I <3 Oregon
Biscuits Cafe is one of I <3 Oregon.

1. Biscuits Cafe

16315 SW Barrows Rd (at SW Scholls Ferry Rd), Beaverton, OR
아메리칸 다이너 · Neighbors Southwest · 12개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Sweet potato pancakes are AMAZING!!! It's pretty much all I get here, though I've never been disappointed when I try other things. :)

Uwajimaya is one of I <3 Oregon.

2. Uwajimaya

10500 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy (btwn SW 107th & Western), Beaverton, OR
식료품점 · Raleigh West · 40개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Excellent grocery selection (sake too!) and take some time to look over their shodo (paper & calligraphy brushes) section. They have any dish you might want to eat or drink out/off of & MORE!

McMenamins Murray & Allen is one of I <3 Oregon.

3. McMenamins Murray & Allen

6179 SW Murray Blvd (at SW Allen Blvd.), Beaverton, OR
· West Beaverton · 19개의 팁과 리뷰
4 Daughters Irish Pub is one of I <3 Oregon.

4. 4 Daughters Irish Pub

126 W Main St, 메드퍼드, OR
아일랜드 펍 · 32개의 팁과 리뷰
Wild River Medford is one of I <3 Oregon.

5. Wild River Medford

2684 N Pacific Hwy, 메드퍼드, OR
피자 전문점 · 18개의 팁과 리뷰
Black Bear Diner is one of I <3 Oregon.

6. Black Bear Diner

1150 E Barnett Rd (at Highland Dr.), 메드퍼드, OR
아메리칸 다이너 · 12개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Good food and decent service too. I've never had to wait for a table either.

Del Rio Vineyards is one of I <3 Oregon.

7. Del Rio Vineyards

52 N River Rd, Gold Hill, OR
와인 양조장 · 8개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: The rose jolee wine is amazing if your into white/pink fruity wines. :)

Great Harvest Bread Co is one of I <3 Oregon.

8. Great Harvest Bread Co

203 Genessee St (Jackson), 메드퍼드, OR
빵집 · 3개의 팁과 리뷰
Mazatlan is one of I <3 Oregon.

9. Mazatlan

1350 Plaza Blvd Ste I, Central Point, OR
멕시코 음식점 · 8개의 팁과 리뷰
Grange Co-op Corporate Office is one of I <3 Oregon.

10. Grange Co-op Corporate Office

2833 N Pacific Hwy (Howard Ave.), 메드퍼드, OR
철물점 · 5개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Anything you could want for just about any type of pet. Wide price point range for each section too. They also carry a wide variety of natural, high quality pet foods that can be harder to find.

Old Farm House Restaurant is one of I <3 Oregon.

11. Old Farm House Restaurant

1756 N. Riverside Ave. (Crater Lake Hwy & N. Pacific Hwy), 메드퍼드, OR
미국 음식점 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰
Human Bean is one of I <3 Oregon.

12. Human Bean

113 E Pine St (at N. 1st St.), Central Point, OR
커피숍 · 4개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Love their chai tea!!! Not a fan of their mochas though. Not sure if they use powder or syrup, but I prefer real melted chocolate.

Roxyann Winery is one of I <3 Oregon.

13. Roxyann Winery

3283 Hillcrest Rd, 메드퍼드, OR
와인 양조장 · 9개의 팁과 리뷰

Travel MedfordTravel Medford: Every Friday night throughout the summer you can check out the RoxyAnn Outside Music Series. Enjoy local food and wine for only a $6 cover charge.

Food 4 Less is one of I <3 Oregon.

14. Food 4 Less

2230 Biddle Rd, 메드퍼드, OR
식료품점 · 9개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: The sizes are pretty misleading; you get more than you expect. If you don't want much, get a kid cone. I was content with the next size up & I would never go up! Umpqua ice cream is yummy. :0)

NoHo's Hawaiian Cafe is one of I <3 Oregon.

15. NoHo's Hawaiian Cafe

330 E McAndrews Rd (Court St), 메드퍼드, OR
음식점 · 17개의 팁과 리뷰
Porters is one of I <3 Oregon.

16. Porters

147 N Front St, 메드퍼드, OR
미국 음식점 · 23개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Get the steelhead and a glass of their gold cap and if they have it, their seasonal lavender creme brûlée is AMAZING.

Crater Animal Clinic is one of I <3 Oregon.

17. Crater Animal Clinic

665 E Vilas Rd, Central Point, OR
수의사 · 1개의 팁

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: They always took excellent care of my shih tzu, whether it was routine care or when she was a sick 8 week puppy deathly ill with coccidia. Boarding her was always a pleasant experience as well.

Siskiyou Aikikai is one of I <3 Oregon.

18. Siskiyou Aikikai

777 E Main St (7th Street), 애슐랜드, OR
무술 도장 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Great place to train. Instructors are top notch and the students are quite helpful (and nice too!)

크레이터 레이크 국립공원 is one of I <3 Oregon.

19. 크레이터 레이크 국립공원

(Crater Lake National Park)
Rim Dr, Crater Lake, OR
국립 공원 · 60개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Pack a lunch; not only will you save A LOT of money over the lodge, but you will be guaranteed to have exactly what you want. Cram it in a backpack, take a hike and have a picnic with GORGEOUS views.

Portland Japanese Garden is one of I <3 Oregon.

20. Portland Japanese Garden

611 SW Kingston Ave (at SW Fairview Blvd), 포틀랜드, OR
정원 · 122개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Simple elegance. My only wish is that I could go back and see the garden again in another season. If you get the chance, I would suggest you do!

Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of I <3 Oregon.

21. Lan Su Chinese Garden

239 NW Everett St (at 3rd Ave), 포틀랜드, OR
정원 · 67개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Knowledgeable tour guide! Lots of info to hear, as well as beautiful architecture, trees and flowers to see. I could stay for hours! Stop in and get a bite to eat or some tea too!

22. Eugene Aikikai

874-888 W 2nd Ave, 유진, OR
무술 도장 · Whiteaker · 1개의 팁

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: The hospitality here is excellent. As far as the aikido... that too is exemplary. :)

Yellow Basket is one of I <3 Oregon.

23. Yellow Basket

163 S Front St, Central Point, OR
버거 전문점 · 6개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: A little pricey (& greasy), but the food's GOOD & you get a decent amount of food. Make sure to get a shake (chocolate banana is amazing). :O)

Pioneer Courthouse Square is one of I <3 Oregon.

24. Pioneer Courthouse Square

715 SW Morrison St (btwn SW 6th Ave & SW Broadway), 포틀랜드, OR
광장 · 80개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: It is really crowded, but going to the tree lighting ceremony is always fun. :O)

Lillie Belle Farms is one of I <3 Oregon.

25. Lillie Belle Farms

211 N Front St, Central Point, OR
사탕가게 · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: Amazing variety of ganache, bon bons and more. You won't be disappointed with whatever you buy. A bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny & they make lovely presents too. :0)

Rogue Valley Roasting Company is one of I <3 Oregon.

26. Rogue Valley Roasting Company

917 E Main St (at 8th St), 애슐랜드, OR
커피숍 · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: The hours could be better, but the staff are quite friendly, the cherry and chocolate scones are delicious and the dark chocolate mochas are actually made with REAL melted dark chocolate.

Hellgate Jetboat Excursions is one of I <3 Oregon.

27. Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

966 SW 6th St, 그랜츠패스, OR
항구 · 7개의 팁과 리뷰
Oregon Shakespeare Festival is one of I <3 Oregon.

28. Oregon Shakespeare Festival

15 S Pioneer St (btwn E Main & Hargadine St.), 애슐랜드, OR
극장 · 22개의 팁과 리뷰

Ashley C.Ashley Carter: If you're in Ashland for more than a night, you have to see a show! It's SO worth the money & you won't be disappointed. Take a stroll downtown before/after the show to window shop & for fine dining.

29. Big Town Hero

1205 Plaza Blvd, Central Point, OR
샌드위치 가게 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰
Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub is one of I <3 Oregon.

30. Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

3084 Crater Lake Hwy, 메드퍼드, OR
피자 전문점 · 51개의 팁과 리뷰
Panda Express is one of I <3 Oregon.

31. Panda Express

1750 Delta Waters Rd #106, 메드퍼드, OR
중국 음식점 · 11개의 팁과 리뷰
Jaspers is one of I <3 Oregon.

32. Jaspers

2739 N Pacific Hwy, 메드퍼드, OR
버거 전문점 · 22개의 팁과 리뷰