WTF Coffee Lab

WTF Coffee Lab

(현재 폐점)
커피숍샌드위치 가게$$$$
Fort Greene, 브루클린
팁 및 리뷰 아이콘70 팁 및 리뷰
사용자 아이콘
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  • Ciaraleaf M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ciaraleaf Meaney5월 16, 2015
    Impeccable coffee, by far best in fort greene, cortados, gibraltors, excellent Japanese drip. Small oasis on residential side street. Just started doing brunch too.
  • Clemente C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Clemente Cuevas3월 29, 2015
    Maybe the best coffee in Clinton Hill/Fort Green (can't think of anywhere else close). Brilliant divide into long form (different pour-overs like chemex, kalita etc.) and short form (espresso based).
  • Felipe C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Felipe Cepriano4월 27, 2016
    This place is awesome. Basically every coffee-making method you can dream of, and a nice selection of beans. (The Paninis are also great!!)
  • Juliana A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Juliana Ardila10월 31, 2015
    The coffee, place and food is awesome. They re-did my cortado because it "didn't look good" for them! Great atmosphere and music.
  • Jing Jing L.
    Jing Jing Li3월 25, 2016
    Great coffee and delicious toasties. The space is a bit tight though, so if you're meeting up with a friend, take the coffee to go and sit in the park!
  • 7th.List
    7th.List1월 2, 2012
    Using the cold-drip process it takes twenty-four hours to complete, making a flavorful, delicious iced coffee with a bite. Attention is given to the espresso drinks and siphon coffee. 자세히 보기
  • John C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    John Coates12월 27, 2014
    5회 이상 방문함
    All the coffee is good! Try all the methods and have them all done right. Espresso is especially bangin. Good vibes.
  • Cezary사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Cezary12월 5, 2011
    try the brewing method where they steam water under the coffee in a test tube contraption, and then let it filter down. it's more expensive but worth it.
  • Phil K.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Phil Katz2월 7, 2016
    Pretentious as hell, but the best coffee in the neighborhood by a mile. And great staff who know their coffee.
  • JRSS사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    JRSS10월 4, 2014
    The coffee is amazing. The flavor is something I never tasted before. If you're into espresso drinks, you must go here. Not much sitting room, no bathroom, small little place.
  • Ben D.
    Ben Drucker7월 14, 2015
    Intense! Lots of beans and basically every brew method imaginable. Cold brew is $6 and worth it.
  • Coady A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Coady Ann7월 6, 2015
    Celebrate service and unique coffee. Owner is very helpful will selecting coffee style and flavor.
  • Stina P.
    Stina P.8월 2, 2016
    great tucked away neighborhood spot to grab coffee from if you're near fort greene park
  • Myc A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Myc Agnew4월 5, 2015
    If you want to know what the specs of Coffees many drinks, this is the education you have been waiting for. Truly Unstoppable Awesomeness!
  • Daniel T.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Daniel Tewfik1월 19, 2015
    Great coffee... You can pick a style and pick a method of which to enjoy your view.
  • Elvin G. M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Elvin G. Marmol6월 15, 2015
    50회 이상 방문함
    Amazing coffee! The Panini's are good too though kinda pricey (try the Carter)
  • Maxwell F.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Maxwell Foxman9월 21, 2015
    Super tiny spot. Good coffee and unique options but hard to be there for a long time.
  • Jenny W.
    Jenny W.1월 27, 2013
    Best latte ever. And super adorable owner/barista. Loved the Lauryn Hill pandora music selection :)
  • Tarah F.
    Tarah Feinberg7월 4, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    Impressive approach to coffee - they brew it in a variety of different ways and will teach you about the different methods and tools. 자세히 보기
  • Douglas C.
    Douglas C8월 12, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Only place in NYC that does cold-brewed coffee in this style. Byproduct is a deep molasses coffee that creates a serious cocaine buzz. Program that makes the mixture costs $3500 .
  • Clara B.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Clara Bayarri9월 21, 2014
    Good spot for coffee, the fretta was really good and the owners are really nice
  • Saif D.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Saif Dia9월 8, 2015
    Cold brew runs out quickly, so get there early if you want some
  • Mike F.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Mike Fraietta6월 10, 2015
    100회 이상 방문함
    2 Chainz the rapper may have fallen off, but 2 Chainz the sandwich still dons the crown.
  • Robbie S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Robbie Siron7월 1, 2016
    Interesting place. Cold brew was good, but expensive for the size. More expensive than Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, and other similar places. Was serving Coava beans.
  • Chet M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Chet Mancini11월 26, 2014
    Well worth a visit. Try one of the specialty coffees.
  • Erik C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Erik Cox2월 29, 2016
    Great coffee. Bewae the iced coffee, it's strooong.
  • Doug J.
    Doug Jones5월 8, 2011
    Definitely try the iced coffee, its very unique, not just brewed coffee poured on ice.
  • Amy C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Amy Coates2월 7, 2016
    25회 이상 방문함
    Half Soy half almond latte
  • Paula I.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Paula Ivic3월 29, 2013
    10회 이상 방문함
    Best latte ever!! My new favorite coffee shop in New York :)
  • Andrea
    Andrea6월 8, 2013
    Prepare to wait 5 mins to brew some basic jasmine green tea. Then he won't pore it over ice if you ask. I guess you gotta wait and drink the tea how they want. Ridiculous
  • Steve사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Steve2월 28, 2016
    10회 이상 방문함
    The finest cortado in Fort Greene. Sit down only.
  • Dave P.
    Dave Pinter11월 14, 2010
    The most stylish place to grab a coffee in Fort Greene. Nicely placed near the park.
  • Don T.
    Don Torrance12월 6, 2012
    No bathroom so more of a one cup stop but worth every drop. Endless options on how you want your joe.
  • Callie P.
    Callie Peck10월 18, 2010
    10회 이상 방문함
    Order the siphon! A delight for the tongue and the eyes. Plus major caffeine kick!
  • E. F.
    E. Fitch3월 16, 2013
    $6 for my coffee. WTF. However, the cold brew is very good.
  • Ria
    Ria1월 3, 2012
    Try the peppermint and jasmine fusion w/Latte. Delicious.
  • Ian L.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ian Lesperance4월 19, 2015
    Great espresso. Beans by Coava.
  • Chris W.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Chris Waslin7월 23, 2016
    Unique friendly place
  • Christen D.
    Christen Duong6월 21, 2011
    Fragrant cold brewed iced-coffee. Expensive, but will keep you wired the entire day.
  • Martin T.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Martin Thörnkvist9월 12, 2015
    Fantastic espresso!
  • Katie W.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Katie Welch5월 5, 2013
    Wow. Perhaps the best latte ever.
  • Melody K.
    Melody Koh7월 28, 2012
    Shakerato for a summer-time cocktail-style coffee treat.
  • Noah @Noah_Xifr X.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Hot chocolate MUST here. :-)
  • Iversen
    Iversen1월 22, 2011
    25회 이상 방문함
    If you can spare 4 bucks, best coffee in new york
  • Pelin G.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Pelin Güvenç Kefel3월 22, 2016
    5회 이상 방문함
    Awesome espresso!
  • Xanthe T.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Xanthe Travlos4월 30, 2016
    Little brekkie things and great coffee
  • Dylan M.
    Dylan McKenzie12월 14, 2013
    10회 이상 방문함
    Fancy coffee. Pricey, but cool tech.
  • Jackie G.
    Jackie Gordon4월 13, 2013
    Very good hot chocolate!
  • Jan K.
    Jan Kwiecien9월 19, 2011
    Exquisite cappuchino. A must have
  • John P.
    John Pomeroy10월 7, 2011
    50회 이상 방문함
    Good is relative. It costs more to make coffee this way, qbert.
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