Ryan Khoury

Ryan Khoury

Sothern California
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  • Santa Barbara
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle
  • Philadelphia
  • Houston
  • Ventura
  • Woodland Hills
  • Pasadena
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Ryan의 상위권 도시
Santa Barbara
8 리스트가 생성됨 · 7 Tips
New York
6 리스트가 생성됨 · 4 Tips
Los Angeles
5 리스트가 생성됨 · 3 Tips
8 리스트가 생성됨
4 리스트가 생성됨 · 2 Tips
4 리스트가 생성됨 · 2 Tips
5 리스트가 생성됨
Woodland Hills
4 리스트가 생성됨
3 리스트가 생성됨 · 1 Tip
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Ryan Khoury
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Ryan Khoury
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Learning about my new city
Ryan Khoury
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A list of all my favorite places to grab a drink.
Ryan Khoury
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Ideas for moto based destinations and stops
Ryan Khoury
14 장소 업데이트됨 8월 2, 2021
Really solid Coffee Spots
Ryan Khoury
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31곳의 장소 Soi, Pegasus Coffee House, Taïm, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches 포함
    Ryan 님의 최근 팁
    "Only had takeout but it's pretty darn solid. Looks like a cute little place as well. Once I can go out side I look forward to dining in."
    Ryan KhouryRyan Khoury · 4월 1, 2020
    태국 음식
    · Encino, 미국
    "Famous motorcycle spot. Lots of two wheeled eye candy during weekends."
    Ryan KhouryRyan Khoury · 3월 14, 2020
    · Cornell, 미국
    "A solid cafe just off the main drag in Pasadena. Coffee and food selection is excellent. It's a nice place to bring your laptop for a little work or just hang with friends and hang out."
    Ryan KhouryRyan Khoury · 1월 18, 2020
    · 패서디나, 미국
    "Call me crazy but as a motorcyclists I actually prefer LAX. Only because parking is a pain. However if your not it’s a glorious alternative. Smaller then I imagined. Short lines and friendly staff."
    Ryan KhouryRyan Khoury · 11월 10, 2019
    · 버뱅크, 미국
    "It gets busy but it’s not too bad if your not in a rush. Size up to the double double and have a seat outside. Try the plain finder app so you can see what’s on final approach."
    Ryan KhouryRyan Khoury · 10월 13, 2019
    · 로스앤젤레스, 미국
    "It’s a little place, but it’s solid. It’s clean, and the food is delicious. I asked for spicy, and as a fan of spicy was happy it actually came as such. I’d you like seafood, try the house special."
    Ryan KhouryRyan Khoury · 10월 13, 2019
    베트남 음식
    · Reseda, 미국