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Foursquare가 투손에서 친구들과 함께 갈 수 있는 최고의 장소를 찾도록 도와드립니다:

  • 8.8

    Rum Runner

    와인 바 3131 E 1st St 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 3개)를 말합니다:

    • Sonja U.
      Sonja Usry: "They are very helpful here and not only have a great selection of wine but cheese and crackers!"
  • 9.2

    Aqui Con El Nene

    멕시코 음식점 4415 N Flowing Wells Rd 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 19개)를 말합니다:

    • Kevin S.
      Kevin Sims: "the food is fresh as are the veggies. Loved the carne asada and the senora dog. Just say, what's the best thing on the menu and the helpful lady behind the counter set me on my way. Loved i"
  • 8.9


    칵테일 바 139 S Eastbourne Ave 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 8개)를 말합니다:

      FLYTRYBE FORDE51GN: "Very cool, simple, cocktail bar. good Mezcal. A little hipster a little minimal. A superb sunset and Lovely company made it perfect."
  • 9.5

    Mount Lemmon

    Catalina Highway 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 30개)를 말합니다:

    • Kaitlin M.
      Kaitlin McIntosh: "The Catalina Mountains are beautiful, and Mt. Lemmon has great camping, hiking, and a lake if you like to fish. Winter time means great skiing/snowboarding. Bears usually aren't around so it's safe."
  • 8.9

    Tucson Hop Shop

    3230 N Dodge Blvd 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 6개)를 말합니다:

    • Erinn F.
      Erinn Frances: "This place has such a fun and relaxed vibe here. Amazing beer selection, if you can’t find what you want on draft they have a side room full of coolers of beer from all over. Will be back."
  • 9.0

    Prep & Pastry

    아침식사 식당 2660 N Campbell Ave 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 48개)를 말합니다:

    • Tim H.
      Tim H : "The Cast-Iron Duck Confit was amazing. Also if you like bourbon, try the 'Honeymoon Suit' it's delicious."

사람들이 투손에 있는 다음 장소에 대해 이야기하고 있습니다.

  • 8.9

    North Italia

    이탈리아 음식점 2995 E Skyline Dr 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 45개)를 말합니다:

    • Steve M.
      Steve Mayer: "Staff is excellent. They go out of their way to be nice to kids. Braised short ribs pasta is to die for. Sit on the patio for lunch, delightful since it is shaded."
    • Kerry S.
      Kerry Stratford: "Love the atmosphere and energy here. Great cocktails - try the Julietta, and the zucchini chips with aoli are delish!"
  • 9.0

    Trader Joe's

    식료품점 4209 N Campbell Ave 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 15개)를 말합니다:

    • Nora B.
      Nora Bones: "The shoppers drive their carts like they drive their cars, bring a helmet.. better yet bring a body guard to this location."
    • Atomic P.
      Atomic Pop: "Wine selection is good and great variety of grocery items."
  • 8.9

    Sabino Canyon Trail

    트레일 Sabino Canyon 투손, AZ

    또한 사람들은 (팁 11개)를 말합니다:

    • Brandon F.
      Brandon F.: "Walk amongst the dessert cacti and enjoy the sites. Not a strenuous “hike”... look at it as more of a stroll."
    • Dealitout V.
      Dealitout Von: "Awesome trails.. Recommend taking the telephone trail or sometimes called the powerline trail... Back to the rangers station. It's a great hike!"

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