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Pier 39

Pier 39

Fishermans Wharf, 샌프란시스코
  • Tips
    Jose B.
    "Exciting place to visit, gotta have the sourdough clam (조개) chowder!"(Tips 12개)
    Buddha T.
    "Love the crab and Bread (빵) bowels my favorite!!!!!!!"(Tips 3개)
    Maria N.
    "sea lions at the end and the behind the scenes aquarium (수족관) tour"(Tips 4개)
    Jamal B.
    "Local Sustainable Seafood (해산물) Dining"(Tips 13개)
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  • Karen사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Karen1월 27, 2018
    5회 이상 방문함
    Plan to spend at least a half-day, if not a whole day here. So many things to see and do at Pier 39. I highly recommend saving your appetite until you get to the pier.
    좋아요 - 1주 전
  • Social News Network
    Social News Network12월 4, 2013
    Whether you want to enjoy the local seafood, famous, clam chowder, shop the local boutiques, or be entertained by street performers, Pier 39 is the place to visit for tourists and locals alike.
    좋아요 - Sep 13
  • Jetset Extra
    Jetset Extra4월 3, 2014
    There are more locals than foreigners on Pier 39, a notorious tourist attraction boasting a number of iconic San Francisco landmarks, from historic seafood restaurants to resident sea lions. 자세히 보기
    좋아요 - Oct 10
  • Nayara Cristina J.
    Ideal para passear, conhecer a cidade, fazer compras e ver muitos locais. O pier é bem iluminado, tranquilo e tem muitas atrações no entorno tb. Vale com certeza conhecer.
  • Leonardo R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Leonardo Rodriguez11월 5, 2015
    Una de los lugares que mas me gusto de San Francisco, muchos restaurantes, acuarios y tiendas, es un lugar muy bonito y feliz! Obligado ir!
  • Paola S.
    Paola Simes1월 19, 2015
    Un lugar para ir, se puede disfrutar de las bicicletas, ya que San Francisco es bastante complicado por sus lomas. Excelente vista y muchas opciones gastronómicas
  • Jorge P.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Jorge Padilla9월 8, 2015
    El mítico Puerto 39 de la bahía el lugar con más locales atrapa turistas de la cuidad pero muy bonito ideal para probar diferentes estilos de comida y pasear con la familia e ir a ver los lobos marino
  • Gamze E.
    Gamze Ersoylu11월 3, 2014
    The most popular pier in San Francisco. All tourists come to see the California Sea Lions in the bay. You should visit Pier 39 before going to Fisherman's Wharf.
  • Nm사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Nm3월 2, 2016
    من أجمل أماكن الترفيه في المدينة ،، متكامل "مطاعم ومقاهي وألعاب وتسوق" لجميع الأعمار وفي كل الأوقات .. مزدحم جداً في كل الأوقات ،، الزيارة ضرورية ولا يفوتكم المكان .. جميل جداً في النهار ،،
  • Patricia G.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Patricia Gutierrez2월 11, 2017
    Tem algumas lojinhas e alguns restaurantes. Fiquei um tempinho assistindo às brigas entre os leões marinhos para subir e descer dos pequenos decks de madeira. Muito legal.
    좋아요 - Sep 28
  • Paige C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Paige C5월 30, 2018
    Sounds so silly, but I love bringing my dogs here because watching them react to the sea lions is the funniest thing ever!
  • Vinícius R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Vinícius Ramos11월 14, 2019
    Centro turístico com várias opções de compras e alimentação. Vale a pena caminhar e conhecer a área.
  • Daphne G.
    Daphne Goon10월 21, 2018
    Lots of restaurants here. Short walk from pier 33 if you r doing Alcatraz tour. There r souvenir shops too and a merry-go-round right at the back. Most of the shops closes at 9.30pm.
  • Fodor's Travel
    Fodor's Travel1월 28, 2016
    This waterfront complex has street performers, shops, restaurants, attractions, a five-acre waterfront park with a 300-berth marina, and the best views of the sea lions. 자세히 보기
  • Alex사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Alex8월 3, 2017
    The best and most famous Pier in all San Francisco, has great shops for all people, nightlife is really good, restaurants and environment is as well amazing
  • Cooper S.
    Cooper Smith3월 26, 2013
    As a kid, did you love WWF's Royal Rumble, the battle royale event in which wrestlers eliminated their opponents by throwing them from the ring until only 1 remained? Then you're gonna love Pier 39
  • Patrick H.
    Patrick HP9월 16, 2018
    Get around one of the most touristy place of San Francisco. Enjoy shopping and ferries around. Don’t forget to say hello to the sea lions!
  • S사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    S8월 5, 2016
    You have to visit this place, it's so beautiful. The cute little shops, the view of the sea and sea lions, the restaurants, the street performers, and the tourists walking all around.
  • Ra S.
    Ra Scorpio3월 29, 2019
    I am so excited I found this place. The vibe inside is upbeat and fun. Probably some of the best customer service I've received at restaurant.
  • المهره الصعبه ماهي لأي خيال사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    You will not be able to resist the giant strawberries with chocolate dip😍😍😍it is divine ❤️
  • Aaron C.
    Aaron Cruz7월 25, 2014
    Lots of shopping and foodie fun within this Embarcadero institution. Checkout the sea lions. Some of the biggest strawberries I've ever seen in the outdoor market. Chocolate Heaven is worth a look.
  • Jacques
    Jacques1월 6, 2018
    Visit the pier to find the Sea Lions and some great shops and restaurants
  • Hamid A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Hamid Alan9ary1월 7, 2022
    Nice place to spend time dining, for desert, or just look at the sea lions
  • Omar C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Omar Cabrera8월 28, 2016
    An iconic place of San Francisco, beautiful for a walk. It's a must if you visit this amazing city. I was looking forward to visiting many places. 😔
  • Maria N.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Maria Nelson4월 4, 2018
    Every tourist shop sells the same stuff but definitely make sure to check out the sea lions at the end and the behind the scenes aquarium tour is totally worth it!
  • Igor D.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Igor Druzovic5월 27, 2018
    Ein sehr belebter Pier mit vielen eher touristischen Restaurants. Die Seelöwen sind sehr schön, ansonsten ist es recht voll und rummelig.
  • Kseniia L.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Kseniia Lutsko1월 6, 2017
    Nice view, you can see Alcatraz from this pier, a lot of shops and of course sea lions, they are awesome, nice place
  • Mouza
    Mouza10월 14, 2014
    Beautiful spot includes many activities like restaurants, booking tickets from kiosks for cruises, coffee & dessert or taking photos
  • Deniz Y.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Deniz Yigit9월 10, 2017
    San frans en güzel yer sanki.. hem sealler , hem restaurantlar hem de cocuklar için eğlence bir arada..
  • المهره الصعبه ماهي لأي خيال사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Very busy area full of tourist and locals. Full of cafe's, Resturants, shops and tours offices.
  • Murat사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Murat5월 21, 2019
    Great spot; very touristic with a lot gift shops, restaurants. Possible to see sealion herd, and point for bost trips to Alcatraz. Must-see area.
  • BestTraveller사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    BestTraveller7월 9, 2022
    Akşam üzeri çok güzel manzarası var. Deniz aslanları ile ünlü. Temmuz ayında başka yerlere göç ediyorlarmış. Sayıları çok azdı. Alcadraz manzarası görülebilir. Çocuklu aileler için ideal
  • Chad
    Chad7월 24, 2017
    Watch the sea lions for a little while, enjoy the view of the Bay, get your Hard Rock souvenir, and people watch, but then leave. It's basically nothing more than an outdoor mall and a tourist trap.
  • Jamal B.
    Jamal Bookwalter5월 22, 2012
    Plan to spend the whole day here along Fisherman's Wharf...lots to do! Aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe, Local Sustainable Seafood Dining, Pier 39 Sea Lions, Charter Boat & Sailing, Whale Tours, & much more!
  • Chris C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Chris Chou10월 2, 2016
    The Alcatraz tour costs 35 for the daytime and 42 in the night. And it's always pleasant to stare at the sea lions for hours!
  • Rose Ann S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rose Ann Smallwood11월 6, 2019
    Great place to shop a lot of stores and places to eat!
  • Margo S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Margo Simon5월 2, 2018
    These guys are quite noisy n stinky,but still their hot spot makes ppl smiling ✌🏻😉
  • Cherd
    Cherd7월 24, 2013
    Pier 39 เปฌนแหล่งท่องเที่ยวที่ต้อวไปเยือน ประทับใจมากๆ กับรูปภาพที่ถ่ายกับมือ เหมือนเป็นการบันทึก ประวัติศาสตร์ด้วยตัวเอง
  • Brian S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Brian Strauss2월 18, 2019
    Come for the seals and grab a chocolate dipped strawberry. Trishes Mini Donuts is cool. Only the wealthiest chains remain on this high rent pier.
  • Rob R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rob Roy7월 27, 2015
    Amazing Place. Many stores and Gift shops. Beautiful look on Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge. Don't forget to visit the seal
  • Laura사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Laura9월 25, 2013
    I've had many great memories here. I go every year when I'm in San Francisco. I love the sea lions. They are really cool to watch.
  • marisa u.
    marisa umaya3월 29, 2015
    Must place to see and go if u go to SF. So many shops and restaurants down here. Location is not far from downtown.
  • Jesus D.
    Jesus Dominguez8월 24, 2013
    This is definitely a must if you're visiting SF, there's a lot to do around here, souvenirs, food, attractions and you can see the sea lions near the pier
  • Sergey 136th
    Sergey 136th6월 15, 2013
    If you're planning to explore San Francisco from water in the Rocket Boat, please be careful.. Especially don't get the back seats. My camera, my friends, my clothes - all freaking wet ;)
  • The Ritz-Carlton
    The Ritz-Carlton3월 23, 2017
    Visit the famous sea lions on the K-Dock of Pier 39, that began gathering shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 and at one time has grown to a record 1,701.
  • Cagla A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Cagla Aktay Topel3월 17, 2015
    SF denilince olmazsa olmaz..cok keyifli bir mekan,candy shop çok renkli ve diyabet vakıflarinin acil el atmasi gerek ;)
  • Milli P.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Milli Parkus1월 8, 2017
    Scenic view and amazing location to watch sea lions, otters and sea life creature! A treasure!
  • Julie C.
    Julie Carter7월 22, 2013
    Check in and visit the California Welcome Center on the 2nd floor. Super nice and helpful, not to mention they'll validate your parking for the Pier garage!
  • Paco S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Paco Saldaña1월 27, 2015
    The Pier 39 is a "MUST!" Stop if you go to San Francisco shore! Clam Chowder should be no. 1 option to try...
  • Caroline사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Caroline12월 10, 2016
    Many souvenir shops, restaurants and my personal highlight the sea lions. Plan a nice walk from Pier 39 to Fisherman's Wharf.
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