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    • 9.5
      콘서트 홀
      2301 Flora St (at N. Pearl St.), 댈러스
      • Laurie S.

        Laurie S. • 5월 24, 2013Love the old fashioned mini music boxes in the gift shop

    • 9.0
      콘서트 홀
      2713 Canton St (Crowdus), 댈러스
      • Mark M.

        Mark M. • 12월 17, 2015Awesome concert venue......drinks a little pricey, but really nice venue!! Parking can be tough though so arrive early.

    • 9.1
      콘서트 홀
      2520 Flora St (at Routh St.), 댈러스
      • Catherine C.

        Catherine C. • 2월 5, 2014Ride the free dLink pink bus M-Sat 11a-11:30pm or download the GoPass app to ride DART light rail to Pearl/Arts District station.

    • 8.8
      콘서트 홀$$$$
      3656 Howell St (Lemmon Ave & 75), 댈러스
      • Meredith W.

        Meredith W. • 9월 10, 2018One of my favorite places to go with friends for brunch (dinner, too) It’s family-style with great brunch treats (donuts, frittata, hot chicken, etc.) Also large outdoor/lawn space with live concerts.

    • 8.3
      Cotton Bowl Cir. (in Fair Park), 댈러스
      • Jay T.

        Jay T. • 10월 22, 2015The view is amazing when the sun hits it just right!

    • 8.2
      콘서트 홀
      1135 S Lamar St (btwn Cadiz St & Powhattan St), 댈러스
      • Social News Network

        Social News Network • 12월 4, 2013A great Dallas venue. Very personal, intimate atmosphere. Standing room only allows you to get as close as you want to the stage, making for memorable concerts that you'll talk about for years.

    • 7.8
      콘서트 홀
      2727 Canton St, 댈러스
      • Troy W.

        Troy W. • 6월 21, 2018Here for the Mavs Draft party small venue limited seating for this type of event.

    • 7.3
      콘서트 홀
      1818 1st Ave. (in Fair Park), 댈러스
      • Scott T.

        Scott T. • 8월 6, 2016Outside the pavilion only 24 oz $13 beers. Inside 16 oz $9.50 beers from the "hawkers." The smaller beer a preferred option for some.

    • 8.5
      공연 예술
      2351 Performance Dr (at Galatyn Park Station (DART Rail)), 리처드슨
      • Whittaker O.

        Whittaker O. • 8월 12, 2013Great acoustics! Concessions are expensive, like any other performing arts center, but they have a decent selection. Make sure to use the downstairs bathrooms, they're generally less crowded!

    • 9.4
      음악 베뉴
      1230 W Davis St (at N Clinton Av), 댈러스
      • Mighty Q

        Mighty Q • 3월 23, 2013Historical building & awesome venue for live music in the Cliff. Check out the art in the VIP area upstairs. New co-op area as well.

    • ?
      콘서트 홀
      5301 N Central Expy, 댈러스
      • Jeremy R.

        Jeremy R. • 5월 23, 2014They let me play on all their pianos for as long as I wanted!!!

    • ?
      콘서트 홀
      8617 Garland Rd (Dallas Arboretum), 댈러스
      • Barbara P.

        Barbara P. • 6월 22, 2013Great venue for concerts! Bring a roller cooler though - long walk from the parking lot. Beautiful walk but long if you are carrying your goodies.

    • 6.0
      멕시코 음식$$$$메뉴 보기
      1456 Belt Line Rd Ste 105 (@ N Garland Ave), 갈랜드
      • Craig M.

        Craig M. • 3월 9, 2012More than just a rest. Seems entertainment also. Good tortilla soup large order fajita for one, took half home. Okay place

    • ?
      1727 E Levee St, 댈러스
      • StealingKitty

        StealingKitty • 2월 2, 2010Fantastic space to host a art opening, performance show, party. Has stage. Very big space and easy to find.

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