J 님이 좋아한 장소
St. Johann in Tirol is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

1. St. Johann in Tirol

Sankt Johann in Tirol, Tirol
고장 · 8개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Also nice in summer for a coffee. We took a Segway tour which was also quite exciting!

Buchsteinwand is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

2. Buchsteinwand

Buchenstein, St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Tirol
전망대 · 팁 또는 리뷰 없음
Jakobskreuz is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

3. Jakobskreuz

Buchenstein 13, St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Tirol
전망대 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: This place can be booked for events and offers great view of the area. The mountain stands alone, surrounded by valleys on all sides. Definitely worth a visit!

Alpengasthof Buchsteinwand is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

4. Alpengasthof Buchsteinwand

Buchenstein 13, St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Tirol
카페 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰
Buchensteinwand Gipfelkreuz is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

5. Buchensteinwand Gipfelkreuz

Buchenstein 13, St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Tirol
전망대 · 팁 또는 리뷰 없음

6. Romantik Pension Lehrberg

Lehrberg 5, Sankt Jakob in Haus, Tirol
하숙집 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: Booking between seasons, we were the only guests and were treated like kings. Amazing breakfast, daily tips from the owner on where to go and what to do. Location is great starting point for hiking!

Erlebnispark Familienland P. GmbH is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

7. Erlebnispark Familienland P. GmbH

Mühlau 29, Sankt Jakob in Haus, Tirol
레크리에이션 센터 · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: We actually just went there for the salt grotto that is attached to the family park. Good for respiratory system, skin, against stress. Staff turned the light on brighter for us so we could read.

Kaufhaus Tyrol is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

8. Kaufhaus Tyrol

Maria-Theresien-Str. 31, 인스브루크, Tirol
쇼핑몰 · 16개의 팁과 리뷰
Segafredo is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

9. Segafredo

Maria-Theresien-Str. 31, 인스브루크, Tirol
카페 · 3개의 팁과 리뷰
Alpengasthaus Gleinserhof is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

10. Alpengasthaus Gleinserhof

Gleins 10, Schönberg im Stubaital, Tirol
음식점 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: Walking from Mieders village center is rather steep, but takes you only 1,5 hours. Food is delicious, especially the dumplings are recommended. Try their self-made herbal lemonades! Breathtaking view!

Goldenes Dachl is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

11. Goldenes Dachl

Herzog-Friedrich-Str. 15 (Hofgasse), 인스브루크, Tirol
유적지 및 보호 구역 · 38개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Famous landmark of Innsbruck. Don't miss the museum inside (and opt for the audio guide!). Can be found on many wedding pictures as the civil registry office of Innsbruck is just below.

Stadtpark Rapoldi is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

12. Stadtpark Rapoldi

Körnerstraße (Defreggerstraße), 인스브루크, Tirol
공원 · 4개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: The park as a bad reputation due an alleged drug (dealer) problem. However, during the day this is a very nice place in the midst of the city. Just avoid it at night.

Sonnentor is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

13. Sonnentor

Museumstrsse 1, 인스브루크, Tirol
기타 매장 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: Great for teas, organic herbs... they also serve tea and coffee and the atmosphere is really relaxing.

Stubaital is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

14. Stubaital

Stubai, Austria
· 6개의 팁과 리뷰
Bellaflora Innsbruck is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

15. Bellaflora Innsbruck

Richard-Berger-Str. 9, 인스브루크, Tirol
꽃 가게 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: If you have your own garden or just a balcony, buy your plants here and not in any supermarket or hardware stores. Best quality, and the plants really thrive!

Werkstatt Innsbruck is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

16. Werkstatt Innsbruck

Grabenweg 74, 인스브루크, Tirol
미국 음식점 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Go for steaks and burgers (delicious), but not the ribs... Now they also have great salads that you can configure yourself!!

Der Bäcker Ruetz is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

17. Der Bäcker Ruetz

Dorfstraße 28, Schönberg im Stubaital, Tirol
빵집 · 3개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Ask the staff to send up your tray to the second floor. Great view from there and you won't have to spill your coffee on the stairs.

Freizeitbad StuBay is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

18. Freizeitbad StuBay

Telfer Landesstrasse 111, Telfes im Stubai, Tirol
체육관 수영장 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Small, but has everything you need (Finnish sauna, steam bath, salt grotto...). Vicinity to Innsbruck makes up for the size. Delicious burgers!

Gasthof Hotel Dollinger is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

19. Gasthof Hotel Dollinger

Hallerstr. 7, 인스브루크, Tirol
호텔 · 7개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Can recommend Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel, also cloudy apple juice (not always available). Parking difficult, but street parking available on the road behind hotel (free after 19:00 and on weekends).

Mar i Vent is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

20. Mar i Vent

Major, 49, Banyalbufar, 발레아레스 제도
호텔 · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Great hotel, really wonderful staff, beautiful view, all you need in a hotel plus amazing sunsets.

Victoria Sushibar & Restaurant is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

21. Victoria Sushibar & Restaurant

Kaiserjägerstraße 4a, 인스브루크, Tirol
스시 전문점 · 27개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Delicious food and quick service. I like the Bento boxes best where you don't have to choose between sushi or other dishes, you get both!

22. Kaiserjägergarage

Kaiserjägerstr. 4, 인스브루크, Tirol
주차장 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: One of the few garages not connected to BOE; still the cheapest underground parking in Innsbruck, and now card payment also possible.

Wagner'sche Buchhandlung is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

23. Wagner'sche Buchhandlung

Museumstrasse 4, 인스브루크, Tirol
서점 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Great local book store, also delivers free of charge within Austria.

Kurt - Pure. Natural. Yummy is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

24. Kurt - Pure. Natural. Yummy

Burggraben 21, 인스브루크, Tirol
아이스크림 가게 · 7개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Not the cheapest option for frozen yogurt, but definitely the best in town! They now also have Greek yoghurt (with toppings) and 2 sorts of hot porridge. Miss the waffles they had in winter!

DEZ Einkaufszentrum is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

25. DEZ Einkaufszentrum

Amraser-See-Str. 56a, 인스브루크, Tirol
쇼핑몰 · 12개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: All you need! Including free parking, WIFI (does not always work), and enough cafés to rest your feet after you've done all the shopping. :-)

Elbenwald Store Innsbruck is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

26. Elbenwald Store Innsbruck

Amraser-See-Str. 56a, 인스브루크, Tirol
만화책 매장 · 1개의 팁

J K.J Kofler: Finally a store for the west of Austria, have been waiting for this! Cool T-shirts for nerds and movie fans. Lots of cute and nerdy stuff for best friends and oneself!

Rainer is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

27. Rainer

Portici 226, Merano, 트렌티노알토아디제 주
남부 티롤리안 음식점 · 팁 또는 리뷰 없음
Waltherplatz / Piazza Walther is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

28. Waltherplatz / Piazza Walther

Waltherplatz, Bolzano, 트렌티노알토아디제 주
광장 · 28개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Main square in Bolzano, very nice place to start exploring the city. In spring we found a herb and flower market here. The Christmas market must also be very nice!

Athesia Papier is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

29. Athesia Papier

Goethestraße 5, Bolzano, 트렌티노알토아디제 주
사무용품점 · 4개의 팁과 리뷰
20Twenty Shopping Center is one of J 님이 좋아한 장소.

30. 20Twenty Shopping Center

Galileistraße 20, Bolzano, 트렌티노알토아디제 주
쇼핑몰 · 7개의 팁과 리뷰

J K.J Kofler: Finally a shopping center in South Tyrol, and with a movie theatre! However, most people still seem to go to Innsbruck for shopping. Lots of parking spaces, but hard to find the car afterwards.