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Grandma's Bar

Grandma's Bar

칵테일 바, 무허가 술집$$$$
Sydney City Center, 시드니
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    Joy L.
    "Cozy (아늑함) cellar bar serving fun cocktails like a passion fruit martini."(Tips 3개)
    Chung H.
    "Laid back (캐주얼함) and good for an easy night with friends."(Tips 2개)
    Rose J.
    "The staffs are friendly (친절해서) and atmosphere is great."(Tips 8개)
    Prang T.
    "(The lemon (레몬) is eatable) Spare your stomach for jaffles."(Tips 2개)
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  • Prang T.heart icon on user image
    Prang Tantivejakul2월 17, 2015
    "Well thymed" will blow your mind. (The lemon is eatable) Spare your stomach for jaffles. They're ever better than my mom's cooking. Nice & friendly staffs.
  • Mark R.heart icon on user image
    Mark Robinson8월 1, 2015
    Mai Thai is the bomb. Friendly staff. Cosy intimate place, definitely a date place. This place needs a bigger sign post!
  • Jarryd M.
    Jarryd Menezes2월 21, 2013
    Look out for the fender music ship. Head downstairs. If you come across the deer head, you are in the right place. Prepare to be mind blown!
  • Andre S.heart icon on user image
    Andre S8월 16, 2014
    Great place! Come here on a Monday and have a chat with the owners. They're super friendly. The jaffles are super cool and the interior is quirky.
  • Darren W.heart icon on user image
    Darren Woolley7월 25, 2018
    Eclectic basement cocktail bar with an interesting selection of cocktails. Worth checking out. A little piece of Melbourne Laneways in Sydney.
  • BarChick
    BarChick8월 19, 2013
    Get yourself a Corpse Reviver Blue containing absinthe, gin, lemon, blue curacao finished off with a dayglo mermaid accessory floating on the glass. http://barchick.com/find-a-bar/sydney/grandmas-bar
  • Paul F.heart icon on user image
    Paul Farrell3월 21, 2015
    5회 이상 방문함
    Tiki tiki. The old mai tai taken to another level and the presentation probably warrants an entrance free. Nicest bar staff in Sydney too.
  • John B.heart icon on user image
    John Booth1월 17, 2015
    Great for a late night drink, friendly staff and you have to try the mai Thai for a little bit of cocktail theatre.
  • Rose J.heart icon on user image
    Rose Jhang5월 5, 2018
    If you ever travel to Sydney, you must come check out this lovely place. The staffs are friendly and atmosphere is great.
  • Eylem A.heart icon on user image
    Eylem Altuntas2월 4, 2017
    A very lovely, cozy place. Cocktails are very good. Try Ananas Express
  • Mads-Emil L.heart icon on user image
    Mads-Emil Larsen5월 17, 2017
    Nice lively mood even on an every day evening. Sub-par cocktails compared to similar priced / styled speakeasies in EU/US.
  • Ryan H.heart icon on user image
    Ryan Harris2월 2, 2012
    The Pink Pepper Martini is out of this world! Seriously, the best cocktail I've had in Sydney! Better than Blue Hotel, and that's saying something...
  • James W.
    James Wilson8월 7, 2014
    Wonderful selection of cocktails each with a puntastic name. Bar staff are all lovely and even do table service!
  • GAry W.heart icon on user image
    GAry Wong2월 22, 2015
    Groovy music, nice vibe. Had the made man cocktail! Strong!
  • Jackson T.
    Jackson Tsai1월 21, 2015
    You get the feel as if your visiting your grandmas house and she's serving up drinks, great spot!
  • Ryan K.heart icon on user image
    Ryan K.7월 26, 2017
    On-fire Mai Tai is $22 but kinda worth it. Cute menu, cool vibe.
  • Ashley H.heart icon on user image
    Ashley Howe3월 14, 2016
    Loved the vibe in here. Very laid back and not that busy from about 5.30pm-6ish
  • Scott R.heart icon on user image
    Scott Richards8월 16, 2017
    Ultimate Mai Thi (the one that's on fire).....nuff said!
  • Scott D.
    Scott Drummond8월 3, 2011
    The Nuclear Daiquiri was recommended to me by a friend and I can say without reservation it is AWESOME. Try it - you might like it!
  • Joy L.heart icon on user image
    Joy Ludwig-Mcnutt7월 23, 2015
    Cozy cellar bar serving fun cocktails like a passion fruit martini.
  • Sarah C.heart icon on user image
    Sarah Conrad1월 5, 2015
    Friendly and fun staff. Be sure to order the jaffles.
  • Vivek P.
    Vivek Prasad7월 29, 2020
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great cocktails! Try the placebo
  • Jarrod M.
    Jarrod Miller8월 8, 2011
    Small bar so get in early to secure a seat. Great cocktails. 자세히 보기
  • Chung H.heart icon on user image
    Chung Ho10월 3, 2014
    Great little bar with delicious cocktails. Laid back and good for an easy night with friends.
  • Linsey Y.
    Linsey Yew12월 16, 2015
    Quirky little hidden bar with huge selection of cocktails
  • Sheree J.
    Sheree Joseph12월 23, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Pink pepper martini. Fogcutter. Amaretto sour. Grandma's is my second home. Love this place and the wonderful guys who work here.
  • Neel H.
    Neel Hajare1월 10, 2020
    Peanut butter colada was certainly interesting, but I’m not sure I’d order it again
  • Elliot C.heart icon on user image
    Elliot Chance5월 14, 2015
    Cool cocktail bar somewhat hidden. The staff were friendly.
  • Markheart icon on user image
    Mark12월 22, 2015
    Funky little place to go for a drink and can't go there and not have a jaffle
  • Frank F.
    Frank Frost5월 13, 2014
    The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club & Passionfruit Cosmo - yum
  • GAry W.heart icon on user image
    GAry Wong2월 24, 2015
    Nice vibe, strong cocktail!
  • Iain D.
    Iain Darroch6월 22, 2013
    Cool little place. Nice to have a bar with a bit of character in the CBD.
  • Sneha R.heart icon on user image
    Sneha Roy9월 19, 2015
    Their own home made ginger ale with rum :)
  • Sannyheart icon on user image
    Sanny2월 28, 2016
    Great service, small space, great cocktails.
  • Omri K.heart icon on user image
    Omri Kl4월 27, 2015
    A fun rum themed bar! Very friendly staff!
  • Adrian A.
    Adrian Arumugam7월 31, 2011
    New stomping ground for cocktails! - Try the Mai Tai and Baron Samedi Brew......... thank me later.....
  • Heiko W.
    Heiko Waechter1월 17, 2013
    The Jasmine and Elderflower Collins is very refreshing!
  • Peter P.heart icon on user image
    Peter Petrovski11월 8, 2015
    Cozy bar good for a weeknight drink.
  • Stuart B.heart icon on user image
    Stuart Bradley8월 21, 2016
    Great cocktails. Try their knickerbocker!
  • Raúl O.heart icon on user image
    Cool place with amazing cocktails!
  • Tom W.heart icon on user image
    Tom W11월 24, 2019
    Bizarre but tasty cocktails.
  • Sebastian O.heart icon on user image
    Sebastian Ostman2월 28, 2014
    Don't touch the Nuclear Daquari. Lives up to its name, and WILL destroy you.
  • Flemy Y.
    Flemy Yemi10월 2, 2014
    Great service and relaxing live music
  • Mel H.
    Mel H3월 20, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Their espresso martinis beat any I've ever had.
  • Marcus M.heart icon on user image
    Marcus Marcus4월 10, 2018
    Atmosphere and small bar feel
  • George W.heart icon on user image
    George Westcott2월 5, 2016
    Good vibe and very intimate.
  • Marcus B.heart icon on user image
    Marcus Bertrand1월 25, 2016
    Their mai tai is serious business.
  • Julia M.heart icon on user image
    Julia Mesmeri3월 17, 2013
    One of the best whiskey sours in Sydney.
  • werner s.heart icon on user image
    werner schwabe9월 14, 2014
    Relaxed alternative bar.
  • Craig M.
    Craig Mack2월 10, 2011
    Dark Rum lovers...the Treacle is the way to go!
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