten L.
    Thorsten Lehmann12월 29, 2016
    Great Location but Sales People very arrogant. They Never can afford what others buy there. But they are arrogant - unbelievable
  • Alex H.
    Alex Hardie12월 22, 2016
    Purchased our wedding rings here. Busy, particularly close to Christmas. But champagne makes up for it
  • Zile D.
    Zile Dzenitis12월 14, 2016
    The guarantee..amazing
  • Jackie E.
    Jackie Easthom11월 30, 2016
    Always fun to try on rings 😊 They usually offer hot chocolate when it's cold outside.
  • jiresell
    jiresell11월 24, 2016
    Such a great place. And the customer service here is fantastic!
  • Yildiz D.
    Yildiz Duba9월 23, 2016
    Make a wish
  • Ryan G.
    Ryan Gallagher8월 29, 2016
    Classic overpriced jewelry store. But a nice place to look.
  • Susie C.
    Susie Choo7월 3, 2016
    Spacious venue, special products and well mannered staffs.
  • Liling Y.
    Liling Yung6월 5, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Repair department service is A+++
  • Kevin B.
    Kevin B.6월 3, 2016
    Amazing service. Be sure to visit the other floors.
  • Johnny B.
    Johnny Bruder5월 13, 2016
    I liked the jewelry the most.
  • Jérémy
    Jérémy4월 30, 2016
    Au 6e étage, vous pouvez vous faire nettoyer vos bijoux (Tiffany of course) gratuitement et profiter d'un super salon confortable !
  • Debra W.
    Debra Welch4월 26, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    If you buy a diamond ring here, you can have it cleaned here for free. Go to the 6th floor, check in. It is very comfortable, you can order water, or champagne complimentary. restroom if you need to.
  • Halana M.
    Halana Mendonça3월 26, 2016
    A classical and famous store, with a lot of beautiful and fancy products there :)
  • G G.
    G G2월 21, 2016
    Bring your American Express.
  • Petra M.
    Petra Meyer2월 11, 2016
    Tja - die Entscheidung fällt schwer - was kaufe ich 😝
  • JM P.
    JM Parveaux1월 23, 2016
    Try to go as early as you can when it opens to avoid the crowds of tourists who are window shopping
  • Melissa M.
    6 floors!! They were out of stock. Xmas must have been busy.
  • Carl G.
    Carl Griffin12월 25, 2015
    The wife can spend hours browsing here.
    좋아요 - 3주 전
  • Norman E.
    Norman Ellis12월 22, 2015
    If you're here to browse instead of buy, come on a mid weeknight evening and the store is yours. Don't be shy about asking to see the baubles. The sales staff are generally genial and accommodating.
  • Gerson R.
    Gerson Roque12월 14, 2015
    The loveliest place where I find peace and tranquility !
  • Photo Editing C.
    The best jewelry store. Check out the new release jewelry collections for christmas at Tiffany & Co.
  • Jason B.
    Jason Brew12월 4, 2015
    It's a New York classic. Have a champagne and buy some diamonds
  • Joe C.
    Joe Conte11월 14, 2015
    I don't but my girlfriend does!!!!! Ask kidding aside, great place for gifts
  • Bianca B.
    Bianca Brandão11월 12, 2015
    So cute 💗💗
  • Emiliano S.
    Emiliano Severoni10월 28, 2015
    If you have a girlfriend or a wife, prepare your credit card. Personnel is extremely gentle and rich if sense of humor.
  • Allison K.
    Allison Kaminski10월 16, 2015
    Although it's often frowned upon to just browse, they know you are here to do that! Super friendly staff
  • Filippo G.
    Filippo Gatelli8월 29, 2015
    Una goduria per il portafoglio!
  • Denise A.
    Denise Alvarenga8월 27, 2015
  • Dmitry K.
    Dmitry Khubetov8월 13, 2015
    Что я тут делаю? )))
  • Rodrigo A.
    Rodrigo Artavia7월 3, 2015
    Nice jewelry great service
  • Andrea K.
    Andrea Karan6월 11, 2015
    Esta tienda tiene 6 pisos!! 😱
  • Erika
    Erika5월 29, 2015
    Someday...he promised! 💭💎💍
  • Andrew K.
    Andrew Krivorchuk5월 29, 2015
    he best (and the biggest) Tiffany store in the world. Great staff and of course great engagement rings.
  • Mary M.
    Mary Motta4월 14, 2015
    gets crowded with tourists at times. choose a weekday morning to get good service without the crowds.
  • Marco S.
    Marco Sousa3월 31, 2015
    1st floor for the 240+ carat yellow diamond from South Africa.
  • Jean Belle M.
    Jean Belle Mamahit3월 18, 2015
    I love the jewelry
  • OngAndrew 翁.
    OngAndrew 翁1월 25, 2015
    The well-known jewelry store in town
  • Arman
    Arman1월 18, 2015
    The most well known jewelry shop in the world!
  • darcy m.
    darcy myers12월 24, 2014
    Customer service!! Robert took us to the private 5th floor for free drinks & delicious snacks. It was a sweet Christmas treat for the family!
  • Chet M.
    Chet Mancini12월 22, 2014
    Just don't try to buy love.
  • Roger S.
    Roger Schonfeld12월 21, 2014
    The after-purchase service they provide is lovely even if not always free. Coloring books and creations to their palette on your arrival. A waiter brings sparkling water, coffee, and tea.
  • Victoria U.
    Victoria U.12월 14, 2014
    Never been before? Start from the top floor and walk down. There are great views of 5th Ave from the Patel Phillipe Mezzanine and it's incredibly quiet. A lovely romantic spot.
    좋아요 - 2주 전
  • Harumi U.
    Harumi U12월 1, 2014
    Fifth and Madison Avenue area is full of brand name shops. Of all these, Tiffany is still a great place to buy jewelries and gifts but you can do so without pawning something really really valuable...
  • Élena A.
    Élena Arghutian10월 21, 2014
  • Ady Y.
    Ady Yacob10월 10, 2014
    Beautiful jewellery
  • Жанна А.
    6 этажей женского счастья. Милые продавцы и главное не навязчивые.
  • Munirah A.
    Munirah AlOqla8월 20, 2014
    Love the Tiffany T Collection. Big-3-floors store 😍
  • Buffy A.
    Buffy Anne8월 17, 2014
    Heaven on earth.. I just need another 20k to buy the necklace and bracelet I like..
  • Daria D.
    Daria Daria8월 7, 2014
    Inside the elevators in the store are detailed descriptions of what each floor sells.
  • Katie B.
    Katie Begley7월 27, 2014
    So nice! They don't care if you can't afford anything!
  • Valeria V.
    Authentic keys are adorable, so are the rings, earings and other peaces of just can't do anything but fall in love with all of them💙💎
  • Rita M.
    Rita Maccioni6월 18, 2014
    persone preziose fanno regali preziosi ❤️
  • Gustavo J.
    Gustavo Justo5월 24, 2014
    Nunca vi tanto luxo! Fodastica!
  • Eleni N.
    Eleni Neoptolemou5월 11, 2014
    Always a pleasure to be here!
  • Carole
    Carole2월 16, 2014
    Breakfast at Tiffany's ♥️
  • Alex K.
    Alex Ko2월 13, 2014
    WiFi password: diamonds :)
  • Tolik K.
    Tolik Kuznetsov1월 16, 2014
    На 6ом этаже отличный вид на 5 авеню + чай, кофе, шампанское. Пароль wifi diamonds
  • Esperanza B.
    Esperanza Bejarano1월 16, 2014
    Love this place! This store is the best thing ever! Even if I'm just looking around, it change my day!! Hopefully my husband gives me + often this kind of surprise pieces !!
  • City of New York
    City of New York1월 13, 2014
    In the opening sequence of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), the cab drops Holly off at this Tiffany's and she walks home to 167 E. 71st Street, a mile away, in high heels.
    좋아요 - Oct 7
  • Ivan G.
    Ivan Golov1월 8, 2014
    Wifi pass is: diamonds. So Tiffany)
  • Arlene M.
    Arlene Murphy1월 3, 2014
    This flagship store is only worthwhile for seeing the famous diamond on the first floor. Any Tiffany store can order all their merchandise.
  • Jillian M.
    Jillian Mariele12월 27, 2013
    Certain rooms have beverage service 💎💕
  • ginny h.
    ginny h12월 14, 2013
    Customer service on 6th floor. They have a someone to serve you a beverage
  • Arianna S.
    Arianna Squarzoni11월 25, 2013
    pensavo meglio..cmq ho tovato
  • herakles t.
    herakles turizm11월 18, 2013
    muhtesem ama sıze super tatil imkanı sunacak yerlerden biri
  • Inna M.
    Inna M11월 16, 2013
    "Завтрак у Тиффани".... Мы ходили на ужин)))))
  • Dimitra N.
    Dimitra N11월 14, 2013
    If you're not a millionnaire, window shopping is literally the only thing you can do :-)
  • George
    George11월 7, 2013
    Great building but dissapointing service.
  • adriana c.
    Online es más barato q en la tienda.
  • Julia M.
    Julia M.10월 13, 2013
    Staff were super friendly! Felt just like the scene right out of Sweet Home Alabama"! 💍💎
  • Julien G.
    Julien G.10월 9, 2013
    Sterling silver locates at 4/F. Chinese tourists are at every floor.
  • Halita M.
    Halita Malisa9월 14, 2013
    hand-woven Pendan necklace for gril 자세히 보기
  • Kiki V.
    Kiki Vrk8월 20, 2013
    Παίρνω κάτι δωράκια κι έρχομαι!
  • Ginger P.
    There is nothing on the 5th floor -they say... It is a must do !
  • orf أ.
    orf أورف6월 27, 2013
    The place is unbelievably understaffed, I'm talking about the third floor. Meh.
  • William K.
    William Kapfer6월 8, 2013
    Have a few extra minutes when visiting 6th floor repairs -- always a queue
  • IWalked Audio Tours
    IWalked Audio Tours5월 28, 2013
    Immortalized through 1961 adaptation of Truman Capote’s book, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also designed Great Seal of the United States, Super Bowl trophy and World Series trophy. Full history via<LINK> 자세히 보기
  • Mariana S.
    Mariana S5월 28, 2013
    Best diamonds!
  • Time Out New York
    Time Out New York5월 14, 2013
    To coincide with the launch of a special Gatsby-inspired jewelry line, on which the film's costume designer collaborated with Tiffany, the ritzy shop has decorated its windows with a Jazz Age theme. 자세히 보기
  • janelle g.
    janelle gunther4월 28, 2013
    don't stop by without a partner or you might be ignored. couples are a more obvious target for commissions.
  • Sharon C.
    Sharon Cabral-Roy3월 20, 2013
    Make sure you visit all floors and see if you can get a token of your New York Visit. They have an apple charm, a 5th Ave charm and even a nice key chain for the men :)
  • Booie
    Booie2월 25, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    Look at the amazing window displays
  • Юлия М.
    Маленький 6 этажный рай, известный всем благодаря Одри Хепберн!)
  • kherington D.
    kherington Desieree1월 31, 2013
    Love this brand, it had the most nicest jewels <3
  • Matty S.
    Matty S.1월 20, 2013
    Buy American.
  • Anna S.
    Anna Schirok1월 13, 2013
    Die schönsten Eheringe der Welt 
  • Fatima Al Slail
    Fatima Al Slail12월 19, 2012
    Say Yes! Hehehe.. Diamond is the girls best friend ❤
  • Kristin T.
    Kristin Tangel12월 1, 2012
    Check out the view from the 6th floor lounge!
  • Katie B.
    Katie Barnes11월 24, 2012
    Wow! This is a beautiful store with beautiful things. 10 out of 10!
  • Alexey P.
    Alexey Pronin10월 12, 2012
    Bought pare of rings but less then 2000$? No free water for you! Use a fountain in toilet!!!
    CindysDelish.com10월 9, 2012 has some really nice Children Earrings.
  • Aleksandr M.
    Aleksandr Morozov9월 26, 2012
    Great place and service, nice and friendly.
  • Denise R.
    Denise Reed9월 23, 2012
    A must on your list to see in NYC!
  • Kristel v.
    For simply silver lovers like me: the fourth floor is all you need.
  • Daniela G.
    il mito...
  • Kate M.
    Kate M5월 23, 2012
    Call me Holly Golightly
  • Mas Hashim 
    Mas Hashim 4월 26, 2012
    loves diamond..
  • Fernanda R.
    Fernanda Rocha4월 16, 2012
    Make sure you see the Tiffany diamond on the main floor in the NW corner. It's priceless and Aundrey Hepburn is one of the only 2ppl to ever wear it.
  • TheMobileBroker
    TheMobileBroker4월 11, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great closing gifts here!
  • Hyoni
    Hyoni4월 2, 2012
    Dress up in your LBD & bring a cup of coffee & croissant, if you will, for a breakfast at Tiffany's :)
  • Jaszver B.
    Jaszver Bauzon3월 28, 2012
    Breakfast at Tiffany's -- check!
  • Taylor M.
    Taylor Malin3월 17, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Pretend you're Manhattan's Elite
  • FiFi Awards
    FiFi Awards3월 11, 2012
    The 4th Floor on 5th Avenue (and the Wall Street location) are the only retail spots to find and test the FiFi® winning Men's and Women's Tiffany's scents.
  • Tyler J.
    Tyler Jakes3월 6, 2012
    25회 이상 방문함
    Ask for Jennifer on the main floor. She will make sure you get what you and your loved ones deserve.
  • Andrei U.
    Andrei Usoltsev2월 19, 2012
    Если что-то купили не забудьте дать на чай продавцу.
  • MK.
    MK.2월 14, 2012
    <3 i love it
  • Joe G.
    Joe Guglielmo2월 11, 2012
    If you ever commit a very terrible Sin and you are truly sorry, swearing to never ever do that again, than Tiffany's is your place for redemption
  • M A.
    M Ameres1월 21, 2012
    A ceramic keepsake box is an excellent starter gift for a young relative.
  • rawna8_el7ob25 a.
    at home & on my room
  • Regina M.
    Regina Mojica1월 2, 2012
    Seriously understaffed for post holiday season, had to chase the staff to get help!
  • EatMeDrinkMeNYC
    EatMeDrinkMeNYC12월 31, 2011
    Go ring shopping here at your own risk. No-limits poker is cheaper.
  • Rachel B.
    Rachel Bouton12월 22, 2011
    Come here when your roommate needs a green card.
  • D B.
    D Ben12월 18, 2011
    Great place for wedding bands, but expect a "whaaaat?" if you ask them to remove the company name from the inside.
  • Claire R.
    Claire Richerson12월 18, 2011
    Too many kids, buy something or get out.
  • Jeanette W.
    Jeanette Wong12월 16, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    exceptional customer service, definitely. you may think the jewelry is expensive, but tiffany's pieces are absolutely amazing.
  • Bridgett H.
    Bridgett Harris12월 12, 2011
    Estate jewlery is beautiful to look at
  • Serge R.
    Serge R12월 1, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Frank Gehry. 3rd floor.
  • jane.T
    jane.T11월 26, 2011
    My favorite places to visit on 5th.
    CAESAR DUENAS11월 19, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Anyone for "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ??? :-)
  • Nicola D.
    Nicola Del Serra11월 15, 2011
    if you are looking for a humble souvenir, there's a 150,000 $ collier at the 2nd floor...
  • Jereé Anderson
    Jereé Anderson11월 10, 2011
    This is my most FAVORITE of them all. Check out the silver section and see if you can spot some of my jewelery. 자세히 보기
  • Sincere H.
    Sincere Harris11월 10, 2011
    Only Tiffany's I like---otherwise Movado!
  • Anthony R.
    Anthony Rallo11월 8, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Don't come at lunch time. It's crazy crowded.
  • Cara F.
    Cara Friedman10월 8, 2011
    Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
  • FaRaRa
    FaRaRa10월 1, 2011
    Tiffany customer service is amazing
  • Zeandre K.
    Zeandre K9월 27, 2011
    Awesome! I'm gonna get one for my sis!
  • Jesus R.
    Jesus Rivera9월 23, 2011
    Good service
  • Stacie D.
    I have been a fan of tiffanys for years..I love their jewlery...
  • Soku M.
    Soku Massimo9월 9, 2011
    Come always
  • Armando
    Armando9월 5, 2011
    4th floor, do it
  • stephiedoo
    stephiedoo9월 5, 2011
    The elevator men are a silly funny bunch. Will always remind the gentlemen that whatever month we're in is the perfect month to propose. Also, they know the word "diamond" in many languages!
  • Isabelle G.
    Isabelle Gosselin8월 30, 2011
    5 stories of jewllery
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran Group8월 19, 2011
    After you’ve done your best Audrey Hepburn imitation, head up to the second floor to stare at (and try on) their jaw-dropping engagement rings.
  • Siobhan M.
    Siobhan M8월 15, 2011
    The employees here are ridiculously friendly!
  • Tristan
    Tristan8월 13, 2011
    Tiffany's is the go to spot for some nice cuff links. They're not that expensive at all! Probably sub-$100. Well worth it
  • Markus D.
    Markus D7월 21, 2011
    This is not a bakery...
  • Katherine P.
    Katherine Pierce7월 16, 2011
    Don't bother going if you look poor. *smirks*
  • Lindy K.
    Lindy K7월 16, 2011
    some day i'll got something from there
  • Suresh
    Suresh7월 3, 2011
    Wonderful service. A piece of NYC history. Check out the 6th floor lounge while you wait to pick up your merchandise.
  • Eka K.
    Eka Kusumawardhani7월 2, 2011
    i love to see all the jewelry..
  • Steve L.
    Steve Liu6월 29, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    If you're shopping for an engagement ring, be sure to ask for Duncan. He's the best!
  • Jillian M.
    Jillian Marinoff6월 20, 2011
    Excellent customer service. They really take their time and are very patient when helping you.
  • Sonny R.
    Sonny Romero6월 19, 2011
    COOL!........................................................^^ :)
  • Deborah R.
    Deborah Rutherford6월 6, 2011
    Tiffany's silver jewelry selection is awesome.... esp the charms.... been collecting them for a few years
  • Anthony R.
    Anthony Rallo5월 27, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Elevator in the front can save you waiting time and having to cross main floor downstairs. As soon as you enter off 5th ave hang a U turn to the left.
  • sukma n.
    sukma nangisan5월 23, 2011
    apa ini ??????????
  • Betsy P.
    Fabulous place would love to be here now!
  • Jackee K.
    Jackee K4월 30, 2011
    3rd Floor, first counter to your right after you get off the elevator always has the most ridiculous wait...but you can find the collections elsewhere so take a walk around.
  • Maria Carmel L.
    love their engagement rings.
  • Tifanny J.
    Tifanny Joy4월 26, 2011
    Get some bling<3
    ROMMIE E. QUEZADA4월 20, 2011
    hard rock buenos aires
  • Daniel P.
    Daniel P4월 18, 2011
    Ask for water or a diet coke.
  • Gina R.
    Gina Robertello4월 18, 2011
    No longer offering free steam cleaning on silver and bumped pricing on buffing up to $40 PER PIECE - regardless of what it is. Sad times indeed.
  • The New York Daily News
    PHOTO: Mia Farrow goes over her lines with script man inside Tiffany's during the filming of "Rosemary's Baby" in 1967. Click "More Info" to see photo. 자세히 보기
  • AnyClip
    AnyClip4월 11, 2011
    A scene from the movie Scent of a Woman was filmed here, watch it now! 자세히 보기
  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany Suga4월 5, 2011
    Come prepared to spend $$$
  • FABstylistika | The Vintage People
    Ontbijt bij Tiffany's
  • Scott B.
    Scott Brown3월 7, 2011
    MISTER D's Gay Dancing Bar.
  • ajeng d.
    ajeng dellia3월 7, 2011
    diamond....i love it!!!
  • Romelyn R.
    Dream of having one (~_*)
  • Nineta
    Nineta2월 19, 2011
    incredible Jewelry
  • Alya W.
    Alya WiDe2월 19, 2011
    These blink2 are soooo...gorgeous!!
  • Shelley
    Shelley2월 18, 2011
    Diamonds are a girls best friend!!
  • Kristin B.
    Kristin Booker2월 10, 2011
    The new handbag collection designed by Lambertson Truex is to DIE for. Hit the 4th fl for a slice of heaven.
  • Vera K.
    Vera Klyarfeld2월 2, 2011
    Visit the silver floor . Olga Elkina is the most helpful sales person!!
  • Nabila P.
    Nabila Putri2월 2, 2011
    OmG....i wish i could be here .....see more sparkling ªⁿδ brilliance
  • Magda C.
    Magda Cunha2월 1, 2011
    Nice place! Come inside and feel like Audrey Hepburn. Go to 4th floor! There is certainly something for your budget!
  • CMT S.
    CMT Stibbe1월 20, 2011
    One of the greatest stores in NY. Strongly recommend it. Claire ~
  • Jayme N.
    Jayme Neto1월 19, 2011
    where ir Holly Golightly, I'm here witing for her at the door
  • chika s.
    chika sabturina1월 18, 2011
    :) many of kind
  • Herlambang E.
    love the colections,
  • Antonius S.
    Antonius Sinaga1월 15, 2011
    i'jj be there someday.......
  • winda marlina juwita
    gonna have this one someday :) glamour !
  • Azyan S.
    Azyan Saifuddin1월 13, 2011
    I would like to have a Tiffany and Co ring as the wedding ring.
  • Wira A.
    Wira A1월 9, 2011
    awesome jewelry...
  • Ayum H.
    Ayum Harum1월 4, 2011
    someday i'll have one
  • Achrul A.
    Achrul Al Fateh1월 4, 2011
    hanya cocobasj
  • Conchi S.
    Conchi Segovia12월 31, 2010
    Donde a Audrey en Desayuno con diamantes
  • Andrew B.
    Andrew Baldasare12월 30, 2010
    Look like you important. Came to buy wedding bands, but were never helped, only judged by the employees.
  • Social E.
    Social Espionage, LLC12월 28, 2010
    While at this landmark location, hop the elevator to the 2nd floor and try on an engagement or cocktail ring. It will bring you joy, I assure you!
  • Ken C.
    Ken Carson12월 21, 2010
    I slipped a Tiffany's bracelet into Barbie's coat once when she wasn't looking, and I'll never forget the look on her face when she reached into her pocket and found the surprise. So cute.
  • Allan S.
    Allan S12월 21, 2010
    if u like to fantasize, go in & look around!
  • Rex F.
    Rex F12월 12, 2010
    Free hot chocolate and desserts on 4th floor while holiday shopping. They're all the Tiffany blue which is a nice touch.
  • Milasari S.
    Milasari S12월 8, 2010
    breakfast at tiffany
  • Karen R.
    Karen Robinovitz12월 7, 2010
    5회 이상 방문함
    Handbags are so chic - visit the salon on 4!
  • Wahyu "corenk" D.
    like the style
  • Teresa C.
    Teresa C11월 29, 2010
    If you look poor to them they will make sure you know silver is upstairs & that you'll "only find diamonds, gold & platinum" on the main floor. "Pretty Woman" & the phrase "big mistake!" come to mind
  • Debra C.
    Debra Christianson11월 25, 2010
    Most beautiful pendants.....anywhere.
  • Anggie I.
    Anggie Ikhlas11월 23, 2010
    only one carrats diamond please
  • BABY A.
    BABY AMORE11월 22, 2010
    plenty of celebrities here
  • dinaldss
    dinaldss11월 14, 2010
    the necklace is sooo beautiful ... so original
  • Jessica Puspitasari P.
    i'll be there someday...
  • Missy M.
    Missy Martin11월 8, 2010
    Best place for the "mean reds".
  • Ayu J.
    Ayu Jembar Sari11월 4, 2010
    Bought some ring....
  • The New York Daily News
    PHOTO: The Vanderbilt family owned an enormous mansion here on 5th Ave and 57th which was torn down in 1927. Click "More Info" to see a historic pic of this gigantic home! 자세히 보기
  • Lenny G.
    Lenny Gallo10월 31, 2010
    Get your picture like Audrey Hepborn.
  • choser e.
    choser etang10월 18, 2010
    i love it!
  • ariv w.
    ariv wichaksono10월 10, 2010
    ughh...unbelieveble..beautyfull diamond
  • mira_kyubie92
    mira_kyubie9210월 9, 2010
    Tmpat niech kren bgt'z...
  • Spanish Rob V.
    Spanish Rob V10월 5, 2010
    100회 이상 방문함
    Make sure you see the Tiffany Diamond on the main floor in the NW corner... it's priceless and Audrey Hepburn is one of the only 2 ppl to ever wear it
  • peppy x.
    peppy x. golightly10월 2, 2010
    be Holly Golightly. :)
  • tiNgZ T.
    tiNgZ Tanputra9월 25, 2010
    every woman loves jewelry
  • kimberlee
    kimberlee9월 23, 2010
    I love there necklaces and they make a statement for sure!
  • Ver N.
    Ver Nhazla9월 22, 2010
    A nice ring
  • Adimaz C.
    Adimaz C.9월 18, 2010
    Fashion..Put it all on me!:P
  • Snow White
    Snow White9월 18, 2010
    2nd floor is where u get enganged
  • Samsad A.
    Samsad Ahmad9월 16, 2010
    Hello to alll
  • Christopher S.
    The one and only... the original...
  • Luisa Z.
    Luisa Zein9월 11, 2010
    Gonna get one...someday...:)
  • Aldhita N.
    Aldhita Nasution9월 7, 2010
    heart the necklace!
  • Lesti J.
    Lesti Junirawati9월 5, 2010
    if i were here...someday...:)
  • Jade
    Jade9월 3, 2010
    the best jewelry shop ever
  • jolie
    jolie8월 26, 2010
    You can always see celebrities here like the scummers!
  • yanti p.
    yanti prazz8월 26, 2010
    Incredible jewelry ,, !!
  • Recycle C.
    Recycle Craft8월 17, 2010
    girls..grab it
  • Ary L.
    Ary Lubis8월 17, 2010
    i love diamond!
  • Chanele H.
    Chanele Henry8월 15, 2010
    jewelry for my baby at tiffi's
  • Taran A.
    Tiffany's is the best when it comes to Anniversary Rings, WOWZA!!!
  • Ratna K.
    Ratna Kemuning7월 26, 2010
    hellow b !
  • Conny .
    Conny 💖7월 24, 2010
    B was here!
  • Nova Soraya
    Nova Soraya7월 17, 2010
    ready for engagement things, love it!
  • Paramitha M.
    Paramitha Mitha7월 13, 2010
    did this ;D
  • Karen R.
    Karen Robinovitz6월 9, 2010
    5회 이상 방문함
    Lacquer bangles by elsa piretti are so chic. U need four and stack them.
  • Da Ping L.
    Da Ping Luo5월 27, 2010
    Wow...the customer service here is pretty sterling...
  • Gossip Girl
    Gossip Girl5월 6, 2010
    N bought B a heart necklace here—but this sparkly Fifth Avenue store has always been there for B, and I can't say the same for N. Stop by for breakfast. BYO glazed cruller. (I Will Always Love You) 자세히 보기
  • Adam H.
    Adam Hirsch4월 23, 2010
    Talk to Duncan!
  • Janine A.
    Janine Addison4월 3, 2010
    Tiffany customer service is amazing. Love them
  • Danny C.
    Danny Choriki1월 9, 2010
    H3NYC RR2010 #0 Just in case you forgot to get Mickey Mouth a present
  • Damien B.
    Damien Basile 😈12월 23, 2009
    Talk to Clarence aka @starwings on 3. He puts the service in customer service.
  • Sharon M.
    Sharon Martin12월 9, 2009
    25회 이상 방문함
    party like it's your birthday.
  • James S.
    James Sims11월 9, 2009
    5회 이상 방문함
    2nd floor = engagement bliss.
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