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Foursquare가 앵커리지에서 친구들과 함께 갈 수 있는 최고의 장소를 찾도록 도와드립니다:

  • 9.2

    Great Harvest Bread Co.

    빵집 570 E Benson Blvd 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 20개)를 말합니다:

    • Aubre
      Aubre: "The samples are like a full serving! Amazing! We enjoyed half a scone, half a ham and cheese roll, and a slice of carrot cake before we even bought anything!"
  • 8.8

    Anchorage Museum

    역사 박물관 625 C St 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 30개)를 말합니다:

    • Brenda S.
      Brenda Stratton: "Great Arctic/Captain Cook Exhibit and I thought Home Plate Advantage was pretty spectacular! All in all wonderful exhibits. Loved visiting."
  • 8.8

    Anchorage Brewing Company

    맥주 양조장 148 W 91st Ave 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 14개)를 말합니다:

    • Andy G.
      Andy Guinigundo: "Crafted beers that take a long time to mature - some age for a year. A cozy, beautiful space."
  • 9.1

    Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop

    빵집 1343 G St 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 21개)를 말합니다:

    • Janine B.
      Janine Beck: "Famous Alaskan sourdough bread, superb!! Chocolate chip cookies are to die for and array of delicious baked goods. Nice cosy spot to eat in and have a coffee."
  • 9.1

    49th State Brewing

    맥주 양조장 717 W 3rd Ave 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 29개)를 말합니다:

    • Evo
      Evo: "Very popular place, u need to book. Good beer, and delicious burger. Yakadella for starters."
  • 8.6

    Alyeska Resort

    리조트 1000 Arlberg Ave Girdwood, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 33개)를 말합니다:

    • Theresa F.
      Theresa Fowler Pittius ⚓: "Most beautiful views, wonderful staff, comfy beds, great restaurants/bars, amazing hiking trails- we'll be back! Can't wait to ski here!! :)"

사람들이 앵커리지에 있는 다음 장소에 대해 이야기하고 있습니다.

  • 8.8

    Taco King

    멕시코 음식점 1330 Huffman Rd 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 7개)를 말합니다:

    • Son of Emhak
      Son of Emhak: "Friendly staff. I love the steak Mexican tacos, but watch out for the enchilada special. It's a deal!"
    • GCI
      GCI: "Taco King - Huffman is a TurboZone location! Get blazing-fast Internet speeds by connecting with your GCI phone."
  • 8.7

    Apple Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall

    전자제품점 320 West 5th Avenue 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 9개)를 말합니다:

    • Jim C.
      Jim Czech: "Excellent, friendly, and very knowledgeable service and support. These guys (and gals) are the best!"
    • Chris W.
      Chris Williams: "iMacs are AWESOME peices of Tech and WELL worth the Money for it also."
  • 8.8

    Potter Marsh

    자연 보호 구역 Seward Hwy 앵커리지, AK

    또한 사람들은 (팁 11개)를 말합니다:

    • Stellaa D.
      Stellaa Duhart: "Lovely first views of Alaska as a visitor."
    • Dave S.
      Dave Snider: "Birds birds birds. But if you go not to check out the wildlife, please respect the majority of folks that are and be quiet and enjoy the surroundings peacefully."

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