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뉴욕 근처에 있는 고급 술집≠ar=East Village 뉴욕, NY에 대한 추천

    • 8.9
      유기농 식료품점제품 보기
      124 1st Ave (btwn E 7th St & St Mark's Pl), 뉴욕
      • Andrew A.

        Andrew A. • 5월 30, 2018Check out the smoothie & juice bar in the back. Recommended: Super Protein, PB&J, and Berries & Butter. 😋

    • 8.9
      25 Cooper Sq (at Bowery), 뉴욕
      • George H.

        George H. • 9월 2, 2014Great hotel, amazing service. Rooms and design were solid with interesting amenities.

    • 8.6
      이탈리아 음식$$$$메뉴 보기
      259 W 4th St (Perry St.), 뉴욕
      • Saba N.

        Saba N. • 9월 12, 2016The Parmesan balsamic risotto was amazing, as well as all the desserts! Nice ambience, good service

    • Category icon
      80 Carmine St, Lower Level (VARICK), 뉴욕
      • Janice L.

        Janice L. • 2월 18ILoveKickboxing has the most energetic and amazing staff. I get such a great workout in each class and feel even more motivated to go to the next one.

    • 8.4
      정육점제품 보기
      139 2nd Ave (btwn E. 8th & 9th), 뉴욕
      • Pete S.

        Pete S. • 7월 25, 2018Steaks are top notch quality! And their prepared foods, especially on the weekends, is a lazy person’s dream come true!

    • Category icon
      요가 교습소
      250 E Houston St, 뉴욕
      • Ailie C.

        Ailie C. • 6월 18Hip Hop Yoga! Bring a towel, you’ll sweat for sure.

    • Category icon
      64 E 4th St Fl 4 (Bowery), 뉴욕
      • Kisha C.

        Kisha C. • 6월 16The classes are awesome & Challenging but lots of fun! Aaron, Diana and Baby M are the best. Diana is so easy to relate to and gives some great advice!!! Making the class enjoyable.

    • 8.2
      중고품 / 구제품
      545 E 12th St (Ave B), 뉴욕
    • 8.2
      중고 서점
      99 Saint Marks Pl (btwn Ave A & 1st Ave), 뉴욕
      • Jessica

        Jessica • 11월 30, 2014This place is a hidden gem! Really great finds in the $2-$3 section, and a cool little garden in the back. Thought it was some sort of psychedelic poster shop for 2 years via the front window!

    • 8.1
      126 Saint Marks Pl (btwn 1st Ave & Avenue A), 뉴욕
      • Allie C.

        Allie C. • 2월 19, 2018Awesome live blues on Tuesday after 10pm. Low lit, intimate setting. Great bartenders and drinks. This is definitely a go-to in the East Village.

    • 8.0
      247 E 10th St (1st Ave.), 뉴욕
      • Vivienne G.

        Vivienne G. • 8월 15, 2014Great selection. It's also a beautiful place to explore.

    • 7.9
      일본 음식$$$$
      231 E 9th St, 뉴욕
      • Ranu R.

        Ranu R. • 11월 21, 2018Nice and unique omakase experience with wagyu beef and a seafood rice pot. Beautiful presentation and friendly service. Recommend for a fun date night!

    • Category icon
      98 Avenue A, 뉴욕
      • Vasily M.

        Vasily M. • 11월 23, 2016Brand new, spacious, well-equipped and friendly as ever!

    • 7.8
      피자$$$$메뉴 보기
      42 Avenue A (3rd St), 뉴욕
      • dipti p.

        dipti p. • 10월 2, 2014this location makes the perfect slice. my favorite is the cheese slice with jalapeño or the sicilian.

    • 7.8
      채식주의 음식$$$$메뉴 보기
      326 E 6th St (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave.), 뉴욕
      • Sol H.

        Sol H. • 8월 9, 2015Delicious. Ramen and macro bowl were tasty and filling and healthy enough to make you feel like a superhero.

    • 7.8
      음식점$$$$메뉴 보기
      50 Avenue B (btwn E. 3rd & 4th), 뉴욕
      • Zach M.

        Zach M. • 11월 16, 2012These guys are the greatest. Great salads and Philly cheesesteaks!

    • 7.7
      피자$$$$메뉴 보기
      145 1st Ave (at E 9th St), 뉴욕
      • Graham S.

        Graham S. • 4월 9, 20115$ for 2 slices and a soda will be ready quick, will fill you up, and their plain slices are great. Great NY-minute meal.

    • 7.5
      복합 영화관
      189 2nd Ave (at E 12th St), 뉴욕
      • Pet S.

        Pet S. • 2월 19, 2012Love this place! Comfy and clean, good lineup

    • 7.0
      우크라이나$$$$메뉴 보기
      140 2nd Ave (btwn St. Marks Pl & E 9th St), 뉴욕
      • Alen o.

        Alen o. • 7월 3, 2010Come in at 7 for Tango lesson (bring student ID for discount). Then get a table at the restaurant and order the Veal Goulash or Vareniki w/sauerkraut and mushrooms. The best ukrainian food in nyc!

    • 6.8
      Sushi$$$$메뉴 보기
      141 1st Ave, 뉴욕
      • inna k.

        inna k. • 7월 20All you can eat is so worth it. Food is delicious and way more than just sushi. Go with someone who likes what you like, to share. They charge for wasting food 🙃

    • 6.7
      147 1st Ave (9th Street), 뉴욕
      • Marmy

        Marmy • 2월 27, 2018Clean room and good service. For me it is pleasant place (many cafes and bistros)

    • 6.7
      아메리칸$$$$메뉴 보기
      64 3rd Ave (11th St & 3rd Ave), 뉴욕
      • Freka S.

        Freka S. • 9월 14, 2018S/O to the cook, must try the skirt steak! Service is great, dress down/up type of venue. Great place to watch sports, music is perfect (not too low/high), and it’s in my hood of course!

    • 6.6
      와인 판매점
      138 1st Ave (at E 9th St.), 뉴욕
      • Jeremy J.

        Jeremy J. • 10월 7, 2012Sign up for their wine club. For every ten bottles you buy there is a free bottle! Ask for Imran, he knows every wine in the store. They were even in a Louie episode with Louis CK last season.

    • 6.4
      식료품점제품 보기
      69 2nd Ave (E 4th St), 뉴욕
      • M. R.

        M. R. • 3월 15, 2015One of the best bodegas you'll find in the city. Great staff, clean, no cats, and full of surprises. They have beautiful flowers, Lactaid milk, Abita Purple Haze, and Wege pretzels. Customer for life!

    • 6.3
      208 Avenue A (13th Street & Avenue A), 뉴욕
      • Kara T.

        Kara T. • 9월 1, 2016A chill coffee shop with ample seating, good food and wine and beer on tap...I love it.

    • Category icon
      체육관 / 헬스장
      244 E 14th St (2nd Avenue), 뉴욕
      • Compass

        Compass • 4월 25, 2014The no-nonsense gym is focused solely on fitness, and you can conveniently get a month-to-month membership.

    • 6.2
      와인 판매점
      80 Clinton St, 뉴욕
      • Veronique V.

        Veronique V. • 10월 28, 2012These guys are the best. Super friendly, regular wine tastings, and just overall a nice neighborhood feel.

    • 5.9
      $$$$메뉴 보기
      158 Avenue C (at E. 10th St.), 뉴욕
      • 숙영 유.

        숙영 유. • 5월 17, 2013오늘. 보나. 생일이다.

    • ?
      228 Avenue B (btw 13th & 14th Street), 뉴욕
      • Corley S.

        Corley S. • 9월 14, 2015Reasonably priced but usually a wait as there's typically only one person working. Quality work.

    • ?
      42 Avenue B (btwn E. 3rd & 4th), 뉴욕
      • Gergely N.

        Gergely N. • 10월 15, 2015Great party out place in town. Basically nőt suitable for anything else, but some great people to hang out with during nighttime.

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