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Zia Maria

피자 전문점€€€
Schönhauser Allee-Nord, 베를린
  • Morten L.
    "Great authentic Italian (이탈리아 음식) pizza with a thin cruncy bread/crust."(Tips 3개)
    "Lively (활기 넘치는) atmosphere, especially in summer with the tables outside."(Tips 2개)
    Thomas K.
    "The tiramisu (티라미수) for desert is quite decent!"(Tips 2개)
    Piotr S.
    "vegetarian (채식) versions.Please note that 1 piece"(Tips 2개)
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  • Ульяна П.
    Affumicata ist mein Favourit.
  • Juliëtte H.
    Nice thin pizza’s with the best flavour!
  • Juliëtte H.
    Best pizza ever! Fast service and 4 pieces per person is way to much! But it’s super nice! Also places outside.
  • Nicolás P.
    Ultra thin pizza without ingredients and absence of flavor.
  • Jonas A.
    Sehr leckere super dünne Pizza. Vegan, vegetarisch, mit Fleisch und immer ein fairer Preis - hier wird jeder glücklich!
  • Oğuz Ş.
    Oğuz Şerbetci12월 5, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great crunchy pizza!
  • Isabela F.
    Isabela Freitas10월 24, 2017
    Amazing pizza, good price and the slices are big. Plus the restaurant is cozy and has art installations!
  • Aileen M.
    Aileen Mulemba9월 23, 2017
    Love this place. Fantastic pizza!
  • Nicole J.
    Nicole J9월 17, 2017
    Fantastic vegan pizza options. Crunchy too!
  • Lars F.
    Lars Frederiksen9월 9, 2017
    I'am in love with this place ...
  • Hossein L.
    Hossein Lavi8월 8, 2017
    Excellent pizza!
  • Joe M.
    Joe Martin4월 9, 2017
    super thin cracker style crust, rad salad (insalata forte)
  • Stephanie R.
    Stephanie Reese4월 4, 2017
    4 stuck is good for 2 people.
  • Moe R.
    Moe Rustom3월 18, 2017
    one of my favourite pizza in Berlin for sure!
  • Diana B.
    Diana Berg3월 4, 2017
    Huge selection of delicious pizza! Like everyone says, medium actually equals 1 large pizza.
  • Martin P.
    Martin Puskajler1월 29, 2017
    Gute Bedienung, Pizza war eine der besten die ich hatte, richtig lecker, das Interier sieht sieht leider ein bischen billig aber am sonst kann ich mich nicht beschweren
  • Thomas K.
    Thomas Kroeber12월 27, 2016
    25회 이상 방문함
    Pizza is great. Good place to try multiple flavors at a time. The tiramisu for desert is quite decent!
  • Moritz K.
    Moritz Kröger9월 15, 2016
    Berlin pizza heaven!
  • Jakob F.
    Jakob Fuchs8월 26, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Beste Pizza in der Gegend! Riesige Auswahl zum selbst Zusammenstellen, anschließend wird auf großem Blech gebacken.
    좋아요 - Aug 12
  • Cbl C.
    Cbl Cbl8월 22, 2016
    Tolle Variationen! Alle lecker. Ein super Ort für'n Snack.
  • Ben F.
    Ben Floyd8월 21, 2016
    Great pizza, reasonably priced and chilled drinks outside!
  • L
    L7월 28, 2016
    Delicious and authentic Italian pizzas. Lively atmosphere, especially in summer with the tables outside.
  • Alessandro L.
    Sliced ok-ish pizza. Overpriced
  • Sebastian V.
    Sebastian Vaisov7월 22, 2016
    Thin and great pizza pieces!
  • Joud A.
    Joud Al Kateb5월 31, 2016
    Best Pizza in Berlin! Light and tasty!
  • Joud A.
    Joud Al Kateb5월 31, 2016
    Best pizza in Berlin! Light and tasty!
  • Mag
    Mag5월 22, 2016
    because we all crave carbs sometimes! parmigiana was superb, and the crunchy crust is really amazing. one slice is more than enough for a quick snack
  • Alexander M. T.
    Alexander M. Turek5월 4, 2016
    Diese Pizza macht glücklich.
  • Cristina T.
    Cristina Tacón5월 1, 2016
    Every Pizza is great
  • Tobias K.
    Tobias Knapp5월 1, 2016
    Really good pizza. Prices of 3+ Euro per piece are absolutely fair.
  • Josh L.
    Josh Levin4월 28, 2016
    Quick good pizza
  • Bojana
    Bojana4월 10, 2016
    Nicht nur die Pizza, auch der Salat ist lecker.
  • H W.
    H W3월 8, 2016
    Pizza und nochmal Pizza
  • Marie W.
    Marie We3월 3, 2016
    Für jeden der weniger Wert auf den Teig (dünn) dafür aber auf den Belag (fantastisch) legt!
  • Lule R.
    Lule Riquelme2월 29, 2016
    Great quality of the pizzas!
  • Nadine M.
    Nadine Minagawa1월 28, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    geht auch vegan wenn man fragt
  • Alexander M.
    Alexander Maleev1월 24, 2016
    Во-первых, правда очень вкусно. Во-вторых очень стильно в плане дизайна. Дружелюбно к тому же.
  • Roldano D.
    Roldano De Persio12월 19, 2015
    Great pizza!
  • Alpgiray U.
    Alpgiray Uğurlu11월 22, 2015
    Chill out for you, cool breakfast
  • Michael R.
    Michael Rother11월 18, 2015
    10회 이상 방문함
    Tolle Pizzastücke, bezahlbar und lecker!
  • Victor Manuel V.
    Klasse Bedienung und die Pizza wurde frisch belegt. Der dünne Teig ist klasse!
  • Roldano D.
    Roldano De Persio10월 18, 2015
    Best pizza in Berlin! They cook it on the fly. Fresh taste. Staff is kind and fast.
  • Begum S.
    Begum S9월 27, 2015
    Very delicious italian street style pizza.
  • Ba_lena
    Ba_lena9월 19, 2015
    Very tasty pizza! But the wine isn't good() and I don't appreciate this atmosphere. Very dirty. I would have to make repairs!
  • Josh T.
    Josh Taroli9월 18, 2015
    Margherita (2€) • Parmigiana (3,50€) • Spinaci (2,50€) • Special (not on menu, 3,50€) • all very crunchy, very thin, very tasteful, very good! Take 3 p.P.
  • Josh T.
    Josh Taroli9월 18, 2015
    If you like thin & crunchy pizza from which the cheese doesn't fall off, it's definitely the right place for you!
  • Torsten S.
    Torsten Schollmayer9월 11, 2015
    Super leckere dünne Pizza Stücke!
  • Babsie G.
    Babsie Grześ8월 31, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    There are two schools of Italian pizza: thick and puffy or thin and crunchy. If you're up for the latter, then Zia Maria is the place to go.
  • Ed H.
    Ed Hammerton8월 30, 2015
    Wafer-thin delicious pizza. You only need 2 slices per person, three max.
  • Ellie
    Ellie8월 17, 2015
    Huge portions and great prices. 2.50 euros for 3 slices!
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