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Aurora De Lucia

Aurora De Lucia


I love to adventure! - marathon runner - heart patient - Price is Right winner- - Member: Mensa, AEA, IASTE - game show fanatic - hopefully your new friend?

Los Angeles, CA
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  • Boston
  • Oklahoma City
  • Los Angeles
  • Lake Buena Vista
  • Santa Monica
  • Lewis Center
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Oklahoma City
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Los Angeles
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Lake Buena Vista
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Santa Monica
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Lewis Center
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Aurora De Lucia
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Aurora De Lucia
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5곳의 장소 Native Foods, Industriel Restaurant, Leo's Barbecue, Trapeze School Los Angeles 포함
    Aurora De Lucia 님의 최근 팁
    "Tried cauliflower for the 1st time. I hear that's not generally a delicious vegetable - but it's certainly delicious as a starter here at The Six! I highly recommend. :-)"
    Aurora De LuciaAurora De Lucia · 8월 2, 2014
    · 로스앤젤레스, 미국
    "Bibb Salad & Blueberry Ginger Cake are both delicious! Bread w/ butter-ish sauce is exceptional. Biggest tip - only eat a 3rd of everything & take the rest home so you can try a bunch of courses! Mmm!"
    Aurora De LuciaAurora De Lucia · 7월 7, 2014
    프랑스 음식
    · 로스앤젤레스, 미국
    "The gym is open 24 hours!(!!) (It's huge w/ plenty to do. So, use it, baby!) In fact, use it to work off the amazing hotel breakfast. Save a huge appetite & go. Each thing on the buffet is incredible."
    Aurora De LuciaAurora De Lucia · 12월 12, 2013
    · 오클라호마시티, 미국
    "The cake is light, airy, & delicious (and comes with awesome fruit on top). My dad says you have to try it! (I concur)"
    Aurora De LuciaAurora De Lucia · 12월 12, 2013
    · 오클라호마시티, 미국
    "Check out Prosperity Junction! It transports you to an early 1900s Western cattle town at dusk. Sounds, replicas, & ambiance = super cool. (But since it was dark, this pic is the museum entryway.)"
    Aurora De LuciaAurora De Lucia · 12월 9, 2013
    역사 박물관
    · 오클라호마시티, 미국
    "Go in January for marathon weekend! A fun way to make your way through all the parks (plus ESPN's Wide World of Sports) in one morning.(If you're a Gatorade drinker, pack it! Disney uses Powerade.)"
    Aurora De LuciaAurora De Lucia · 10월 13, 2013
    · Lake Buena Vista, 미국