Times Square NYC

타임스 스퀘어

(Times Square)
Theater District, 뉴욕
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  • Humaid B.
    "Beautiful crowded (혼잡함) place, the heart of New York"(Tips 105개)
    "Shops, restaurants, theaters (극장), there's everything for everybody!"(Tips 28개)
    Alex J.
    "Visita obrigatório pelos shows (라이브 음악), lojas e luzes"(Tips 7개)
    Kevin C.
    "The Ferris wheel inside Toys (장난감) "R" Us is amazing"(Tips 7개)
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  • 권간지프로님
    권간지프로님11월 17, 2017
    명불허전. 무슨 이 더 필요할까
    좋아요 - 1주 전
  • Hansang K.
    Hansang Kim1월 16, 2017
    세계적인 힙 플레이스 !!!
  • Kwang Jo K.
    Kwang Jo Kim1월 17, 2016
    뉴욕 최고의 관광지
  • 김형래 H.
    김형래 Henry Kim7월 31, 2015
    바로 여기 타임스퀘어에서 가족 모두!
  • Jay L.
    Jay Lee10월 31, 2014
    낮밤 가리지 않고 언제나 복잡하다!
  • 지우 조.
    지우 조2월 16, 2014
    오 이거 .....아닌데 나지금 뉴욕아닌데 이거 뭐냐
  • JinJu J.
    JinJu Jang5월 6, 2013
    티켓스에서 맘마미아 뮤지컬 예매하려 기다리는데오후 3시 공연은 아침 9시 티켓 오픈이고 오후 8시 공연은 오후 3시에 티켓오픈입니다.모든거 다 포함 1인 $84.60, 참고하세요.
  • Humaid B.
    Beautiful crowded place, the heart of New York
  • Todd B.
    Todd Bracey1주 전
    Fantastic for tourist, and at night when it’s less packed and still well lit.
  • Mona A.
    Mona AK1주 전
    Nice stores , restaurants and walking .
  • ناصر ١.
    ناصر ١٩٧٨م1주 전
    5회 이상 방문함
    مريح جدا وسعة صدر
  • ناصر ١.
    ناصر ١٩٧٨م2주 전
    5회 이상 방문함
    صخب الحياة 👌🎃
  • Luis P G.
    Genial !!!
  • Vivi N.
    Vivi Neves3주 전
    Sinônimo de Liberdade.
  • Vivi N.
    Vivi Neves3주 전
    Times Square é sinônimo de Liberdade e alto astral. Não tem como duvidar...
  • Dave M.
    Dave Moffat3주 전
    A real tourist attraction, but a lot of con artists around
  • александр о.
    Супер !!!!
  • Francisco R.
    Francisco Ribeiro3주 전
    10회 이상 방문함
    Meu coração é Ny 💕
  • Diana S.
    Diana Soto10월 17
    Nice walk, crowded all time
  • Detchai P.
    Detchai P.10월 13
    Un lieu unique pour flâner
  • Booie
    Booie10월 11
    50회 이상 방문함
    Sometimes they play an opera on the screens and put it on loud speaker....people can just sit and watch it. Its very magical
    좋아요 - 2일 전
  • Gosia C.
    The best at night!
  • Mannor G.
    Mannor G10월 8
    Busy and crowded but believe me.. You don’t want to miss it!
    좋아요 - 4주 전
  • Gorkem A.
    Hemen fotoğraf çekil hemen 😄😝
  • Humberto B.
    Ahí de todo
  • Humberto B.
    Todo comercio comida diversión cercas de todo !! Arriba SINALOA
  • Marlon E.
    Marlon E9월 25
    Arguably more sensory-overloading than Vegas.
  • Наталия И.
    A lot of people , many shops )
  • Antonis K.
    The center of the universe ... probably. A little bit too much though. Go there take a idea of the place , have some fun , but you quickly get Dizzy here.
  • Mara
    Mara9월 13
    Amazing every time!
  • Vallabh P.
    Stand on the leftmost side of the stairs and enjoy watching traffic pass by!
  • Atika A.
    Always my favourite place to be when I am in NY. Love the dynamic.
  • Agustin E.
    El mejor lugar de NYC para pasear como para comprar y comer , y además robar un poco de historia de este lugar Increíble !!!
  • Abir M.
    Nice busy place
  • eee e.
    Sleepy here's new York city
  • Sofia M.
    Ten paciencia, puedes encontrarte con mucha gente que no sabe a donde ir.
  • Speitro G.
    Un espectáculo de luces que no olvidaré.
    싫어요 - Sep 14
  • Anonymous 2.
    What is there to say? It’s Times Square! If you haven’t been, then do it soon :)
  • Gaëlle
    Gaëlle8월 30
    Awesome view. You feel like you're in one of the American movies.
  • Gaëlle
    Gaëlle8월 30
    Awesome view. You feel like you're in one of the American movies.
  • Barry G.
    Barry G8월 30
    Billboards. EVERYWHERE. Bring sunglasses. 😎
  • Manuel S.
    De noche todo tiene más magia.
  • Giovanni G.
    Giovanni G8월 29
    Very busy,day and night, with street shows.Lights at night are awesome, a picture doesn’t give the same impression or feeling of what is really the scenario.A place to visit if traveling to New York.
    좋아요 - Oct 14
  • Yasaman M.
    Yasaman Mahdian8월 29
    5회 이상 방문함
    Crowded AF! But for me it’s the iconic picture of NYC!
    좋아요 - Sep 18
  • Silvia F.
    Divino !!! Todo riquísimo !! La atención genial !!si venís solo la barra 👍👍🥂😄
  • Johanna N.
    the biggest billboars are sure to be here😨
  • Thamer A.
    The never sleeping square.
    좋아요 - 3주 전
  • Mazen J.
    Nice shopping area, big screens, enjoy walking
  • Saleh N.
    Busy like nowhere in earth.
  • Soissa D.
    This place is great during the night
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