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오클라호마시티 근처에 있는 역사 박물관에 대한 추천

    • 8.9
      역사 박물관
      800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr (Laird), 오클라호마시티
      • Jason

        Jason • 5월 26, 2010Be prepared to spend more than a couple hours to see everything. The Oklahoma Rock and Roll exhibit is a highlight.

    • 8.8
      역사 박물관
      1700 NE 63rd St (Kelly), 오클라호마시티
      • Erik R.

        Erik R. • 10월 7, 2015Spectacular museum, give yourself at least 2 hours to tour it all! Captures the spirit, history, and romanticism of the American West. Yeehaw!

    • 7.8
      역사 박물관
      1400 Classen Dr, 오클라호마시티
      • Anna J.

        Anna J. • 1월 19, 2014With a coupon on their website plus a student ID, admission is $3. So this makes for a fun afternoon adventure.

    • ?
      역사 박물관
    • Category icon
      • Urban Oklahoma

        Urban Oklahoma • 8월 4, 2011"The Talented 40" Art Exhibit is now on display until August 5, 2011. A must see!

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