Party in my Mouth
Le Vin Bistro is one of Party in my Mouth.

1. Le Vin Bistro

Al. Tietê, 184 (R. Augusta x R. Haddock Lobo), 상파울루, SP
프랑스 음식점 · Cerqueira César · 222개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Best steak tartare in the world. As an appetizer, I recommend the escargots or salmon tartare. It's hard, but try not to stuff yourself with the freshly baked bread and patê they serve as the couvert.

Ten is one of Party in my Mouth.

2. Ten

120B E Main St (Downtown Mall), 샬러츠빌, VA
일본 음식점 · 20개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The Hawaiian Walu sashimi MELTS in your mouth. Oh wait, so does everything else.

Shinjuku is one of Party in my Mouth.

3. Shinjuku

R. Mário Ferraz, 37, 상파울루, SP
일본 음식점 · Jardim Europa · 14개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Great place to take sushi-haters when you're in the mood for raw fish--their cooked dishes are just as fabulous. Only place in SP that serves oh toro sashimi. And "brigadeiro" in a martini glass.

21 Club is one of Party in my Mouth.

4. 21 Club

21 W 52nd St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave), 뉴욕, NY
미국 음식점 · Midtown East · 129개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The Wine Cellar Dinner Menu is reserved for private events in an intimate setting, and the resulting food-gasm is incomparable. Hackleback caviar, butter-poached lobster, sautéed duck breast, oh my!

Take It Away is one of Party in my Mouth.

5. Take It Away

115 Elliewood Ave, 샬러츠빌, VA
샌드위치 가게 · 14개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Who says a sandwich can't be a party? Wheat bread, roast beef, watercress, cheddar & house dressing--For a while I convinced myself all I needed in life was this sandwich and Nip/Tuck.

Firefly is one of Party in my Mouth.

6. Firefly

1310 New Hampshire Ave NW (in Kimpton Hotel Madera), 워싱턴 D.C., D.C.
뉴 아메리카 음식점 · Northwest Washington · 107개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The truffle fries are simply divine. Paired with the fried oysters, you have a match made in foodgasm heaven.

Ben's Chili Bowl is one of Party in my Mouth.

7. Ben's Chili Bowl

1213 U St NW, 워싱턴 D.C., D.C.
핫도그 전문점 · U-Street · 386개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Let's be honest. Does anything even taste better than chili cheese fries at 4 AM?!

Pastificio Pissani is one of Party in my Mouth.

8. Pastificio Pissani

Al. Franca, 1413, 상파울루, SP
Pastelaria · Cerqueira César · 6개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Frighteningly expensive, but one of the few places worth the price AND the calories. Take home the mozzarella, basil & lemon ravioli. Who needs a couch when you have the ultimate COMFORT food?

Exquisito! is one of Party in my Mouth.

9. Exquisito!

R. Bela Cintra, 532 (R. Fernando de Albuquerque), 상파울루, SP
· Pinheiros · 393개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The La Frontera Tacos are the best tacos I've EVER had. Okay, so I used to live in Virginia, not really the beacon of Tex-Mex food. But did you EVER think you'd find bangin' tacos in Brazil? Yup.

Sorveteria Mil Frutas is one of Party in my Mouth.

10. Sorveteria Mil Frutas

Condominio Porto Frade (Pier do Canal), Angra dos Reis, RJ
아이스크림 가게 · 8개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The best ice cream I've ever had in the world. I am so far from joking right now. Try as many flavors as you want (the staff is lovely) and settle for a serving of Avocado and Pistachio. SERIOUSLY.

Bacio di Latte is one of Party in my Mouth.

11. Bacio di Latte

R. Oscar Freire, 136, 상파울루, SP
아이스크림 가게 · Cerqueira César · 496개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Get ready to forget all the ice cream you have ever tasted before. Try the "Pinguino" with Pistachio gelato--a generous scoop of heaven dipped in homemade dark chocolate magic shell sauce.

Santa Gula is one of Party in my Mouth.

12. Santa Gula

R. Fidalga, 340 (Fundos), 상파울루, SP
브라질 음식점 · Vila Madalena · 88개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Adorable little place with good food to boot! I recommend the pastéis to start, followed by the steak with creamy cheese sauce baggies (pictured). Walk around Vila Madalena afterwards to digest :-)

Blanc Burgers + Bottles is one of Party in my Mouth.

13. Blanc Burgers + Bottles

10583 Mission Rd (at 105th St), 오벌랜드파크, KS
버거 전문점 · 62개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The Kobe burgers just exude juice and flavor when you bite into them. The flavors combine perfectly to make the best gourmet burger... ever. Try not to cry, because you'll never want it to end.

Tea Connection is one of Party in my Mouth.

14. Tea Connection

Al. Lorena, 1271, 상파울루, SP
찻집 · Cerqueira César · 374개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The salmon salad is OUT OF CONTROL. Smoked salmon + lettuce + dijon mustard sauce + dill cream cheese + potatoes + avocado + poached egg in a deep, feel good bowl. Takes the "lame" out of salad.

perfect day is one of Party in my Mouth.

15. perfect day

Terminal 1, near Gate A14 (FRA Airport), 프랑크푸르트, 헤센 주
커피숍 · Flughafen · 24개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Getting off an overnight flight has never tasted so good. The Chicken Caesar panini tastes like heaven (especially after an airplane dinner), and is heated just right. Start your day just right.

16. Restaurant Mona Lisa

Windscheidstr. 21, 라이프치히, 작센 자유주
이탈리아 음식점 · Connewitz · 2개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: You can't go wrong with this unassuming hotel restaurant--so much so that we wined and dined there for 4 days in a row. I recommend the Caprese salad, salmon carpaccio with mussels and any pasta dish.

17. Temakeria & Cia

Al. Santos, 1187, 상파울루, SP
스시 전문점 · Avenida Paulista · 570개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: By now you must have realized the temaki is a Brazilian institution. At Temakeria & Cia, choose from one of the more exotic combinations, or opt for a divine, big, and fairly-priced Salmão Completo.

Porcão is one of Party in my Mouth.

18. Porcão

R. Bar. da Torre, 218, 리우데자네이루, RJ
Churrascaria · Ipanema · 125개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Don't settle for a churrascaria in São Paulo, go for the RIO deal. The meats are absolutely divine, and the salad bar would make a vegetarian feel at home. I recommend the blue-ribbon Picanha.

Patriarca Bar is one of Party in my Mouth.

19. Patriarca Bar

R. Mourato Coelho, 1059 (R. Aspicuelta), 상파울루, SP
동네 주점 · Vila Madalena · 86개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Die hard barbeque fan? Fuhgheddaboutit. Ribs that have been steamed for 24 hours and that subsequently melt in your mouth is the way to go. Squeeze some lime juice on them for the full experience.

Talho Capixaba is one of Party in my Mouth.

20. Talho Capixaba

Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1022, 리우데자네이루, RJ
빵집 · Leblon · 281개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: If you are a born and bread (HA!) sandwich eater, give this place a go--pick your bread, meat, cheese, and spread from a nearly endless list of choices. Tip: Ciabatta bread goes well with everything.

Miski Especialidades Árabes is one of Party in my Mouth.

21. Miski Especialidades Árabes

R. Joaquim Eugênio De Lima, 1690 (R. Caconde), 상파울루, SP
중동 음식 전문점 · Jardim Paulista · 94개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Lamb. With saffron rice. I'm so satisfied right now I can barely type this. Oh, and start with the Coalhada Seca, which can be described as the nectar of the gods (with a slight taste of sour cream).

Dr. Tchê La Parrilla de La Villa is one of Party in my Mouth.

22. Dr. Tchê La Parrilla de La Villa

R. França Pinto, 489 (R. Humberto I), 상파울루, SP
아르헨티나 음식점 · Vila Mariana · 200개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Dr. Tchê, the owner and resident griller at La Parilla, takes his meat very seriously. Skip the appetizers and go straight to what matters: fraldinha and melt-in-your-mouth beef ribs.

Le Bou Bistrô is one of Party in my Mouth.

23. Le Bou Bistrô

R. Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 415 (R. Tabapuã), 상파울루, SP
프랑스 음식점 · Itaim Bibi · 89개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Largest mussels I've ever seen in a magic butter & white wine sauce + rare & thinly sliced magret de canard + ile flotante make for the happiest ending you can buy for only R$ 50 during Resto Week.

Massae San Sushi is one of Party in my Mouth.

24. Massae San Sushi

R. Leopoldo Couto de Magalhaes Júnior, 275, 상파울루, SP
일본 음식점 · Itaim Bibi · 90개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The truffled oyster sushi tastes like love feels. Follow with the ikura and quail egg roll and experience your own happily ever after.

Casa Garabed is one of Party in my Mouth.

25. Casa Garabed

R. José Margarido, 216 (R.Alfredo Pujol), 상파울루, SP
중동 음식 전문점 · Santana · 211개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Come alone so you can moan into the Cheese & Garlic Esfiha as you eat it. The single most amazing and juiciest piece of food I have ever put in my mouth. Worth the trip to Santana/end of the world.

PÃO - Padaria Artesanal Orgânica is one of Party in my Mouth.

26. PÃO - Padaria Artesanal Orgânica

R. Bela Cintra, 1618, 상파울루, SP
빵집 · Cerqueira César · 192개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The Queijo Quente Especial is a great substitute for the good ol' grilled cheese. Between two slices of homemade wheat bread is a generous spread of requeijão and white mozzarella cheese.

Tradiciones Peruanas is one of Party in my Mouth.

27. Tradiciones Peruanas

Av. Rio Branco, 439, 상파울루, SP
페루 음식점 · República · 66개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Ceviche apimentado e temperado com bastante coentro. Peça uma Original e seja feliz. Uma delícia!

Rinconcito Peruano is one of Party in my Mouth.

28. Rinconcito Peruano

R. Aurora, 451, 상파울루, SP
페루 음식점 · República · 677개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Ceviche saboroso, suave e bem-servido! Peixe extremamente fresco. O Chaufa nas mesas vizinhas também parecia estar muito bom!

Sacolão Brigadeiro is one of Party in my Mouth.

29. Sacolão Brigadeiro

R. Treze de Maio, 1080, 상파울루, SP
야채 및 과일 가게 · 11개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Melhor pastel da região! Sequinho e com recheio de qualidade. O de queijo e de frango com catupiry são os mais saborosos. E melhor, custa apenas R$ 3,50!

Mr. Cheney Cookies is one of Party in my Mouth.

30. Mr. Cheney Cookies

Top Center Shopping (Piso Paulista, Quiosque), 상파울루, SP
커피숍 · Avenida Paulista · 16개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: O cookie de Double Chocolate é para matar a vontade de comer chocolate e deixar morta! Super macio, nada de artificial e extremamente saboroso. Peça o cartão de fidelidade e o 11o cookie é grátis!

Blue Duck Tavern is one of Party in my Mouth.

31. Blue Duck Tavern

1201 24th St NW, 워싱턴 D.C., D.C.
뉴 아메리카 음식점 · West End · 203개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: The weirdly slick atmosphere doesn't match the amazing down-home cooking at Blue Duck 💙 Absolutely incredible food.

MoDi Gastronomia is one of Party in my Mouth.

32. MoDi Gastronomia

R. Alagoas, 475, 상파울루, SP
이탈리아 음식점 · Higienópolis · 216개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Massa + ovo + manteiga trufada = 🍳🍄❤️ De comer ajoelhada.

Dô Culinária Japonesa is one of Party in my Mouth.

33. Dô Culinária Japonesa

R. Pe. João Manuel, 879, 상파울루, SP
일본 음식점 · Cerqueira César · 74개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Explosão de sabores 💥🐠 Combinações inusitados em um ambiente íntimo porém badalado. Sensacional as ovas marinadas no shoyu e destaque para o sashimi de sockeye salmon direto do Alasca 🎣⛄️

Rosa do Líbano is one of Party in my Mouth.

34. Rosa do Líbano

Av. Rio Branco, 443, 상파울루, SP
중동 음식 전문점 · República · 284개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Kebab for R$ 12 😱 O molho de alho que eles usam para temperar o shwarma é viciante. Ambiente aconchegante e equipe simpática. Só aceitam dinheiro & débito 😉

Ciao! Vino & Birra is one of Party in my Mouth.

35. Ciao! Vino & Birra

R. Tutóia, 451 (R. Dr. Rafael de Barros), 상파울루, SP
이탈리아 음식점 · Paraíso · 244개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: A apresentação é de cantina mas o gosto é de Fasano. O penne gratinado ao molho pomodoro 🍅 com calabresa seca, espinafre e e provolone é levemente defumado e deixa um gostinho de quero mais ❤️🍝

36. A Casa das Ostras

R. da Cantareira, 306 (R. A Box 33), 상파울루, SP
해산물 전문점 · Mercado · 38개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Esse lugar é o PARAÍSO 🌴🐚 As ostras são frescas, enormes e saborosas. Pedi uma porção para dividir e comi tudo sozinha 🙊 É bom nesse nível.

Calçadão Urbanoide is one of Party in my Mouth.

37. Calçadão Urbanoide

R. Augusta, 1291 (R. Frei Caneca), 상파울루, SP
길거리 음식 모음 · Baixo Augusta · 217개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Ambiente despretencioso e ótimo passeio. Combine a Witbier do Mr. Jones (R$ 15) com uma porção de acarajé para dois (R$ 20). Peça um chorinho de camarão para o super simpático acarajé-master! 🍤😉

Pio-Pio is one of Party in my Mouth.

38. Pio-Pio

3300 Wilson Blvd (at Jackson St), Arlington, VA
남미 음식점 · 5개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: This chicken makes me love life. Juicy, well-seasoned and tender with that perfect charbroiled taste. Ask for fries as a side and dip them in the house mayonnaise with herbs.

Lady Gregory's is one of Party in my Mouth.

39. Lady Gregory's

5254 N Clark St (at W Berwyn Ave), 시카고, IL
아일랜드 펍 · Andersonville · 152개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Lobster mac and cheese is DIVINE 😍 Huge chunks of lobster meat in a creamy white cheddar sauce flavored with truffle oil. Order w/o the mushrooms and cornbread crust to avoid taste overload.

Saade Kahvaltı is one of Party in my Mouth.

40. Saade Kahvaltı

Darüssaade Hotel Sultanahmet, 비잔티온, İstanbul
아침식사 식당 · Sultanahmet · 113개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: This typical Turkish breakfast is a treat ☕️♥️ Fresh cheeses and jam are absolutely divine. Great option for when you want to eat something to keep you full all day.

Barcelona Doces e Pães is one of Party in my Mouth.

41. Barcelona Doces e Pães

R. Armando Penteado, 33 (R. Alagoas), 상파울루, SP
빵집 · Higienópolis · 113개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: ENCONTREI O MELHOR SANDUBA DA CIDADE 😱 Frios fatiados na hora com patê, no pão francês único e insubstituível = sucesso 👍🏼 Peça no balcão o sanduíche de pastrami fatiado com patê de gorgonzola.

Beth Bakery is one of Party in my Mouth.

42. Beth Bakery

Rua Paula Ney, 298, 상파울루, SP
빵집 · Vila Mariana · 84개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Felicidade define ouvir a atendente dizer "todos têm chocolate." 🍪 Melhores cookies do BRASEEEEL! Não perca: cookie de goiabada & chocolate branco, nozes & chocolate chip.

Edzo's Burger Shop is one of Party in my Mouth.

43. Edzo's Burger Shop

1571 Sherman Ave (btwn Davis St & Grove St), 에번스턴, IL
버거 전문점 · 95개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Nothing better than a plain, double-cheeseburger with American cheese 🧀😍🍔 This is one of the best smash burgers I’ve ever had! A side of French Onion fries made it a truly memorable feast.

Gibson Italia is one of Party in my Mouth.

44. Gibson Italia

233 N Canal St (Fulton), 시카고, IL
이탈리아 음식점 · Fulton River District · 21개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Dining here is a magical experience ♥️ Admire the Chicago skyline while you drink wine, eat the world’s greatest truffled cacio & pepe 🍝 and delight yourself with seared rare Italian steak 🥩...

Parallel 37 Ritz-Carlton is one of Party in my Mouth.

45. Parallel 37 Ritz-Carlton

600 Stockton St (California Street), 샌프란시스코, CA
미국 음식점 · Chinatown · 15개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Can I eat these waffles everyday for breakfast please? 🧇🍓🍁🍂

Trattoria D.O.C. is one of Party in my Mouth.

46. Trattoria D.O.C.

706 Main St (btwn Sherman Ave & Custer Ave), 에번스턴, IL
이탈리아 음식점 · 19개의 팁과 리뷰

Sofia C.Sofia Case: Actually a very nice Italian resto in Evanston 🇮🇹 Bring your parents here! Funghi fettucine is wonderful—just ask for the small size, it will be enough for 1.