Georgetown Cupcake

Georgetown Cupcake

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컵케이크 전문점, 빵집카페$$$$
SoHo, 뉴욕
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  • Marivic G.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Marivic G2월 12, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    Get the Raspberry chocolate chip crunch, red velvet, salted caramel and Vanilla/Chocolate. Check their Twitter acct for the secret flavor of the day to get 1/100 to give away.
  • Chad H.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Chad Horner2월 19, 2015
    Delicious cupcakes! I tried a few, and Peanut Butter Fudge was my favorite. The frostings here are rich - the PB frosting has a pure PB flavor - but not too sugary, which you often find with cupcakes.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats4월 19, 2013
    Don't miss the Peanut Butter Fudge, a dense chocolate cupcake made with Valrhona chocolate. At the center is a supple fudge core that's reason enough alone to eat this cupcake.
  • Korey G.
    Korey Girdner4월 22, 2017
    Love these little gems! 😛💕🎂also, love that their fondant is chewy - beware, I've almost never made it home with the frosting in tact. Not sure if it melts or packaging but it can be frustrating.
  • Rebecca M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rebecca Maldonado8월 13, 2016
    Next time we are getting a dozen! Delicious! Red velvet cupcake was soft, moist, chocolate-y with a wonderful crram cheese frosting.
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew Choi10월 13, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    Some of the best cupcakes in Manhattan. Perfect flavors and proportions; that frosting WILL make you moan.
  • Matthew S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Matthew Spector1월 3, 2015
    Seasonal cupcakes and brilliant flavor combinations make this the top cupcake in Manhattan by far. Do the chocolate squared - and don't miss daily secret flavor giveaways (tips on their Twitter!)
  • Lauren
    Lauren6월 21, 2014
    believe the hype, sort of. the vanilla birthday was very good. favorite cupcake in the city is still from Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington St.
  • Barney S.
    Barney Simon7월 17, 2015
    We've cued at the original location: the best cupcakes we've had. I did online ordering. After cupcakes, they impressed me w/ the message card. It was large, attractive, and clearly printed.
  • Jessica d.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Jessica de Oliveira12월 15, 2015
    I hate to say it but these truly are the best cupcakes in the city. Go for the classic red velvet as the frosting is really cream cheese and not just vanilla.
  • Danae S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Danae Simmons12월 14, 2014
    The actual cupcake in the white birthday cake cupcake was delicious and moist with a nice spice to it which complimented the whipped buttercream frosting wonderfully.
  • Tanaya C.
    Tanaya C9월 2, 2012
    10회 이상 방문함
    The Peanut Butter Fudge cupcake has a "secret" liquid fudge center. To Die For. I tried the Salted Caramel cupcake today and it was so good it nearly brought tears to my eyes. <3
  • Lia S.
    Lia Salime8월 14, 2012
    If it's your first time here, you can't go wrong with the salted caramel cupcake! Everyone is super nice and if you're really thirsty you can ask for a glass of water free of charge.
  • Melodie Y.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Melodie Young3월 20, 2012
    10회 이상 방문함
    Sorry to say, but DC's most famous cupcake shop has got NYC's (Magnolia Bakery) beat by a mile. Check the facebook for specials, or just get any of the ones on the menu. Flavors change daily.
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Sweeney3월 15, 2012
    25회 이상 방문함
    Try a strawberry, key lime, peanut butter fudge, lemon berry, lemon blossom, and milk chocolate birthday. Also, check out the Georgetown Cupcake fb/twitter for the free "secret" cupcake of the day.
  • LaVerne W.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    LaVerne W.8월 1, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    You can't go wrong any selection. But if you must have one, oh the limitation, Red Velvet, Coconut, Carrot... my bad this is not a flavor - it's 3 different cakes. Flavor-town in you mouth
  • Theresa S.
    Theresa Summa8월 3, 2012
    The gluten free Lava Cake is ridiculously delicious, even compared to gluteny cupcakes. Best GF treat I've found. For GF folks in town or just in the area, you MUST.
  • Cupcakes Take The C.
    The Black and White Cupcake, The Strawberry and The Peanut Butter Fudge are must haves. They have lots of flavors that rotate daily, and there are some gluten-free cupcakes as well.
  • Rachel S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rachel Smith2월 11, 2016
    Fav in the city the cake itself is so good and frosting not too sweet! Didn't like the ganache frosting though, original better
  • Sharon T.
    Sharon Tsao3월 4, 2016
    Really good cupcakes :) one of the best ones i've had. The cream on the coffee, cookie, cream is really soft and fluffy!
  • James M.
    James M.5월 19, 2012
    Follow their twitter to get a free cupcake of the day. Also my girlfriend said its the best cupcake she's had in NYC, so you know... (4 of 4 petals via Fondu) 자세히 보기
  • Amber M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Amber Moller9월 25, 2013
    best frosting I have ever tasted! not too sweet & perfectly scrumptious. I got the vanilla birthday cupcake. All about the white on white!
  • Miss P.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Miss Piggy2월 5, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    Make sure to stop in on Wednesday or Friday for the chocolate hazelnut. You won't regret it!
  • Lucy H.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Lucy H.1월 4, 2017
    10회 이상 방문함
    Perfect cupcake to frosting ratio, perfectly baked cupcake that has just the right amount of bite. Best cupcake in NYC!
  • Leah A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Leah Anderson6월 8, 2017
    One of the best red velvet cupcakes! Definitely better than Magnolia's. Highly recommend. This place is the real deal!
  • Audrey O.
    Audrey O8월 14, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    Complimentary not-on-the-menu cupcakes daily, just check their twitter for the flavor of the day & order it for free!
  • Dana R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Dana Rosa9월 7, 2015
    Overcrowded, but good cupcakes. Chocolate & Vanilla, Vanilla & Chocolate, Vanilla^2 are all delicious, but it's hard to go wrong.
  • Maddie사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Maddie6월 13, 2012
    frosting is delicious! if you're a fan, this is definitely a place you don't want to miss! would go back, a million times. I give it two thumbs up
  • Terecille B.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Terecille Basa-Ong12월 24, 2015
    Cupcakes are amazing! Cashiers are eh; 1st one didn't say where to get cupcakes, 2nd misheard me (reindeer red velvet vs. reindeer munch?!).
  • Caroline D.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Caroline Deng9월 6, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    Follow @GTownCupcake for their secret flavor of the day! (100 per location). Be prepared for long lines during the afternoon.
  • Crystal C.
    Crystal Cabrera2월 8, 2013
    Girls there are SUPER SWEET! Got our cupcakes and coffee really fast! And the place is gorgeous and very girly! I love it!
  • Lucretia B.
    Lucretia Bennett6월 22, 2014
    Yummy, wonderful cupcake. Got a chocolate with vanilla icing and a little glass of milk. Perfect!
  • Anthony C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Anthony Chouloute3월 10, 2015
    Follow Georgetown Cupcake on Twitter to learn about the free flavor of day. Go to your local store, ask for the cupcake by name, and enjoy your free treat.
  • Chelsea W.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Chelsea Wang6월 3, 2016
    Love the Red Velvet cupcake! Lavender cupcake was too sweet but still good.
  • Eric H.
    Eric Hinman5월 17, 2012
    Their cupcakes are life changing. Try the carrot cake & red velvet. They melt in your mouth (and in your hand if you're not careful).
  • Mafe S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Mafe Sotillo Lairet5월 15, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    My favorite cupcakes in town! Ask for their vegan cupcakes! They're so delicious
  • Fotini🍭사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Fotini🍭12월 22, 2016
    Really tasty cupcakes and the coffee is also a plus!
  • Honghui Y.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Honghui Yu8월 4, 2015
    They have a lavender Earl Grey cupcake here... It's one of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted
  • Kanya R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Kanya Rhedrick8월 24, 2018
    The red velvet is great but if you are lucky enough to get a strawberry they are amazing.
  • Ing S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ing Sott8월 16, 2013
    Chai latte here.. Ufffff!!! Beauty in a cup!! Also they're banana flavored cupcakes (any of them) are delicious.
  • allison
    allison2월 10, 2015
    Soho outpost of my favorite DC cupcakes.
  • Sam H.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Sam H12월 15, 2017
    5회 이상 방문함
    Red velvet is a classic but I adore all of their cupcakes, especially seasonal ones!
  • Sonali P.
    Sonali Polanco5월 27, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    Check their Facebook page morning before 10am for the free secret cupcake of the day! Always a great way to start off your day :)
  • Thomas M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Thomas Mo8월 13, 2014
    Check their Facebook at 9:40am each morning for their free flavor of the day. 100 only so don't procrastinate!
  • Connie C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Connie Chiu9월 18, 2014
    They give out free cupcakes off the menu! 100 a day. Go online and check the flavor of the day.
  • Tim H.
    Tim Hettler1월 4, 2014
    Check their twitter account for the free secret cupcake of the day. Get there early though, they sell out around 3!
  • Tudor S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Tudor Saitoc4월 23, 2016
    check out their twitter for secret password and receive yummy goodness for free!
  • esther
    esther9월 3, 2014
    Blueberry cheesecake cupcake was yummy. Rather than the cake, the frosting is good (red velvet too)
  • Mark B.
    Mark Brophy7월 16, 2012
    25회 이상 방문함
    Salted Caramel - seriously the most delicious thing I've had in ages!!!!!! Sorry Magnolia, a new king is in town - Soho - and about to take this city by storm.
  • Melissa S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Melissa Sementilli3월 12, 2015
    Favorite cupcakes in New York City! The icing on the red velvet cupcake is to die for.
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