Ægir Laufdal Traustason

Ægir Laufdal Traustason

Reykjavík, 39
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Ægir Laufdal Traustason
13 장소 업데이트됨 7월 31, 2018
Staðir til að prófa í berlín
Ægir Laufdal Traustason
3 장소 업데이트됨
3곳의 장소 Café KRONE, distrikt COFFEE, Umami 포함
Ægir Laufdal Traustason
24 장소 업데이트됨
24곳의 장소 Small Victory Bakery, Spooning Cookie Dough Bar, Black Apron, Pelicano 포함
    "Café during the day, restaurant in the evening. A very cozy environment, a good atmosphere and a house with a very interesting history. There are events there too, which are advertised inside."
    Ægir Laufdal TraustasonÆgir Laufdal Traustason · 8월 18, 2018
    · 레이캬비크, 아이슬란드
    "Great burger, good quality meat. If you get the fries then try the Tommi Souce (kokteilsósa) to dip them in, it's an Icelandic thing (like the place). Also the bernaise is the best I've had in Berlin."
    Ægir Laufdal TraustasonÆgir Laufdal Traustason · 8월 11, 2018
    · 베를린, 독일
    "I had a Cappuccino and Latte and they were both great. Good beans, good braista skills and the staff is friendly."
    Ægir Laufdal TraustasonÆgir Laufdal Traustason · 7월 23, 2018
    · 베를린, 독일