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Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

Michelin Travel & Lifestyle


Join Michelin, our teams of anonymous Inspectors and esteemed travel Editors, as we explore hotels, restaurants and other must sees across the globe. Follow us and check in to receive expert tips directly from the MICHELIN Inspectors and travel Editors who evaluate the restaurants, bars, hotels and local sites that appear in our famous MICHELIN Guides, Green Guides and MustSees.

Paris, France
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New York
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New Orleans
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San Francisco
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Rio de Janeiro
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Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
2 장소 업데이트됨 3월 20, 2014
2곳의 장소 술탄아흐메트모스크 (블루모스크), Topkapi Palace Museum Shop 포함
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
6 장소 업데이트됨 3월 19, 2014
Chennai evolved from a fishing village to the British colonial Madras before becoming the prosperous global city you can explore today.
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
6 장소 업데이트됨 3월 7, 2014
6곳의 장소 Piz Nair, Matterhorn-Express, Val Ferret, Rothorn VS 포함
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
3 장소 업데이트됨 7월 15, 2014
Half the fun of skiing at Europe's top resorts is feasting afterwards, preferably with a glass of local wine in hand!
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
6 장소 업데이트됨 10월 30, 2021
While ski slopes + tropical beaches are packed, find lower prices and a quieter scene in cities like Venice, Shanghai, + San Francisco.
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
7 장소 업데이트됨 2월 20, 2014
Exploring the towns that have hosted the Winter Olympics before Sochi came along is a treat for history buffs and sports fans alike.
    "Don’t search for the valley! The 12 temples are located on the ridge south of town. Look for the sturdy Temple Concorde. – Green Guide Editor"
    역사 박물관
    · Agrigento, 이탈리아
    "Don't miss the Treasury and its masterpiece: a 250kg solid gold throne encrusted with diamonds and emeralds. – Green Guide Editor"
    역사 박물관
    · 터키
    "Step inside to see an image of paradise in 20K floral ceramic tiles. Notice the doors encrusted with mother-of-pearl. – Green Guide Editor"
    이슬람 사원
    · Fatih, 터키
    "Order exotic Chettinad cuisine like rabbit chukka (dry), kadai roast (quail) and kavuni arisi (black rice pudding). – Green Guide Editor"
    인도 음식
    · 첸나이, 인도
    "Eat at Beyond Indus for outstanding cuisine from Punjab/Rawalpindi/Sindh, Kefi for Greek, or Club House for fine buffets. – Green Guide Editor"
    · 첸나이, 인도
    "Besides crocs & gators from N. America, Africa, & Asia; there’s a snake farm where you can see a venom extraction demo. – Green Guide Editor"
    · Vada Nemmeli, 인도