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Clinton Hill, 브루클린
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    Corey D.
    "Get the burger, the emily and any other pink or red pie (파이)."(Tips 17개)
    Fred C.
    "Really great pizza, I looked the vodka (보드카) and the maple syrup."(Tips 4개)
    Maria A.
    "Great cocktails, excellent starters and salads (샐러드), good pizza."(Tips 12개)
    David D.
    "Everything this place touches is great: pizza, wings (윙), burger."(Tips 11개)
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  • Eater
    Eater4월 6, 2016
    This cozy Clinton Hill restaurant excels at both straightforward and unusual wood-fired pizzas. The menu also includes a burger that some meat connoisseurs consider to be among the best in the city. 자세히 보기
    좋아요 - 2주 전
  • Ben K.heart icon on user image
    Ben K.5월 25, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    Best new pizza spot in Brooklyn. Order the Colony and Emily and whatever special is on. The burger on a pretzel roll is also the best in town right now.
  • Adrian P.heart icon on user image
    Adrian Phillips9월 29, 2017
    Sit at the bar, get great service and honest opinions about wine and beer on the menu (ask for a taste if unsure). The Colony Pizza is a favorite, while the chicken wings are a very messy, must have.
  • PureWow
    PureWow8월 3, 2016
    Emmy Burger: Chef Emily is known in NYC for her pizza, but one taste of this dry-aged beef, cheddar and pretzel bun and you’ll be waving off slices left and right. 자세히 보기
  • Eater
    Eater7월 27, 2016
    Chef Matt Hyland makes some superb Korean style wings. Sauced with gochujang, they come with a side of housemade buttermilk mint ranch. Available weekdays 5:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.. Six wings for $12. 자세히 보기
  • Marwan M.heart icon on user image
    Marwan Mz12월 1, 2017
    They are serving the best Pizza in town.I got the Luca pizza and it was amazing"everything was fresh". Also, make sure you come early so you don't miss thier burger (they serve only 25 burger a night)
  • Eater
    Eater6월 15, 2017
    The wings at this Clinton Hill restaurant are sauced with gochujang, butter, garlic, and rice wine vinegar, and served with a side of housemade buttermilk mint ranch. 자세히 보기
  • Cait I.heart icon on user image
    Cait Irwin1월 17, 2015
    You must try the 1) vodka pizza with vodka sauce, ham, & mozzarella 2) emmy burger on a pretzel bun and the most magical of them all the 3) zucca pasta with duck ragu. Wonderful food and experience!
  • Rachel P.heart icon on user image
    Rachel Port2월 17, 2017
    Wow wow wow the special 🍕- butternut squash purée, kale, goat cheese, and guanciale - was top three best pizzas I've ever had in my life. I could eat it probably once a month for the rest of time.
  • David T.heart icon on user image
    David Trudo9월 24, 2016
    10회 이상 방문함
    This is my favorite pizza in NYC. Get the Emily pizza (pistachio, truffle, honey); I'm usually not one for gourmet pizza but it's amazing!
  • Cole K.
    Cole Kennedy4월 14, 2017
    The Emily burger is the stupidest, most delicious burger within AT LEAST a mile radius. Get there early because they often run out.
  • Amanda R.heart icon on user image
    Amanda Rella11월 29, 2017
    Still prefer the Detroit style pizza from the WV or WBurg locations but the Colony is always a go to! The burger is my favourite in NYC - juicy, a bit crunchy and delicious paired with a perfect bun.
  • Ricky S.heart icon on user image
    Ricky Sherrill1월 1, 2016
    Top drawer pizza with some great toppings that are always cooked perfectly. The "Emmy Burger" is a hidden gem and a must try if is available so be sure to ask. You can thank me later...
  • Vince C.heart icon on user image
    Vince C.7월 24, 2015
    Order a red & white to start. We went with a Colony (spicy/sweet!) and the special White of the day (fontina, mushrooms, etc). Both delicious! I'm heading back soon for the vodka and tomatillo pies!
  • Ryan C.heart icon on user image
    Ryan Campbell3월 27, 2018
    The Emmy Burger is worth the hype and everything you dream of. GET IT. The pizza for some reason was a little soggy, but have heard others say different so maybe just got a random bad pie.
  • ECavaheart icon on user image
    ECava3월 3, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    Love this place! Order a pizza and an app or pasta for 2 ppl, two+ pizzas for any party larger than that. The Colonie with pepperoni, pickled chilis & honey is A++, as is the bucatini and the cheeses!
  • Natalie V.heart icon on user image
    Natalie V7월 26, 2016
    Everything we have tried here is good. Favorites are the Emily pizza and the Emmy burger (come early for the burger! They will run out during peak hours)
  • Kev S.heart icon on user image
    Kev Skinny1월 5, 2016
    Bibb salad, Emily pie, and burger med rare. Fkn delicious. Love how this spot doesn't respond to special requests. Just eat the food they give u and shut up.
  • Raphael L.heart icon on user image
    New fave. Had us in and out in 30mins, but super cozy at the same time. Pizza is incredible (thin crust, great toppings) - try the 'colony.' Burger is overhyped IMO (too creamy), so go with pizza!
  • Dan H.heart icon on user image
    Dan Holland4월 8, 2018
    Lives up to the hype. Arestein pizza was phenomenal, flavours of lasagne on a pizza! Sweet peppers that burst in your mouth. The burger was fantastic, the pretzel bun makes it. Even the wings a good
  • Stina P.heart icon on user image
    Stina P.6월 10, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    usually very crowded at night so be prepared to wait or order to go. try any of the pizzas and get the burger. If it's your first time, get the s'more calzone. oh and say hi to emily
  • ZZubinheart icon on user image
    ZZubin1월 15, 2017
    One of Bk's favorite sit down pizza places. The burger is indulgent as anything (love Emmy sauce!). I'd recommend trying something more saucey....Colony is a lil overhyped
  • Brad G.
    Brad Garoon6월 5, 2015
    The Emmy Burger uses dry aged beef on a pretzel bun, topped with otherworldly "Emmy sauce," charred onion, Grafton cheddar, and cornichons. Get to Clinton Hill and eat this now. 자세히 보기
  • William J.heart icon on user image
    William Johnson12월 28, 2017
    Emily pizza and Arn-Dog Jr were ri-friggin-diculous. Insane in the membrane. Brussel sprouts were also on point. Haven't had the burger but you can't go wrong.
  • Varun S.
    Varun Shetty9월 2, 2014
    You should get the Emily pie (white pie with honey) - complement it with a Rafa (peppers, onions, tomato sauce).
  • Thrillist
    Thrillist2월 27, 2014
    The Luca with Buffalo mozz, sauce, and basil, or The Wrestler with mozz, pepperoni, sausage, and prosciutto -- are some pretty mind-bending creations. 자세히 보기
  • Sue A.
    Sue Apfelbaum5월 2, 2014
    I'm no vegetarian but had a veg feast to die for: the crispy (and spicy w/ a little sweet) sprouts, the kale pesto spaghetti, and a Lady Pizza Girl, the tastiest mushroom white pizza I've ever had.
  • Emily W.heart icon on user image
    Emily Wilson8월 22, 2015
    Get here early (before 6:30) for the infamous Emmy burger. They only sell 25 a night. Don't let it overshadow the pizzas, though. The Emily, the colony, and the vodka pie are great choices.
  • Raquel R.heart icon on user image
    Raquel Rose2월 11, 2014
    Everything is sooo yummy. With the coziest vibe and friendliest owners this new spot is a gem. You MUST get the Emily pizza and sprouts of course. Their homemade mozzarella is out of this world!
  • Teresa D.
    Teresa Dcruz9월 11, 2020
    Best place for pizza lovers. Once i visited the place with my friend and it was amazing time we spent to together. Quality of pizza is yummy and too tasty. Quantity is also huge. Value for money!
  • Coady A.heart icon on user image
    Coady Ann7월 2, 2015
    This is the best burger we have ever had; primarily due to the wonderful pretzel bun, onion, and the sauce that they put on top of the burger. Fries were well done; they were good!
  • Bitches Who Brunch
    Bitches Who Brunch12월 16, 2016
    Tied for Bitches Who Brunch's NYC Best Bites 2016 for Best Brunch Burger! One of the best burgers we tried in the city this year. 자세히 보기
  • Santi A.heart icon on user image
    Santi Amaya10월 11, 2015
    Get any pizza here. Simply amazing. Very tasty. Try a few if you're, hungry you can't go wrong. Skip the cocktails though...
  • Peter C.heart icon on user image
    Peter Cucè2월 25, 2018
    The wet, cheese/onion adorned burger is everything you’ve heard, although $27 is a bit extreme. Pizza is quite good although sadly no square pies here. Meats spicy wings and charred sprouts also tops.
  • Vianney B.heart icon on user image
    It was love at first slice, and then some, finished the whole pie. I would get the Colony (mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled chili, honey). Those two last ingredients make for a tantalizing mix.
  • Lori L.heart icon on user image
    Lori Luo5월 14, 2015
    Although the pizza is solid, the can't-miss dish here is the Emmy Burger, a dry aged beef patty topped with cheddar, charred onions, and Emmy sauce sandwiched between two pretzel buns.
  • Christopher F.heart icon on user image
    Christopher Freda7월 26, 2015
    In all seriousness, one of the best #burgers I've ever had. Phenomenal patty, delicious sauce, great bun! Loved the #fries too! Great pizza too!
  • Chad H.heart icon on user image
    Chad Horner4월 7, 2016
    split a bunch of pizzas to see which you like most! the Emily is tough to beat: a white pizza with pistachios, truffle oil, and honey 👌🏻
  • Erika P.
    Erika Perzi7월 11, 2016
    Best pizza in my life. Burrata pie is divine and white pie options are savory. Ask waiter for tips on add ons and trust them. Wine list is priced moderately, plus plus.
  • refinery29
    refinery298월 3, 2014
    What's better than a super cheesy, tomato-filled calzone? One that's stuffed with chocolate and melted marshmallows, of course. You can't do much better than the enormous one served at Emily 자세히 보기
  • Justin D.heart icon on user image
    Justin Dean5월 3, 2015
    Flavors are big. The burger is tarted up with a bevy of reckless condiments, but could (and does) easily standalone as one of the best in town based on the quality of meat. Def get.
  • Mansour G.heart icon on user image
    Mansour Gadi5월 13, 2017
    Probably the best burger & pizza in nyc 🖤🖤🖤
  • Nate S.heart icon on user image
    Nate S1월 23, 2015
    First time here? Try the Emily pizza for a perfect mix of savory with a bit of sweetness. One pizza + one appetizer is the perfect portion for two people to share.
  • aboutplacesheart icon on user image
    aboutplaces10월 9, 2018
    Loved the Pizza and the Gin Tonic. Love how the Pizzas are stacked on the table. Even though food-wise I would go back to Emily's anytime unfortunately the music was soo loud we couldn't talk at all.
  • Lucile H.heart icon on user image
    Lucile Hecht12월 29, 2014
    Pizza does love Emily! And so do I. Definitely my favorite pizza in the area, and my go-to for a nice night out. I recommend the Luca, the Baby Q, and the Lady Pizza Girl, but there's no bad choice.
  • Sukiheart icon on user image
    Suki3월 26, 2018
    I said I wouldn’t get the burger because it’s $27 which is stupid. But I got the burger and it’s kinda worth it. You’re gonna spend that money anyway, right?
  • Danheart icon on user image
    Dan3월 26, 2016
    The Colony & Emily pizzas are awesome. Vodka pizza is only ok and the burrata pizza is a definite pass (there's hardly any burrata on it). Burger is great too.
  • Hayley S.
    Hayley Schulkind10월 14, 2016
    The pizza toppings were creative and the pizza delicious. I especially loved the Quinn. I would also recommend their second restaurant Emmy Squares, which is even better!
  • static_signalheart icon on user image
    static_signal3월 15, 2014
    The perfect place to eat a meal alone: grab a seat at the bar, bring a book, order a glass of Malbec, the arugula salad, and the Lady Pizza Girl and you have a perfect night.
  • Frances L.
    Frances Lin10월 5, 2014
    Lady Pizza Girl is 👍. Unfortunately, had a party of 7 for my bday and did not receive the nicest treatment from the dream team, Emily and Matthew. Waitstaff was great.
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