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Singapore River, 싱가포르 근처에 있는 에 대한 추천

    • 7.7
      Singapore River, 싱가포르
      • Elise ❥.

        Elise ❥. • 11월 18, 2015Buildings along the river are lit up beautifully from evenings onwards. Book a boat cruise down the river and learn about the history of Singapore river and the places around it.

    • ?
      Kim Seng Rd, 싱가포르
      • Arthi R.

        Arthi R. • 10월 18, 2014As much as I love walking this route with my fur child, weekends are a mess. After party leftovers, bottles, cans, paper, plastic all over the place. And overflowing dustbins.

    • ?
      The Central (by Singapore River), Clarke Quay
    • ?
      1 North Bridge Road, 싱가포르
      • Elviana T.

        Elviana T. • 8월 31, 2011nice tour, give it a try!

      • Giggle G.

        Giggle G. • 1월 7, 2016I love how quiet the boats are!

    • 6.5
      1 Bonham St. (Next To UOB Plaza), 싱가포르
      • Torzin S

        Torzin S • 11월 28, 2014Nice place to see historic colonial buildings with modern high rise ones, a mix and match of Singapore History.

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