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Culinary Backstreets

Culinary Backstreets


The Global Guide to Eating Locally | Rio, Istanbul, Barcelona, Shanghai, Mexico City, Athens

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Culinary Backstreets 님의 다음 도시 내 리스트: 모든 도시
  • Istanbul
  • Barcelona
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Athens
  • Mexico City
  • Shanghai
  • Cuauhtémoc
  • Old Faliron
  • Coyoacán
  • 모든 도시
Culinary Backstreets의 상위권 도시
3 리스트가 생성됨 · 32 Tips
2 리스트가 생성됨 · 30 Tips
Rio de Janeiro
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 26 Tips
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 21 Tips
Mexico City
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 13 Tips
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 6 Tips
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 5 Tips
Old Faliron
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 3 Tips
1 리스트가 생성됨 · 2 Tips
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Culinary Backstreets
32 장소 업데이트됨 11월 1, 2014
32곳의 장소 Bar Varnhagen, Renascença Clube, Castro, Bar Adonis 포함
Culinary Backstreets
17 장소 업데이트됨 10월 26, 2013
17곳의 장소 Liangpi Man, Jian Guo 328, Spicy Moment, A Niang Noodles 포함
Culinary Backstreets
31 장소 업데이트됨 5월 17, 2013
31곳의 장소 Colibri, Το Ινδικό του Μπάρμπα Τζωρτζ, Καντίνα Μαβίλη, Riviera 포함
Culinary Backstreets
28 장소 업데이트됨 3월 18, 2014
28곳의 장소 Las Laguneras, Empanadas Salamanca 69, TACOS & deli, Corazón de Maguey 포함
Culinary Backstreets
11 장소 업데이트됨 5월 17, 2013
11곳의 장소 Bagauda, El Jardí Cafè, La Cerveteca, Vermuteria Lou 포함
Culinary Backstreets
37 장소 업데이트됨 11월 1, 2014
37곳의 장소 Horchatería Sirvent, Bagauda, Passadís del Pep, El Jardí Cafè 포함
    Culinary Backstreets 님의 최근 팁
    "Our favorite main course is the meyveli kavurma, which arrives sizzling hot in a wide copper pan. Ilahe balances the intense, fatty and savory meat with punchy sour cherries, green onion and cinnamon."
    Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets · 11월 10, 2014
    · 비잔티온, 터키
    "For vegetarians, the jiló do Claude consists of thin slices of the vegetable brushed with a tangy balsamic dressing, to which pink peppercorns, honey and a side of goat cheese are added."
    Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets · 11월 1, 2014
    · 리우데자네이루, 브라질
    "Heaping platters of polvo grelhado (grilled squid), arroz com brócolis (rice with broccoli), and risottos. One plate can easily feed 3 for lunch."
    Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets · 11월 1, 2014
    · 리우데자네이루, 브라질
    "Our top beer choices are Colorado’s Vixnu, a flavorful IPA heavy on the hops (lúpulo) and, for a novelty Brazilian option, the Göttlich Duvival, brewed with guaraná, the powerful red Amazonian berry."
    Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets · 11월 1, 2014
    · 리우데자네이루, 브라질
    "Try Velhas Virgins, an extra-light witbier from São Paulo, with Gracioso’s top-notch bolinhos. The croquete gracioso is like a bolinho but made of corn and is filled with white cheese and shrimp."
    Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets · 11월 1, 2014
    · 리우데자네이루, 브라질
    "Try dishes like the white fish surubim from Pará state, the border area between Brazil’s north and Amazon region, and the very popular namorado (boyfriend), which comes from tropical saltwater regions"
    Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets · 11월 1, 2014
    · 리우데자네이루, 브라질