Paris Baguette


(Paris Baguette)
Koreatown, 뉴욕
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    Erica C.
    "Bread (빵) is always fresh and they have the best cakes!"(Tips 14개)
    "Blueberry (블루베리) greentea cake...awesome!"(Tips 6개)
    Phuong H.
    "Green tea or traditional Castella cakes (케이크) are really good here."(Tips 43개)
    Jinnie L.
    "They have great green tea (차) latte n green tea chiffon cake."(Tips 25개)
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  • ℳ𝒶𝓎♍사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    ℳ𝒶𝓎♍7월 1, 2018
    I'm in love with bakeries especially those with a variety of delightfully crafted offerings and calorie counts right next to the names. Paris Baguette has everything that perfectly fit my preferences
  • Emily Y.
    Emily Yeo2월 26, 2012
    Pastries are good, cakes a hit-or-miss for me. Definitely try the strawberry croissant or strawberry strewed bread, green tea frappe, iced coffee, shaved ice in the summer. Cute atmosphere though!
  • Luciefer
    Luciefer11월 9, 2014
    Can't remember which pastries I got because I'm pretty sure I got one of everything. All relatively delicious but the almond/marzipan and spongy cheesecake stood out. Anticipate standing in line.
  • Ailie C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ailie Chang8월 22, 2015
    Love getting birthday cakes for my friends here. Triple Berry Cake! Fruit and light sponge cake, so you don't feel bad eating it. They provide free candles and matches as well. One stop shop!
  • Matthew H.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Matthew Hurst4월 17, 2019
    My old work used to order their cakes, all of which are beautifully decorated and have some very tasty fillings. Big variety of baked goods and pastries to boot!
  • Dorothy L.
    Dorothy Lau9월 2, 2013
    The croissant donut is very good... I don't know how it was compare to the Ansel since I have never try... Do try their cake!!! Expensive... But it's SO good!!!!
  • Danielle W.
    Danielle Williams3월 31, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Prepacked oval-shaped strawberry cake and the tapioca stick doughnut are the best. The strawberry shortcake is also amazing... just wish there was more seating at this location.
  • EchoDA
    EchoDA12월 15, 2012
    this is a pretty amazing dessert place with a Korean twist but everything is yummy and fresh in this place. The assortment of deserts and quick bites are sure to want you coming back for more!
  • Lori L.
    Lori Luo9월 23, 2014
    The patbingsoo in a cup is more than enough for 2 people to share. Let it melt a little for best taste and mixing.
  • may
    may5월 31, 2013
    I love their cakes b/c it's not too sweet. Any of their chiffon cakes are spongey and airy; i love their blueberry flavor. Sweet potato cake is also good too :)
  • Kelsey L.
    Kelsey L1월 30, 2019
    5회 이상 방문함
    Great place for birthday cakes. They’re pretty and delicious. Be sure to ask for candles and get the disposable cake knife with matches in the handle.
  • JP사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    JP12월 24, 2015
    Korean take on Parisian bakeries, and they do a great job from their drinks to their pastries. Try the cream bread or the milk bread
  • John (.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Worth checking out their variety of fresh baked goods...unless you are on a diet because you will cave 🤤😱
  • Orlando R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Orlando Ribeiro6월 26, 2015
    It's a clean bakery, and the pastries and sandwiches are beautiful and tasteful. The prices are not bad.
  • Steph M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Steph Mon6월 30, 2016
    Coffee, Green tea bubble frappe, pastries: all of them!!! it's near the path and subway station!! 32nd street!
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran Group5월 27, 2011
    It might sound weird, but the green tea cake is wonderful and perfect for any special occasion. Their sweets are not too sweet yet insanely delicious.
  • Jessica S.
    Jessica Santascoy2월 8, 2014
    Get the chicken sandwich. The bread crust is light and flaky. The filling is a great mix of flavors.
  • Jinnie L.
    Jinnie L9월 30, 2014
    best way to enjoy korean style pastry. They have great green tea latte n green tea chiffon cake.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious Eats11월 18, 2013
    Korean bakery chain with Asian spins on pastry (green tea croissant, anyone?) and bread
  • Being Fatty사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Being Fatty1월 9, 2015
    Great selection of pasties and probably the best cronut imitation there is
  • Shanna N.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Shanna Nevelz12월 31, 2015
    Try the green pea pastry!!! Delicious and unique pastries and cakes always please the family.
  • Linda C.
    Linda Chow1월 4, 2016
    My mom keeps going back just for the blueberry chiffon cake. It's the fluffiest cake made of dreams.
  • John M.
    John Mullanaphy3월 29, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    While in Korea they were a big staple of my coffee consumption. Same quality here, although they don't have the same awesome coffee cups as their Korean counterparts.
  • Alaa S.
    Alaa Shaker8월 27, 2014
    Everything's good here. Try the funky-looking squid ink bread with the beef sausage tentacles :)
  • Inma N.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Inma Navarro1월 1, 2017
    Me encanta. Buena opcion para desayunar. Mucha variedad, a buen precio y delicioso
  • Ana F.
    Ana Fonseca9월 27, 2012
    They have a great green tea shaved ice dessert. However, if your going alone or just ordering for yourself, make sure you mention cup size.
  • Erica C.
    Erica Choi3월 11, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Bread is always fresh and they have the best cakes! Sweet potato and strawberry are my favorites. They also carry KimTakgoo bread from the Korean drama, cute!
  • Betty
    Betty10월 3, 2012
    I've had over 6 cakes here and my strongest recommendation still goes out to the Blueberry Chiffon Cake. You can't go wrong!
  • Evren A.
    Evren Avseren1월 21, 2015
    If you want a cake with creative designs, try Paris Baguette. I haven't taste any but visiually they were very well-crafted.
  • Betty T.
    Betty T1월 24, 2012
    5회 이상 방문함
    Everything here is delicious, especially the sweet potato pastries. BUT don't get the milk tea. It's just Lipton with milk. I was expecting something better quality for $2.50.
  • Jess L.
    Jess Leung6월 1, 2012
    Delicious assortment of pastries and cakes, it's a better destination to get your sweet-fixings compared to the other overpriced cafes in K-town.
  • Sam H.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Sam H12월 16, 2014
    10회 이상 방문함
    Good place to drop by for desert, the fresh green tea cake is my favorite
  • EchoDA
    EchoDA8월 13, 2012
    yumm! korean style patisseries, everything is fresh and a great a place to experiment your taste buds
  • Meiling Z.
    Meiling Zhou11월 19, 2011
    Was in Seoul last year and saw PB everywhere. I was extremely happy for see the franchise in NYC for some authentic Korean treats!
  • Karen사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Karen1월 28, 2018
    Delicious pastries. They have birthday cakes, as well.
  • Jessica사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Jessica3월 10, 2015
    Try their bottled puddings. Sweet and very soft in texture, you'll wish you bought more
  • Munira A.
    Munira Ahmed9월 12, 2011
    5회 이상 방문함
    the "fruit pastry" and the "feuilletee chocolate" are my two faves.. sometimes its so hard to pick that I end up getting both, but $2 each is a deal
  • Brkgny사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Brkgny11월 8, 2014
    Sunum harika hepsini yiyesiniz geliyor. Tuzlular tatlılara göre daha başarılı bence. Pastalarını tadmadım bilmiyorum
  • Helen
    Helen12월 4, 2014
    Place is a nightmare when it's crowded. Narrow aisle and the seating area is uncomfortably close to the checkout line. Few places to sit and selection is scarce, nonetheless still delicious.
  • michael b.
    michael brashier12월 16, 2013
    5회 이상 방문함
    Everything is delicious. They should make more "croissant donuts". They're unbelievable.
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie7월 31, 2012
    25회 이상 방문함
    Try the sandwhiches fur lunch. Refreshing and tasty! The new lemon shrimp ciabatta sandwhich is especially good.
  • Eric B.
    Eric Bacolas7월 5, 2013
    If you like chocolate, get their chocolate bread - unbelievable!
  • D C.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    D C🐧11월 14, 2014
    Coffee, cake, and the cheese ball. Can't wait to try more
  • Luke
    Luke3월 18, 2016
    I could pretty much stare at the cakes all day, but they'd probably ask me to leave eventually 🍰
  • Phuong H.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Phuong H6월 30, 2016
    Green tea or traditional Castella cakes are really good here.
  • Jen D.
    Jen Digney6월 10, 2012
    The milk bread loaf is heavenly! It tastes great plain but even better toasted with some nutella.
  • Maia
    Maia11월 21, 2011
    10회 이상 방문함
    Their pudding is one of their bestsellers. You won't regret trying it. Cute packaging aside, it really is to die for. 
  • Laís W.
    Laís Wada10월 16, 2013
    Try the Taro Bubble Drink! Is amazing ❤ The Canelé is good too 😊
  • Laura C.
    Laura Chin8월 7, 2014
    Not in the mood for a pastry? Get the giant mango ice instead. You'll probably want to split this with a friend or three.
  • Felicia M.
    Felicia M9월 3, 2013
    Fantastic Japanese style bakery. Awesome, airy sponge cakes.
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