Le Grenier à Pain | لو غرونييه ابان

Le Grenier à Pain

(لو غرونييه ابان)
프랑스 음식점, 빵집제과점$$$$
حطين, 리야드
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    "Try the Egg Benedict or French Toast (토스트), both really good!"(Tips 75개)
    Noor T.
    "You have to try crock madam and salted caramel tart (타르트) 😍"(Tips 17개)
    Tr R.
    "bread (빵) with jam and butter 🧈 🥖 Highly recommend"(Tips 19개)
    "pain au chocolat is delicious, & good filtered coffee (커피)."(Tips 48개)
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  • Reema A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Reema Ali8월 19, 2018
    I loved everything about this place. I didn’t want to say anything because I want this place to be mine 🤪 but I love them more so here I am. Don’t miss out!!!
  • Lina사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Lina12월 7, 2018
    Best croissant in town. So light and flaky. Almond flavor is one of a kind.
  • Nour .
    Nour 🦄2월 28, 2019
    Saumon fume Benedicte and croque madame, loved their croissants and French coffee
  • Walaa A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Walaa Aldairi8월 20, 2018
    Authentic french resturant, nice atmosphere, welcoming staff, Great spot for breakfast & dessert, really good black coffee
  • .사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    .6월 24, 2018
    I loved everything about this place 👌🏻one of the best places for breakfast in Riyadh 💛
  • Nouf사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Nouf5월 4, 2018
    5회 이상 방문함
    New breakfast spot, greaaaaattttt i love it and i will come back again👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  • Mohammed 💙☕️사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Mohammed 💙☕️9월 15, 2018
    Best Croissant in Riyadh. I recommend to try the Almond croissant. It's really delicious. The black coffee is also good.
  • Maha사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Maha3월 3, 2020
    For breakfast this is the first place to go for , pancakes,le grenier a pain benedict egg u should try it’s the best 😋😋 ,also the French toast 👍🏻
  • Amal A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Amal Alwabel5월 15, 2018
    Warm and genuine decoration. The bakery offers freshly baked customized cakes for special occasions, bread, pastries, patisseries and savouries.Best French bakery in town
  • Nourah A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Nourah Alelayan8월 13, 2018
    5회 이상 방문함
    They have the most amazing staff. They r so polite and keep asking if we need something. I love the black coffee. I tried the salmon, wooow. The grillled chicken and salmon tartar was just amazing.
  • My N.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    My Name6월 25, 2018
    opens at7:00 a.m. The food tastes like in France🇨🇵 the best french restaurants so far.It used to be Paul but this is waaaay better than any other French restaurant competitors😍
  • Ghada사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ghada8월 23, 2018
    Cappuccino👌🏼 Benedict egg♥️ the atmosphere is lovely..must to visit👍🏻
  • Dr. Mai A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Dr. Mai Al-Salman7월 17, 2021
    Luxury corner.One of the best French restaurants . It’s a choice whenever we want a special breakfast or lunch .Staff are friendly& helpful caring about all of the details. Menu is full and delicious.
  • Rawan N.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rawan Ns4월 25, 2018
    I liked the atmosphere so much❤️ we otdered mashroom soup, salmon and turky sandwich. The food was fine.The cappuccino was nice and the orange juice was so fresh. I will be back for the croissants 🥐
  • Ibrahim사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ibrahim11월 28, 2020
    Great place for breakfast, full of tastes all the way from 🇫🇷. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Best croissant in the city by far👍🏼, if you look for something unique try Mille Feuille Halloumi.
  • RJ사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    RJ9월 10, 2018
    Every things are delicious 😋 one of the Best pastries & Breakfast in Riyadh 👍🏼
  • TheCoffeeHuntress
    TheCoffeeHuntress10월 3, 2018
    The Latte is really good. Egg Benedict with smoked salmon😋. Pâte à Choux Farcis Oeuf was okay it’s missing something! Overall the place is perfect for breakfast and the service was great and fast👌🏻
  • haifa j.
    haifa jay5월 1, 2018
    best eclair🇳🇱 in Riyadh
  • The Enigma
    The Enigma10월 5, 2020
    Delicious shrimp sandwich, the best one I’ve ever had, the place is warm and cosy with a chic french style. 8/10. (There’s croissants are good too, the pistachio in particular was unique)
  • Assma A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Assma Al-Dhabaan1월 14, 2021
    Try Tiramissu cake so delicious , Raspberry Eclair is a must, Fromboisier excellent taste.. this coffee shop so fantastic, recommended👍🏻💞
  • No사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    No8월 31, 2019
    i like their sandwiches for bfast or dinner, my fav is the mozzarella one (ask for it to be very toasted). pain au chocolat is delicious, & good filtered coffee. overpriced, but the quality is high
  • Abdulrhman💻 A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    French toast is fabulou👍
  • Alhanouf M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Alhanouf Ms3월 21, 2018
    Amazing atmosphere, delicious sandwitches, croissants and dessert. Haven’t tried main courses yet, but will definitely do very soon.
  • Assma A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Assma Al-Dhabaan1월 14, 2021
    Try Tiramissu cake so delicious , Raspberry Eclair is a must, Fromboisier excellent taste.. this coffee shop so fantastic, recommended👍🏻
  • Ha1tham사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Ha1tham4월 21, 2018
    Great egg benedict and waffles, the place is very nice. بيض البيندكت و الوافل جدا لذيذة ، المكان رايق و تفاصيله جميلة.
  • Just Me ♊.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Just Me ♊️12월 6, 2018
    One of my fav for breakfast love the French toast I always prefer it 😍
  • Abdulrahman M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Abdulrahman M12월 26, 2018
    is a recommended place for having a breakfast
  • Alaa M.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Alaa M1월 15, 2019
    Salted cramel tart is amazinnnng😍😍😍 also lunch offer is great with large amount of portions and great value
  • Soraya A.
    Soraya A.Darwish8월 13, 2018
    I enjoyed my time here in the afternoon. I tried salted caramel tart and the strawberry tart. I don’t recommend salted caramel if you don’t like too much sugar like me.
  • Salem S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Salem S.8월 16, 2018
    أسعارهم مناسبه وجلساتهم شرحه وجميلة بالنهار. تقدر تطلب البنديكت ساده ب ٣٠ ريال (مو موجودة في المنيو) وتضيف عليها الإضافات اللي تبي. البان بيردو ممتاز جداً. الخدمه جيده والعاملين هنا لا يجيدون العربية.
  • Sharifa S.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Sharifa Sulaiman4월 30, 2018
    5회 이상 방문함
    خيارات الافطار جيدة وطعم القهوة لذيذ، تحميصة القهوة بالمقاس تماماً، مشابهه للقهوة المختصة.. الكافيه فرنسي بحت ورايق جدا.. تجربتي للفطور كانت ممتازة و كذلك قهوة بعد المغرب..
  • Tama'9r사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Tama'9r4월 2, 2018
    المكان جميل و يفتح من ٧ الصباح و القهوة والاكل عموماً لذيذ ،،انصح فيه
  • Rathath A.
    Rathath Alawad6월 28, 2018
    Great atmosphere, Food was good, What made us love this place was the welcoming staff and the manger “Ehab” who gave us these gifts 🌸 Definitely coming back again.
  • Rehan A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rehan Ahmed5월 5, 2018
    I had enjoyed my evening with great food and pleasant environment.The dinner was so delicious....couldn't ask for a better.Surely gonna visit again...
  • Lina사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Lina12월 7, 2018
    Strawberry tart was just perfect. Salted caramel tart was too sweet.
  • Lina W.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Lina Wali6월 13, 2019
    Second best eggs benedict in Riyadh. A bit overpriced.
  • Walid J.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Walid Jadayel4월 25, 2018
    All breakfast , lunch and dinner is very good a must try restaurant
  • Houssam D.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Houssam Daouk6월 19, 2018
    Amazing place, croissant and the breakfast is perfect with a very good service , will come to try the dinner and the lunch 😍😍 I recommend this place 👌
  • حمود사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    حمود6월 23, 2018
    الافطار ممتاز و خصوصًا المخبوزات ،، الفرنش توست جميل ،، البينديكت عادي جدًا ،، مكان يستحق الزياره و عليكم بالعافيه ❤️
  • Rehan A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Rehan Ahmed5월 5, 2018
    I had enjoyed my lovely evening with great food and pleasant environment.The dinner was so delicious....Surely gonna visit again soon...
  • Reem사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Reem4월 10, 2018
    Great breakfast place, amazing french atmosphere. Loved the creme brûlée and the croissants.
  • Fooz T.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Fooz Tamim6월 28, 2019
    I came only for the croissants ♥️♥️♥️ it’s the yummiest 😢 specially the almond croissant 🥐 .
  • Haneen사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Haneen7월 16, 2020
    10회 이상 방문함
    The 🥐🥐🥐 by far is the best I had in Riyadh! As well as the various desserts! Def a come back spot! Espresso is Good!
  • Mariah A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Mariah A8월 29, 2019
    In my opinion, its #1 breakfast place in Riyadh. I ordered Halloumi croissant, eggs, french toast with honey cappuccino. Loved every dish and I enjoyed my breakfast there. Highly recommend 👍🏻
  • Basmah J.
    Basmah J H5월 6, 2018
    Their croissants are so fresh, fluffy, light and delicious! the pistachio is my favorite! I also recommend their French Toast.
  • Rayed 🐾
    Rayed 🐾5월 12, 2018
    الكروسون مميز جداً..الخدمة ممتازة...يتميز بالديكور الأبيض الجميل ..ويوجد بارتشن لمين يرغب
  • Shaden A.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Shaden Alajlan4월 7, 2018
    5회 이상 방문함
    الصورة تتحدث
  • Shatha T.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Shatha T3월 23, 2019
    In love with the french atmosphere .The staff are so kind . Egg Benedict with turkey and Croque Madame are the best . Croissants are awesome but the omelet and American coffee wasn’t good.
  • Sara사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    Sara8월 4, 2018
    It is strange to to order a burger in a French restaurant… but it was great you should try it if you like beef
  • The Real R.사용자 이미지의 하트 아이콘
    The Real Review8월 14, 2019
    I discovered it by coincidence. I really calm, relaxed and romantic place with a genuine Parisian vibe. The americano was mediocre, but the pastries and deserts were superb. Will certainly revisit.
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