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워싱턴 기념탑

(Washington Monument)
기념물 / 랜드마크, 전망대역사적 장소
Southwest Washington, 워싱턴 D.C.
50 팁 및 리뷰
  • 기념물
  • 쇼핑몰
  • 랜드마크
  • 퍼레이드
  • 공원
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  • Isaac Y.
    Isaac Yi8월 2, 2012
    제퍼슨 메모리얼에서 찍은 워싱턴 모뉴먼트. 이때까지만 해도 일사병 걸릴줄 모르고 마냥 신났죠ㅋㅋ 6-8월에 가신다면 선글라스는 물론이고 모자 역시 필수!!
  • Sandra S.
    Sandra Suarez하루 전
    Nice trips
  • Sandra S.
    Boat ride 👌
  • Jean C M.
    The Washington Monumet
  • Peaman
    Peaman4월 11
  • Elvis A.
    Great open grounds too
  • Juri V.
    Iconic monument of Washington. That’s what Foursquare uses for stickers! Monument!!
  • Ece B.
    Ece Bolat2월 5
    Love it! Compliments the rest of national mall so well.
  • Matthew T.
    Matthew Taub10월 14, 2017
    A must visit in DC
  • Apostolos S.
    Apostolos Samaras9월 29, 2017
    No words. Just spectacular.
  • Raquel
    Raquel9월 8, 2017
  • Karina C.
    Karina Campbell9월 3, 2017
    Nice experience. It was fun to lay down and pretend we were walking up the building
  • Serhii L.
    Serhii Lutsko8월 19, 2017
    Looks amazing but closed till 2019 :(
  • Slightly P.
    Slightly Perfect8월 17, 2017
    Closed until 2019! You can still sit and walk around it, but you can't physically go in it until 2019.
  • Caress T.
    Caress Thomas8월 7, 2017
    Love the sites
  • Nathali M.
    Nathali Medina8월 2, 2017
    Linda vista rodeada de área verde donde se puede descansar. Pero tengan en cuenta de que los tours al interior se encuentran cerrados hasta la primavera del 2019 por reparaciones.
  • Amy C.
    Amy Cummings7월 9, 2017
    I mean it's a must visit in DC.
  • Jeffery J.
    Jeffery Jones6월 26, 2017
    Take a cool selfie by putting the tip of your finger on the top of the monument.
  • Abel R.
    Abel Romero6월 24, 2017
    El obelisco mide unos 169 m de altura. Más de 100 más que el obelisco de Buenos Aires (Argentina) de unos 68 m.
  • Kris W.
    Kris Whalley6월 15, 2017
    so beautiful a must see in d.c.
  • Nita S.
    Nita Smileyface6월 4, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    Diabetes Walk today!!
  • Miguel
    Miguel6월 4, 2017
    Visit at night, and if you stare at a flat side long enough it becomes one with the sky.
  • Ann O.
    Ann Osipova6월 1, 2017
    One of the must see places in DC
  • Joseph G.
    Joseph Grund5월 27, 2017
    If you are going to #Washington DC-- go see the monuments in the day & at night
  • Sandro D.
    Sandro Di Simplicio5월 13, 2017
    A must see in Washington
  • Cidomar B.
    Nice town axis views. Good place to take a sit and just watch the life...
  • Calla S.
    Calla Stapleton5월 11, 2017
    Amazing monument! There are bathrooms nearby.
  • Erik R.
    Erik Rowley5월 11, 2017
    Bummer, I feel like every time I come here the elevator is out of service! One of these years I'll reach the top...
  • S
    S4월 14, 2017
    part of Washington monuments, at the moment is closed indefinitely
  • Dave L.
    Dave Laz4월 10, 2017
    The monument will remain closed to visitors until 2019.
  • IrmaZandl T.
    Here for kite flying for cherry blossom festivities
  • Jeff S.
    The WM is closed until spring 2019. But you can still do a walking tour to see the monuments and museums around the National Mall. If you love history and our country then you won't be disappointed.
  • Murad G.
    Murad Gürmeriç3월 7, 2017
    Lovely place, so calm and peaceful
  • Doug W.
    Doug W3월 2, 2017
    One of these days I'm gonna make it to the top.
  • Jim W.
    Jim Weinstein2월 14, 2017
    1633 Q St. NW, Washington, DC-20009
  • Артем К.
    Не ожидал, что у него есть что-то внутри, однако есть возможность подняться наверх, правда далеко не всегда.
  • Ana R.
    Ana Rivera1월 29, 2017
    So beautiful 👌
  • Bikabout
    Bikabout1월 27, 2017
    The Washington Monument and the whole Mall, for that matter, are best seen and experienced at night. Travel guide - www.bikabout.com/washington-dc
  • Peter L.
    Peter Lada1월 25, 2017
    Been broken for long. 💩
  • Natali V.
    Крайне масштабно!!! Обязательно к просмотру. Вид потрясающий на все 360
  • Kiley K.
    Kiley K12월 10, 2016
    This is so cool to see it's massive and has a lot of cool history
  • Andrew N.
    Andrew Nilges11월 22, 2016
    Best view is from the Lincoln memorial
  • Manu V.
    Manu Veth11월 19, 2016
    Come see it!
  • Laura R.
    Laura Ramirez11월 5, 2016
    Really nice I took the pic from afar but the seen is beautiful
  • David W.
    David Weathersby10월 16, 2016
    Icon of DC
  • Simona O.
    Simona Ozomová10월 7, 2016
    It even looks bigger than on pictures!
  • Guillodf
    Guillodf9월 18, 2016
    Beautiful spot in Washington, great view of DC, very well kept, Illumination during the night is amazing!! You need a ticket to enter into the monument.
  • Jérémie H.
    Jérémie HUCHET9월 10, 2016
    Une belle vue sur les alentours même en restant au pied du monument. Attention en plein été il n'y a que l'ombre du monument aux alentours.
  • Dan
    Dan9월 9, 2016
    Great view if the elevator works.
  • Lore M.
    Lore Méndez8월 25, 2016
    Es mucho más grande de lo que creí...
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