Tim Ho Wan 添好運

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Greenwich Village, 뉴욕
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  • Michael Z.
    "The steamed shrimp (새우) dumplings are out of this world juicy good"(Tips 9개)
    Albert T.
    "French toast (토스트) with custard is unique and delicious for dessert."(Tips 6개)
    "Loved the pork buns, fried dumplings (만두) and French toast."(Tips 11개)
    Nicole S.
    "Love their congee and lotus steamed rice (백반)!"(Tips 14개)
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  • Kathryn C.
    Kathryn C.1월 8, 2017
    The 4 hour wait ruins the entire experience, not worth it. Be prepared to wait an extra hour after being texted to come (after a 3 hour wait), to watch the slowest staff ever run this restaurant
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodster5월 22, 2017
    This cartless NYC dim sum is a letdown! Altho' cheap & freshly-made all day & BBQ Pork Bun (like "Bolau Cha Siu Bao") & Mango Slushee shine, THW has mostly traditional dim sum & not worth 1.5 hr-wait!
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin12월 18, 2016
    Famous dim sum. Slightly sweet. Loved the pork buns, fried dumplings and French toast. Didn't like the parsnip cake...too fishy
    좋아요 - 2017.Nov.29
  • Simon K.
    Simon Kratzer12월 25, 2016
    Very much recommended place for dim sum. Just prepare on waiting 3h for your table.
  • Flora C.
    Flora Cheng6월 29, 2017
    The service is quick once you've sat down. Come for early dinner during the week. You must get the pork buns! Everything else is better than your avg Chinatown dimsum, though it's not worth the wait.
  • Alex R.
    Alex Robertson7월 10, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    Love the baked pork buns, congee, and deep fried dumplings; shrimp har gow and especially siu mai (pictured) are great; french toast is tasty; steamed rice dishes and turnip cakes could be skipped
  • Sarit W.
    Sarit Wishnevski12월 26, 2016
    Really liked the chicken feet, har gow, and pork buns. Would I wait in line for any of those? No. NYC has a ton of just as good or better dim sum.
  • Jason S.
    Jason Schulweis12월 21, 2016
    Baked BBQ pork buns specifically, but everything is great (we also had fried pork dumplings, streamed shrimp dumplings, spring rolls and streamed rice balls - all great).
  • S A.
    S A12월 18, 2016
    Longgggggg lines = 3 to 4 hours wait. Poor management and communication right now. Stay away until things settles.
  • Bobbie M.
    Bobbie McLellan9월 3, 2017
    Bbq pork buns and sticky rice in lotus leaf were top notch and totally worth the visit. The rest of the items were surprisingly sub par compared to good dim sum restaurants.
  • Ailie C.
    Ailie Chang5월 15, 2017
    Put your name down on the wait list and go shopping! Pork buns are SO delicious. Haven't tasted anything like it before. Everything else is very good and clean eating. Get a milk tea!
  • Jess N.
    Jess Naldo1월 17, 2017
    Great place to try once, considering the wait time is insane enough. Order everything: pork buns, anything with shrimp and the sweet potato cream for dessert! Black lychee tea is heaven.
  • Justin O.
    Justin Ordoveza1월 29, 2017
    They have instant service at the bar, it's the same food but you stand. The bar is best if your by yourself or for two people. The dim sum is small compared to other places but great quality.
  • Hannah M.
    Hannah Murray1월 17, 2017
    Stumbled upon the line ~4:30pm and was seated immediately upon the 5pm opening. Enjoyed the BBQ pork buns, congee, sticky rice, shrimp dumplings, and shrimp/pork sui mai. Skip the blanched vegetables.
  • Stephanie M.
    Stephanie M3월 31, 2017
    The trick is definitely to come on the earlier side - we went on a Wednesday around 6 to put our names in and were seated by 6:30. Also, the pork buns are a must!
  • Albert T.
    Albert Tong12월 21, 2016
    French toast with custard is unique and delicious for dessert. It's the same filling in the cantonese classic steam custard buns (aka nai wong bao)
  • Kiwi W.
    Kiwi Wang10월 29, 2017
    Yes the waits are intense, but just go grab a drink somewhere. The wait for the best pork buns ever is worth it 🤤🤤🤤
    좋아요 - 2017.Dec.12
  • Joyce S.
    Joyce S1월 20, 2017
    3 hour wait is the downfall but overall Really great dim sum! Everything is cooked just right! The BBQ buns are so tasty! And the sticky rice wrapped in tea leaf.
  • Michael Z.
    Michael Zhong1월 6, 2017
    Is it the best dim sum I've had in my life? Yes. Would I wait 3 hours though, definitely not. Get the har gow and steamed rice roll. The pork buns were too sweet for me.
  • Alyssa O.
    Alyssa O2월 5, 2017
    Pork buns and steamed shrimp dumplings are worth the wait but plan accordingly: we got in line at 9:30am, they took our names at 10:15am and we were seated at 11:45am.
  • Ernesto G.
    Ernesto Gutierrez7월 28, 2017
    Weekends are impossible with wait times crossing the 3 hour mark. The time to come is Monday to Friday for lunch time, a 10 min wait tops. Definitely worth trying out!
  • Nick C.
    Nick Creegan1월 4, 2017
    No wait on a weekday for lunch at this Michilin Star chain from Hong Kong. Great steamed rolls, siu mai, and pork buns!
  • Kathy L.
    Kathy Liu3월 16, 2017
    BBQ pork buns and congee were so good! Was worried about lines, but waited only about 15 minutes before being seated during rush hour.
  • Chez O.
    Chez Ong3월 13, 2017
    It's good but I don't get the hype. We literally ordered everything on the menu but the rice dishes. And if I had to recommend one thing that was exceptional, it'd be the roast pork buns.
  • Bin Y.
    Bin Yang4월 12, 2017
    Standing table is your best bet, otherwise, put your name down and go to milk and hops nearby for a beer or two. Pork buns are unique, everything else is solid.
  • IrmaZandl T.
    Hours long wait but if dining solo or 2 ppl you can eat standing up by the kitchen. The pork buns are killer!!!!
  • Julie A.
    Julie Avra7월 11, 2017
    Those BBQ pork buns are life changing... the crunchy and sugary outside and the soft and flavorful middle
  • Alexandria L.
    Alexandria Lang10월 8, 2017
    loved the BBQ pork buns and sticky rice! The NYC location is just as good as the Hong Kong one!!
  • Kelsey L.
    Kelsey L3월 12, 2017
    Pork buns are delicious-a little flakier than it is traditionally. Pork siu mai & shrimp dumplings are also good. Other things were only ok. Overall I'd say if the wait is long it's not worth waiting
  • Tracy Z.
    Tracy Zhao4월 25, 2017
    Much needed good dim sum place (most only average) in Manhattan! French toast with custard, steamed pork spare rib, sticky rice, sweet pumpkin cream with sago.
  • Elysia
    Elysia1월 2
    Came for a very late lunch and only waited 1-1.5 hours. Totally worth it given that I’ve waited that long for average dimsum in Atlanta. The pork buns with the sweet breading were our favorite.
  • Tommy C.
    Tommy Chen2월 19, 2017
    Good not great. Over hyped. Not worth 3+ hour wait, although I do like their text message-base line system. Similar to other locations, the pork buns are a stand out. My fav was their custard toast.
  • Leah S.
    Leah Schmidt1월 30, 2017
    We got more food than we could even finish for two people and bill was only $32! So good
  • Jeffrey K.
    Jeffrey Kao2월 6, 2017
    Best quality of dim sum in this city by far. Try the pork buns for a combination of sweet and savory.
  • Mike D.
    Mike Dizon1월 14, 2017
    Good, not great, not worth the 3 hour wait. Grab a solo spot at the stand up bar if you must try the food, but don't stand in line for 3 hrs. The food isn't any better than any of NYC's OG spots.
  • Sharon T.
    Sharon Tong1월 29, 2017
    If the wait is too long for you, improvise and hop on an empty spot at the bar. Standing dim sum will soon become a hot trend.
  • Christina C.
    Christina Chin3월 21, 2017
    Pork buns and French toast custard are the best. Expect a wait.
  • Alex T.
    Alex Tsu2월 20, 2017
    Pork buns are what most folks come here for, but don't leave Tim Ho Wan without trying the Turnip Cakes!
  • Kate Y.
    Kate Yan2월 20, 2017
    Standing counter for lunch is your best bet if you don't want to wait 4+ hours.
  • Ina L.
    Ina Li12월 24, 2016
    Line starts at 8:30am and 3:30pm, be prepared. But the food is worth the wait! Highly recommend: rice rolls (freshly made), chicken in lotus leaves, pork chops, and the most famous chashu bun!
  • D
    D5월 27, 2017
    Decent average dishes were $4.75. 30mins wait time at 3:30pm on a Friday. Each dishes would come out very slow. We were waiting for awhile between each domain. Taste was decent.
  • Lane R.
    Lane Rettig10월 1, 2017
    There's a bar counter where you can eat while standing and mostly avoid the wait
  • Luke W.
    Luke Williams11월 4, 2017
    Egg bread was tasty, and pork buns - though the latter were a bit spoiled by excessive sweetness. Siu Mai nice and standard.
  • Ari F.
    Ari Fuchs12월 26, 2016
    Pork buns, chicken feet, and har gow were fantastic.
  • Nicole S.
    Nicole Sweat1월 21, 2017
    Love their congee and lotus steamed rice! Shrimp dumplings and pork bunssss
  • Michael Z.
    Michael Zhong1월 6, 2017
    The steamed shrimp dumplings are out of this world juicy good
  • Jonathan C.
    Jonathan Cornell1월 16, 2017
    Pretty good dim sum however you can get much better value and quality in Chinatown if you know where to look.
  • Vanessa X.
    Vanessa Xiao4월 29, 2017
    We waited for only 45 minutes on a Friday night. Food is great, particularly the pork bun
  • Holly D.
    Holly D12월 25, 2017
    bbq pork bun perfectly combines the outside of a bo luo bao + savory pork inside
  • Hannah Y.
    Hannah Yu3월 12, 2017
    There are 24 items on the menu; we ordered one-third of them. All eight dishes were subpar and nothing was worth reordering. (Go to Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown instead.)
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