The Tradition Golf Club is one of Time.

1. The Tradition Golf Club

3800 Prosperity Church Rd, 샬럿, NC
골프장 · 6개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Bill Clinton can break 90, especially using his "Billigans.” #DNC2012

Hilton is one of Time.

2. Hilton

8629 J M Keynes Dr, 샬럿, NC
호텔 · University City North · 32개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: This will be the hotel for Ohio DNC delegates. The last Democratic National Convention in Ohio was in 1880, at the Cincinnati Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH. #DNC2012

NC Music Factory is one of Time.

3. NC Music Factory

820 Hamilton St (at Seaboard St), 샬럿, NC
콘서트 홀 · Fourth Ward · 25개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The host committee party will be held here during the 2012 DNC. In 2000, Tommy Lee Jones gave a speech nominating Al Gore, his old college roommate, to be the Party's nominee for President. #DNC2012

McColl Center for Visual Art is one of Time.

4. McColl Center for Visual Art

721 N Tryon St, 샬럿, NC
미술관 · Fourth Ward · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: National Journal and The Atlantic will set up shop here during the DNC. Fun Fact: Of the 46 Democratic National Conventions, 22 of them have been held in states bordering the Atlantic Ocean. #DNC2012

Google Hangout is one of Time.

5. Google Hangout

샬럿, NC
면회실 · Third Ward · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Obama campaign manager Jim Messina put a staff Ping-Pong table outside his office at Chicago HQ after a tour of all the tech companies. He said, "You have got to have fun things for them to do." 자세히 보기

Packard Place is one of Time.

6. Packard Place

222 S Church St (at W 3rd St.), 샬럿, NC
사무실 · Third Ward · 8개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: POLITICO will be taking over Packard Place during the DNC. Fun Fact: The longest Democratic convention was in 1924 in New York, when John W. Davis was nominated after 17 days & 103 ballots. #DNC2012 자세히 보기

CNN Grill @ DNC (Vida Cantina) is one of Time.

7. CNN Grill @ DNC (Vida Cantina)

210 E Trade St (at College St), 샬럿, NC
아메리칸 다이너 · Uptown · 9개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The first Democratic National Convention televised coast-to-coast was held in 1952. #DNC2012

8. Bank of America Stadium

800 S Mint St, 샬럿, NC
미식축구장 · Third Ward · 177개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Obama’s acceptance speech at the 2008 convention was on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. After winning, Obama was TIME's Person of the Year in 2008. #DNC2012 자세히 보기

Queen City Quarter is one of Time.

9. Queen City Quarter

210 E Trade St (at S College St), 샬럿, NC
쇼핑몰 · Uptown · 33개의 팁과 리뷰
Democratic National Convention Committee is one of Time.

10. Democratic National Convention Committee

400 S Tryon, 샬럿, NC
사무실 · Third Ward · 4개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: "The right to be different" added to Democratic Party platform in 1972 means to "maintain a cultural or ethnic heritage or lifestyle, without being forced into a compelled homogeneity.” #DNC2012

11. Spectrum Center

333 E Trade St (at S Brevard St), 샬럿, NC
농구장 · First Ward · 138개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: In 2004, a little-known Illinois state senator named Barack Obama gained national prominence by delivering the keynote address for the Democratic National Convention in Boston. #DNC2012

Flex + Fit is one of Time.

12. Flex + Fit

550 S Tryon St, 샬럿, NC
요가 교습소 · Third Ward · 6개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The Huffington Post takes over Flex & Fit during the DNC offering a place for attendees to ‘unplug and recharge their minds and bodies’ during the conventions. #DNC2012

13. 샬롯 더글러스 국제공항 (CLT)

(Charlotte Douglas International Airport)
5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy (at Billy Graham Pkwy), 샬럿, NC
국제공항 · 2270개의 팁과 리뷰
Charlotte Convention Center is one of Time.

14. Charlotte Convention Center

501 S College St (501 S College St, Charlotte, NC), 샬럿, NC
컨벤션 센터 · Uptown · 48개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The Democratic National Convention was held twice in 1860. First in Charleston, SC, it adjourned in May and reconvened in June in Baltimore, MD. #DNC2012

NASCAR Hall of Fame is one of Time.

15. NASCAR Hall of Fame

400 E Martin Luther King Blvd, 샬럿, NC
박물관 · Uptown · 81개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Connected to the convention center via a walkway, the hall of fame is highly hands on, with more than 50 interactive experiences including race simulators, tire-changing station & more.” #DNC2012

Amos' Southend is one of Time.

16. Amos' Southend

1423 S Tryon St (at Winona St), 샬럿, NC
음악 베뉴 · South End · 41개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The Roots will headline StartUp RockOn's event series during the DNC here. StartUp RockOn aims to highlight America’s start up community during this year's political conventions. #DNC2012 자세히 보기

17. 탬파 국제공항 (TPA)

(Tampa International Airport)
4100 George J Bean Pkwy (at Memorial Hwy), 탬파, FL
국제공항 · 1106개의 팁과 리뷰
CNN Grill @ RNC (Tampa Bay Times Forum) is one of Time.

18. CNN Grill @ RNC (Tampa Bay Times Forum)

303 Channel Side Dr, 탬파, FL
아메리칸 다이너 · Downtown Tampa · 8개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: “The first televised Republican National Convention was in 1940.” #GOP2012

The Tampa Club is one of Time.

19. The Tampa Club

101 E Kennedy Blvd, 탬파, FL
예술 및 엔터테인먼트 · Downtown Tampa · 17개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: 50,000 visitors are expected to come visit the Tampa Bay area during this year’s Republican National Convention. #GOP2012

Channelside Bay Plaza is one of Time.

20. Channelside Bay Plaza

615 Channelside Dr, 탬파, FL
광장 · Channel District · 22개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: MSNBC’s prime time programming will happen here during the Republican National Convention. Approximately 15,000 accredited media members will be attending this year’s convention. #GOP2012

Aja Channelside is one of Time.

21. Aja Channelside

290 S Meridian Ave, 탬파, FL
나이트클럽 · Downtown Tampa · 17개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The Huffington Post takes over The Aja Channelside during the RNC as a place for attendees to ‘unplug and recharge their minds and bodies.' #GOP2012 자세히 보기

Yuengling Center is one of Time.

22. Yuengling Center

4202 E Fowler Ave (on Bull Run Dr.), 탬파, FL
대학교 농구장 · New Tampa · 41개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Ron Paul, who was on the 2012 TIME 100 list, plans to hold his "We Are The Future" rally on Aug. 26 during the Republican National Convention. #GOP2012 자세히 보기

Embassy Suites by Hilton is one of Time.

23. Embassy Suites by Hilton

555 Westshore Plz, 탬파, FL
호텔 · 39개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: This is one of the hotels for RNC Arizona delegates. Barry Goldwater of Arizona was nominated for President at the 1964 Republican National Convention at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. #GOP2012

Mainsail Suites Hotel & Conference Center is one of Time.

24. Mainsail Suites Hotel & Conference Center

5108 Eisenhower Blvd, 탬파, FL
호텔 · 17개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: This is one of the hotels for RNC Ohio delegates. Ohio natives who won Republican presidential nominations include Hayes (1876), Garfield (1880), McKinley (1896) and Harding (1920). #GOP2012

Channelside Cinemas 10 is one of Time.

25. Channelside Cinemas 10

601 Channelside Dr., 탬파, FL
영화관 · Channel District · 24개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Troublemaker Fest, a five-day event in Tampa happening alongside the RNC, will feature a Tea Party vs. Occupy Movement debate hosted by Christine O’Donnell at the Channelside Cinemas.

The Cuban Club is one of Time.

26. The Cuban Club

2010 N Avenida Republica de Cuba, 탬파, FL
예술 및 엔터테인먼트 · Historic Ybor · 7개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Marco Rubio will be here on Monday night during the RNC for the event, "Nuestra Noche: Midnight in Ybor." Rubio was featured on TIME’s cover titled, “Party Crashers” back in 2010. #GOP2012 자세히 보기

Amphitheatre is one of Time.

27. Amphitheatre

1609 E 7th Ave, 탬파, FL
나이트클럽 · Historic Ybor · 16개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Rock The Vote & Start Up Rock On bring Steve Aoki to perform in Tampa. In 2004, Adam Sandler performed at the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden. #GOP2012

TPC Tampa Bay is one of Time.

28. TPC Tampa Bay

5300 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd, Lutz, FL
골프장 · 11개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Practice your golf swing at “Birdies for the Brave” an RNC convention golf event being co-chaired by House Speaker John Boehner and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, among others. #GOP2012

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is one of Time.

29. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

5223 Orient Rd (at Hillsborough Ave.), 탬파, FL
카지노 · 186개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Nat King Cole, the renowned jazz pianist and singer, addressed the 1956 Republican National Convention in San Francisco. #GOP2012

Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge is one of Time.

30. Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge

401 Channelside Dr, 탬파, FL
스포츠 바 · Downtown Tampa · 4개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Richard M. Nixon, who often enjoyed cigar puffing with other world leaders, was virtually unopposed for the Republican nomination in 1960. #GOP2012

Tampa Bay Downs is one of Time.

31. Tampa Bay Downs

11225 Race Track Rd, 탬파, FL
자동차 경주장 · 27개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: During this year’s Republican National Convention, 50,000 people are expected to visit the Tampa Bay area. #GOP2012

Rivergate Tower is one of Time.

32. Rivergate Tower

400 N Ashley Dr, 탬파, FL
사무실 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: POLITICO will be taking over The Rivergate Tower during the RNC. Fun Fact: The manifesto adopted at the 2004 Republican Convention was the longest in the party’s history with 48,000 words. #GOP2012 자세히 보기

Carne Chophouse is one of Time.

33. Carne Chophouse

1536 E 7th Ave (N 16th St), 탬파, FL
스테이크 전문점 · Historic Ybor · 50개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: National Journal and The Atlantic are setting up their Republican National Convention headquarters here to host panels, parties and briefings. #GOP2012

Museum of Fine Arts is one of Time.

34. Museum of Fine Arts

255 Beach Dr NE (bt 3rd & 2nd Avs NE), Saint Petersburg, FL
미술관 · North Downtown · 24개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg offers a legendary permanent collection, fascinating traveling exhibits, and exciting events to immerse yourself in the world of art.

St. Petersburg Pier is one of Time.

35. St. Petersburg Pier

800 2nd Ave NE, Saint Petersburg, FL
부두 · 48개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Shop, sightsee, or simply stroll across the pier at one of the area’s favorite locations and an icon of the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront.

Sunken Gardens is one of Time.

36. Sunken Gardens

1825 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL
정원 · Historic Old Northeast · 39개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Cascading waterfalls, stunning vistas, a wedding garden and over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers welcome visitors, who can enjoy wandering paths, yoga, hoop dancing and butterfly encounters.

Clearwater Beach, FL is one of Time.

37. Clearwater Beach, FL

Clearwater Beach, FL
주변 지역 · 19개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Sit back and relax on 3 miles of sugar white sand and sparkling waters -- enjoy marinas, nightlife, restaurants, and accommodations ranging from high-end resorts to old-fashioned mom-and-pop motels.

Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant is one of Time.

38. Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant

10 Beach Dr NE (at Central Ave), Saint Petersburg, FL
타파스 전문점 · University Park - South Downtown · 103개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: A local favorite, this unique Spanish Tapas Restaurant was voted 'Top Twenty New Restaurants in Florida' by Florida Trend Magazine.

SS American Victory Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship is one of Time.

39. SS American Victory Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship

705 Channelside Dr, 탬파, FL
기념비 · Channel District · 10개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: As one of only four fully operational WWII ships in the country, the American Victory Ship in Tampa is a national treasure and true American icon.

The Dali Museum is one of Time.

40. The Dali Museum

1 Dali Blvd (at Bayshore Dr & 5th Av SE), Saint Petersburg, FL
미술관 · University Park - South Downtown · 209개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: This museum houses the world's most comprehensive collection of the renowned Spanish artist's work, with a permanent collection of 96 oil paintings spanning the years from 1917 to 1970.

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is one of Time.

41. Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

1101 W Sligh Ave (at North Blvd), 탬파, FL
동물원 · 117개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Re-opened at its current site in 1988, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo boats 1,614 animals on 56 acres, and in 2009 Parents Magazine ranked it the number one zoo in the U.S.

Splitsville Southern & Social is one of Time.

42. Splitsville Southern & Social

615 Channelside Dr #120 (at Channelside Bay Plaza), 탬파, FL
볼링장 · Channel District · 35개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: This Tampa bowling alley is more than just your average bowling alley. Splitsville, the “upscale entertainment concept," features 12 bowling lanes alongside luxurious bars and a restaurant.

Carowinds is one of Time.

43. Carowinds

14523 Carowinds Blvd, 샬럿, NC
놀이공원 · 138개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Charlotte averages in the 80s in early September, so catch a breeze on the Intimidator, the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in the Southeast!

Fourth Ward is one of Time.

44. Fourth Ward

샬럿, NC
주변 지역 · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Take a horse-drawn carriage tour through the Fourth Ward or Northwest Quadrant of Charlotte’s Uptown area.

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is one of Time.

45. Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

130 N Tryon St (at 5th St), 샬럿, NC
공연 예술 베뉴 · First Ward · 28개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: From September 3-6, there will be multiple political events going on at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Billy Graham Library is one of Time.

46. Billy Graham Library

4330 Westmont Dr, 샬럿, NC
박물관 · 37개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Tour the restored home Billy Graham lived in from age 9 until he left for college, Ruth Bell Graham’s burial site, and learn the journey of the Grahams’ faith. Closed on Sunday, free admission.

U.S. National Whitewater Center is one of Time.

47. U.S. National Whitewater Center

5000 Whitewater Center Pkwy, 샬럿, NC
래프팅 장소 · 119개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: USNWC is billed as the “world’s premier outdoor adventure and environmental education center.” Home to the world’s largest man-made recirculating river, it features rapids, hiking and biking trails.

Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary is one of Time.

48. Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary

248 Ridgewood Ave, 샬럿, NC
정원 · Myers Park · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: A far different world from the bustling downtown, their mission is “cultivating sanctuary in nature, environmental stewardship and the legacy of southern horticulture.”

The Spa at Ballantyne is one of Time.

49. The Spa at Ballantyne

10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, 샬럿, NC
스파 · Ballantyne East · 5개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The Bellantyne features a host of award-winning services at their full-service spa, from massages to beauty treatments.

NoDa Historic Arts District is one of Time.

50. NoDa Historic Arts District

샬럿, NC
주변 지역 · 27개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Referred to as Soho’s little sister, Charlotte’s historic arts district is a gem. Something for everyone, NoDa is home to art galleries, funky restaurants, local musicians, and even a bar for dogs.

Carolinas Aviation Museum is one of Time.

51. Carolinas Aviation Museum

4672 First Flight Dr (at Charlotte/Douglas Inernational), 샬럿, NC
박물관 · 18개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: The museum has been collecting and restoring vintage historical aircraft for more than 20 years, and is the largest aviation museum between Washington, D.C., and Robbins, Ga.

The Mint Museum is one of Time.

52. The Mint Museum

2730 Randolph Rd (at Museum Plz), 샬럿, NC
미술관 · Eastover · 15개의 팁과 리뷰

TIMETIME: Art enthusiasts, enjoy The Mint Museum's collections of objects in ceramics, glass, fiber, metal and wood.