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Foursquare가 옥스퍼드에서 친구들과 함께 갈 수 있는 최고의 장소를 찾도록 도와드립니다:

  • 9.0


    이탈리아 음식점 111 Walton Street 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 25개)를 말합니다:

    • Fathima D.
      Fathima Dada: "Branca in Jericho seems to be the most popular stylish go-to restaurant. No wonder, because the food is consistently good. Great deli next door too. I had the gnocci this time and it was lovely!"
  • 9.1

    The University Parks

    공원 Parks Rd 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 14개)를 말합니다:

    • Finders Keepers
      Finders Keepers: "Refresh the senses with a circuit around University Parks which can be undertaken in 20 minutes. Towards the eastern reaches there is a bridge over the River Cherwell where herds of cattle graze."
  • 9.3


    서점 48-51 Broad St 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 29개)를 말합니다:

    • Cintain 昆.
      Cintain 昆遊龍: "ALL THE BOOKS! Seriously, this is a book-lover’s wet-dream. Especially worth visiting are the Norrington Room (downstairs) and the local interest section. Awesome! 🤓📚"
  • 8.8

    The Punter

    호프집 9 South St 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 12개)를 말합니다:

    • Monica M.
      Monica Messaggi Kaya: "Great food for all budgets. They cater for vegetarians and have great menu. I simply adore their Rose Lemonade. Must try salmon, fish & chips, sausage & mash and many others."
  • 8.9

    Society Cafe

    커피숍 12-16 St Michael's St 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 32개)를 말합니다:

    • Chris P.
      Chris Phillips: "Good specialty coffee shop just off the main drag. House and guest espresso, plus a variety of brew methods. Comfy seating too."
  • 8.8

    The Gardener's Arms

    채식주의 음식 전문점 39 Plantation Road 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 17개)를 말합니다:

    • Alex N.
      Alex Norton: "Great local pub, not touristy, "gastro" or pretentious. Decent vegetarian food and proper beer. Awesome garden in the summer, cosy inside in the winter."

사람들이 옥스퍼드에 있는 다음 장소에 대해 이야기하고 있습니다.

  • 9.0

    Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe

    PC방 99 Gloucester Green 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 17개)를 말합니다:

    • The Lost Dreamer
      The Lost Dreamer: "Lovely place with tons of board games to choose. Good prices. The milkshakes and sandwiches are cool and music is also really great. A must for a rainy day in Oxford"
    • Panda L.
      Panda Lion: "Awesome place to go and play board games with friends... over 1500 games to choose from!! Lovely milkshakes, sandwiches and cakes too. My favourite place in Oxford :) Open till midnight even Sundays!"
  • 8.8

    Radcliffe Square

    광장 Radcliffe Sq 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 6개)를 말합니다:

    • Steve G.
      Steve Graham: "A beautiful slice of Oxford. Wander the square for free and gaze at the Radcliffe Camera. Absolutely stunning."
    • Layal J.
      Layal Jambi: "Lovely area around the most famous landmark at Oxford"
  • 8.9

    Christ Church Meadow

    들판 St. Aldates 옥스퍼드, Oxfordshire

    또한 사람들은 (팁 25개)를 말합니다:

    • Panda P.
      Panda Pup: "ที่ๆต้องมาเมื่อมาอ๊อกฟอร์ด...โรงอาหารและลานที่อยู่ในเรื่องแฮรี่พ๊อตเตอร์ ค่าเข้าสำหรับนักเรียน 6.5 ส่วนผู้ใหญ่ 8 แนะนำว่าเข้าในโรงอาหารรีบถ่ายรูปให้มากที่สุดเพราะจะมีเจ้าหน้าที่คอยไล่ให้เดินไปเรื่อยๆ"
    • Chris P.
      Chris Phillips: "Lovely views back over the meadow towards the dreaming spires. Nice and peaceful down by the Cherwell."

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